Automatism: test drive Ravon R2

The pun in the title stands for uncomplicated: R2 – is a direct descendant of the Daewoo Matiz and Chevrolet Spark, as well as in combination cheapest car with “automatic” in the Russian market. Home sales it was postponed several times, press the brand new park in Moscow has not yet appeared, but we managed to find and test the car trade informally.


In neshnost machine was declassified at the official presentation of the brand Ravon almost a year ago, and then the sensation did not happen. Well, who does not know the Chevrolet Spark? It remains to notice a couple of details. Having Uzbek residence, R2 surprisingly became a little less aggressive and more “opelepodobnym”. Instead of grating with a broad cross-section “beam” and branded the cross now something like that, suddenly, on the Opel Insignia in a reduced form. Behind the lights of composite steel and solid look stricter.

The rest – as the Spark Spark. Do not look a stranger from the XX century, it is still quite relevant, and can compete for the hearts of women, especially since there is practically no competition, and they are significantly more expensive.


Finishing plastic echoing and firm, although some “livening up” in the gray gloom made by inserting “under carbon” and “aluminum”. Eh, not trending conservative Uzbeks, not a trend … In Europe, the “kids” now fashionable personalization with vstavochki in body color and the ability to change them to order. This cheap, in general, little things little car is just not enough.

Sidenitsa as if specially made for tiny ladies: short cushion, at least lateral support, a combination of the two options “with risunochki” fabric pocket for small items in the back end and a mandatory height adjustment. The only pity is that uncomfortable tight lamb – to raise the seat will have to strictly street. And the fabric is picked up clearly with an eye on the wear resistance, and not the image – it is unpleasant to the touch slippery. If we are really finding fault, then there are questions to the sloppy stitching, but it is not evident.

“Motorbike”, “tidy” Spark remained, but changed. The case is still reminiscent of the Chinese radio alarm clock “3 in one” from the range “tolkuchek”, but looks even sleeker. The visor, for example, is decorated with chrome, like the new Logan. And even painted blue halo on the odometer is not much bother, given the “toy” image machines. Here cyanotic display clearly unlucky – the screen is low-quality, non-uniform brightness with spots.

For the first time sat in Ravon pleasantly surprised large mirrors and excellent visibility – it is due to a large area of ​​glazing. Torpedo is also quite extensive, so with the machine front seats do not seem so small as it looks from the outside. Plus, a lot of space above your head. Landing at the wheel is not exactly the ideal name but a blessing in our complete steering wheel has height adjustment – it facilitates the arrangement of the driver’s seat.

air conditioning control buttons are located conveniently enough, however, the air flow control washers and tugovat temperature. The audio system has USB and AUX connectors and a remote control on the steering wheel, plus the “inertia” left slot CD. The sound, of course, was a “cardboard” but otherwise wait and do not have to.

As for the space on the back seat, it is. People are rising up to about 175 consecutive sit down, albeit without much comfort. If the driver is higher, begin complexity. The trunk is too far from the record – there is only 170 liters. For a trip to the supermarket is enough, but if you need something to carry, you’ll have to fold the second row, to get decent for midsize washing machine 560 liters.

On the run

The only configuration available Ravon R2 – quite “adult”. Row “Quartet” series of 1.25 GM S-TEC II on 85 power (which is not so little) in combination with a classic four-stage hydromechanical “automatic» Aisin AW 80-40LE. Box checked repeatedly – its counterparts were in the old Toyota Yaris and the Corolla, on the Suzuki SX4, Ford Fusion and a variety of Korean unit GM models – in particular, on the Lacetti and Aveo. Of course, ideally we would like to see more modern automatic transmission, six stages, but we are talking about the budget segment, and it has recently ball is ruled odnostseplenchatye primitive robots. Still, the old chetyrehstupka though more expensive to produce and more “eats” the power, but the move at least not kicking.

Fuel consumption, l

In practice, everything was to be expected. In quiet mode, the vehicle completely calm, and 85 horsepower somehow did not feel it. And all because of these “horses” are available at such speed, in which the owners never drive will not be – literally cut off by 6 400. And the peak moment “bullied” in 4800, which in principle excludes the dynamic driving without an active treading the pedal .

And what if the dare? Then it becomes unpleasant to the ears – sound insulation in Ravonna very low cost, and the “four” sounds not that very much noble. At high speeds expected to come and other noises – of the arches, and from the “branchy mugs” side mirrors that are so good at maneuvering the city. The pits, joints, tram rails and other imperfections landscape machine loves nothing more than the Korean ancestor – the small eats, but the major work out harsh and noisy. Well, the short base makes itself felt “Kozlenev”.

Ravon R2
Brief specifications:
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
3 640/1 597/1 522
Capacity, l. from.:
Maximum speed km / h:
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h:
four-speed automatic
Gross weight, kg:
1 363

In general, a car and drive to the city without any particular ambitions – in this role R2 plays decently. However, consumption of modern European standards is still too big – affects archaism powertrain: the city I came to 9.3, and on the road – 7.4. I think this figure can throw per liter, if you do not feel the strength of the motor, but the efficiency of modern western “superkompaktov” with turbo “trehtsilindrovikami” and robots Ravonna not see.

Prices, packaging, competitors

So back to the point from which we started. Ravon R2 already in the basic version is only with automatic transmission – is, in general, it is logical, given that the female audience mechanical transmission does not favor, and men are increasingly prefers dvuhpedalnye version as soon as possible.

Cost for 2016 increased several times. In February, spoke about the amount of 360 thousand rubles., Then flashed the number 389 000, now appears “minimum salary» Comfort 409 000 rubles at the official website. From the “vital” is not here except that the air conditioner and power windows, and a minimum set of front airbags, electric power steering and ABS available.

Next Optimum grade – 70 000 rubles more expensive, and for this amount the buyer will receive the above-mentioned air-conditioning and front windows, some decor, rear speaker audio system and side airbags, apart from the smallest detail. The top version of 509 000 rubles retrofitted rear parking sensors, even a couple of pillows, even a pair of speakers, rear windows, heated mirrors, and other options.

Competitors? Expensive. CVT Lifan Smily is estimated at 484 900 rubles, and is available exclusively in the top configuration Luxury. Comparable version of Kia Picanto c 1,2-liter engine and automatic transmission – from 644 000 rubles. Everything else – all premium: Smart, Audi A1 – the prices here can not even mention, and so everything is clear.

Will the demand? Most likely, yes, but hardly povalny. No incentives for small cars, we do not offer, Ravon dumping suit is not going to, so “superkompakt” R2 can be bought unless considerations of fashion or pathological fear of “dimensions”.

I believe that many who want to buy a cheap new car certainly with automatic prefer products of AvtoVAZ – Lada Granta with hydromechanical “automatic” cost 505 000 rubles, and if you accept the robot kicks, or even 473,000 rubles. But Grant – it is still a compromise and very practical, there is no Molodetsky enthusiasm as in R2. Therefore, a buyer at the “kid” there, and it is unlikely he will be disappointed.


  • It’s time to change your Matiz;
  • Price and “machine” for you is more important than size;
  • You compactly folded.

You do not like RAVON R2, IF:

  • It irritates you the most spartan furnishings in the car;
  • In your opinion, 9 liters per 100 kilometers – it’s overkill for a small car;
  • You have triplets and above-average growth.

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