Atypical V-shaped: a test drive Moto Guzzi V7 II Stone

The old joke about the fact that opposites – a V-obraznik with drooping cylinder itself emerged from the swamps of the subconscious at the sight of this unit. Despite the fact that Moto Guzzi motorcycles are sold in Russia is not the first dozen years, to meet them on the streets harder than the much more exotic and expensive samples of Italian art.


H achnem, perhaps, from the fact that it is not "Gucci" and "Guzzi" – will not be confused with iron cloth. Last, of course, also an Italian, but with other letters. Incidentally, the brand celebrates 95 years this year, so that none of the speech is not what neophytes. Just in Russian motorcycles with a transverse V-twin somehow unlucky with the distribution. Maybe now things will go smoothly? Last year for the brand in Russia was responsible brand new company created specifically for the enthusiastic and professional people. In the past, it is worth recalling, Moto Guzzi sales in Russia was engaged in a kind of Italian, whose core business was the sale of sanitary ware and tiles.

Moto Guzzi V7 Stone
Price from:
690 000 rubles

In short, now everything has changed: in the park of "Motorro" is not only a beautiful show room, and test equipment, and many years later, I still managed to take a test bike this brand. Moto Guzzi V7 Stone in performance – this is the starting model in the company's lineup. "Entrance ticket" to the world of the Italian brand. Externally, our "Italian" is very modest. Duplex steel frame, "telescope" with a modest diameter pipes (40 mm) in front, and a pair of shock absorbers with adjustable preload springs only from behind. Black semi-gloss color, the black alloy wheels … in short, very concise and without frills. Here are just a high relief cylinders acting on each side under the tank, make eye stop. Unusually, unusual, but still something very similar to the whole structure.

Duplex frame, bulky engine crankcase with docked behind the gearbox, propshaft … well, of course, this layout is almost identical to the power unit boxer! The same crankshaft disposed longitudinally, one lower cam and actuator valves via pushrods and rocker arms, and valves, by the way, two per cylinder … in short, layout solutions are exactly the same as that of the oppositus. Only cylinders proudly look into the sky, not a "limp" parallel to the ground.

Of course, it is impossible to name the motor archaic categorically – a traditional layout for company associates it with the past. The unit is equipped with a fuel injection system and the catalytic converter in the exhaust system. By classifying it short stroke (the cylinder diameter is 80 mm and the piston stroke length – 74 mm). Let it not be called superforsirovannym, but this formula is sufficient to ensure that the engine had good traction performance throughout the rev range and at the same time vigorously spun. With 744 cm? working volume 47 l photographed. from. at 6250 r / min and 59 Nm at 3000 rev / min.

Moto Guzzi V7 Stone
engine capacity:
744 cm?

By the way, similar parameters Irbitsky engine – yes, Ural motorcycle engine – very similar. I do not stop to compare these phones, because they are highly technically almost twins. By two cylinder, two valves on the "pot", the lower camshaft identical (? 744 vs. 749 cm) working volume, both the fuel injection, almost the same layout … Is that the compression ratio of the Urals is one less: 8.6: 1 against 9.6: 1, the "square" with the engine running and the diameter of the piston at 78 mm, but did not master Irbitsky get rid of archaic four-speed. In Moto Guzzi is in the arsenal of six gears. Power varies slightly – 41 l. from. oppositus proiv at 47 liters. from. at V-shki. Torque – 57 against 59 Nm respectively. However, it is recognized that the Urals – in this case, we consider a model Retro Solo, as the closest in style – 60 kg heavier than 249 kg Russian "cast iron" against the 189 kg Italian openwork.

Test drives / Single
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3886 0 3

However, we do not have a comparative test of the two rivals, and the first acquaintance with the Moto Guzzi, Ural here just for illustration. Thus, 189 kg – weight enviable even for other sports bikes with aluminum frames and other carbon fiber parts. Here we are not far from the lightest engine design with a rather massive crankcase of the engine and gearbox, steel frame and other things. In short, the Italians managed to make as usual – elegant, delicate and beautiful, but functional. Of course, we, fans of the "iron iron", the abundance of plastic may seem ideologically verified, but unless someone besides H.-D. IMZ and still does "all-metal" motorcycles? Tea, 21 in the yard!

View and go

Motorcycle by its dimensions, and in nature, suitable even the ladies of low growth. Before land legs would get everything – Seat height is only 790 mm. Did you see, of course, and below, but the seat itself is quite narrow, so there are no problems. Even a small weight machine only on a hand.

Dashboard – Greetings from the 80's! Two completely classic look round "alarm" tachometer and speedometer topped bunch of quite unsophisticated-round lampochek- "kontrolek". Is that a mechanical odometer here, of course, gave way to the two electronic boards. However, here too, everything is primitive – like on a calculator.

Two orange lamp, crudely cut into the upper cross bar next to the ignition switch, give the true birth year of this motorcycle. This "control print» ABS and MGCT – Moto Guzzi Controllo Trazione, or simply to stabilize the system. This even five years ago, it was necessary to look for more! Returning to the Urals – no ABS, or even more so, "stabilizashki" in domestic oppositus still does not start, even though Brembo brakes it has registered for a long time.

An interesting feature: V-obraznik, even if it is equipped with a fuel injection system requires a warm-up before the start. If you start immediately after a cold start, the motorcycle will resist, sneeze, twitch and "no go" in the best traditions of the carburettor technology of the last century. Such is the "lamp warm" feature.

Couple minutes at idle – and you can get under way in a way. On the move the bike feels very light. Frankly, V7 subjectively better of all, on which I traveled in the past few years, very much "toy" seems like Bajaj Avenger motorcycle or Yamaha MT-03. But then – a very different weight and cubature category. And here – a full-size bike! To ride on it through the city – a pleasure. The nature of the engine, especially as long as katish in quiet mode to cause fond memories of childhood and an old Urals, eclipsing in "Chopper", in those moments when he is not working and "sick". Similar engine characteristics make these associations inevitable, but even until then, until you open the gas.

As soon as the tachometer needle reaches the mark "4000", the motor is changing markedly. "Herbivore" exhaust sound is replaced by a predatory bass growl (and from which only took a bass!), And 74 "horses" give light machine very brisk acceleration. Of course, this is not the speaker liter sportbike, but the 750-cubic V-obraznika with two valves per cylinder, this is not expected. It is necessary to reset the gas and through the almost impenetrable "wall" and catalyst mufflers breaks "shooting" fully combusted in the cylinders pereobogaschenie mixture. Oh, if only to tear out of the pipes, all these catalysts, so replace "ends" on a quality forward flow, would not sound and the song! But then we have the basic version and that everything was sedate and simple. By the way, in the options list is the "right" of the pipe, and on more expensive models are even included in the runoff – so that is where to grow. But even here, in the Stone base, if you keep the engine in good shape and does not omit the tachometer pointer in the first half of the range, you can go quite cheerfully.

Surprisingly, the steel frame, fork and thin as delicate pendulum suddenly do a good job with their responsibilities. Of course, in the fast corners and high angles you start to feel a lack of rigidity of the chassis, but I must admit, it drives the specially in such regimes, to find a time when "hodovka" begin to give up. In the more traditional modes of this apparatus drive stock stiffness lacking in abundance. Plus, you need to understand that and sink tires Pirelli Sportdemon fairly high profile is not intended for sports Exercise, despite its name. But the brakes were surprised. Moto Guzzi V7 – one of the very few devices that really needs one disc on the front wheel. Apparently, it is due to the powerful Brembo four-piston calipers and a small weight of the device.

Moto Guzzi V7 II Stone
Brief specifications:
Dimensions in mm (D / B)
Capacity, l. from.:
The tubular frame with double pillar als steel with removable elements
Exhaust system:
trehkatalitichesky converter with double lambda probe
Gas distribution mechanism:
two valve tappets alloy with rocker
Fuel tank capacity, l:

But the suspension somewhat disappointed. There is some disunity settings front and rear suspensions. If the plug is set relatively soft, with pleasure and "appetite" swallows even rather large irregularities and "speed bumps", the "tail" of the shock absorbers are set very firmly. Each joint or crack in the asphalt significantly broadcast pilot's fifth point. It does not save even a "plump" tires and a seat! And metal thermal joints on racks, and other more or less large irregularities and did have to overcome, standing up on the pegs, otherwise trouble. Adjust the damping is not possible: as I wrote, hydraulic adjustment is not provided. But, on the other hand, V7 – almost ready cafe racer. And in the "coffee pot" is important not comfort, and speed and, of course, style.

By the way, sleek appearance of this "gutsika" and classic design component was tempted to make it a donor for the "pot." Stop just what motorcycle – test. Whether it is my – I would have gone for welding and grinders on the first day of its appearance! For V7 – indeed the ideal preparation for a cafe racer! Through the black plastic and lit lean silhouette! It is worth noting that there limited edition line Racer. It seems to be the same model, but looks like a million! But, in general, a cafe-racer, as well as any custom, should be made with your own hands.


What is the bottom line? Moto Guzzi V7 surprised. His ease and the overall balance, the broadest range of potential owners. Incredible charisma and "tube-like", which is not in the vast majority of modern engineering. Leaves no associations with youth and youth of this technique, but only at its best. And, of course, as long as Russian brand Moto Guzzi not turned into a full-length, and motorcycles with a transverse V-twin did attract attention, they will be a great way to pass the original and even eccentric. What can we say about the price! This "Italian" for the money – almost a fantasy. But reality.

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