At first starring comparison test Nissan Qashqai 2,0 4WD and Suzuki Vitara S 4WD

“Transport for beginners”, “the second car in the family” – not so long ago, these definitions describe exhaustively the role of the compact crossover in the life of the modern city dweller. Now everything has changed: the price of oil fell, the price of cars has increased, which has led to a rethinking of their role. Now terrain compacts are much more than a million, and for the money already want to get a car for all occasions – and to the store, and to the country, and just a pleasure to receive. crossover class B + segment itself is experiencing times even more challenging than the overall market, but still interesting trends are emerging. For example, Suzuki Vitara S: turbo, red shades in the interior, two-tone paint … Impressive. And if you put up against the brash newcomer one of the leaders – Nissan Qashqai? Now we find out!

The Origin of species

N issan Qashqai named after the most numerous nationalities are not living somewhere in central Iran. Crossover, incidentally, produced more than two million, it is the “herd” Qashqai cars at least twice the number of Qashqai-people. In addition, unlike Vitara, the Nissan – a product of global concern, built on a new modular platform CMF-CD, which is already “rolled” under the eight models – from Megan to the X-Trail, and on the way – for at least the same amount.

Vitara – is another matter. Suzuki – brand independent, and that would be it, if not impact sales of the Indian unit Maruti Suzuki, does not take even predict Zarathustra. Platform with rare nowadays McPherson front and rear borrowed from the SX4 model (new, not “classical”) and the turbo 1.4 is descended from deep nineties. So imagine the tools to fight against one of the most popular SUV in the world. But if you look at the numbers – on the size and dynamics to the price – it turns out that in front of us the most that neither is true competitors. If so – please come to the barrier!

Inner world

Qashqai cozy. Especially so, as our pictures – white leather seats and a glass roof. There is so much light and air, all begins to like: and plump seat cushions, and plastic, and microdeflectors ventilation, derived in the cup holders – that means that winter warm drinks and cool them in summer. Of course, this is not the Peltier effect, both the Audi, but still – visible concern.

Then gradually trezveesh and start to pay attention to the little things like sticking to the USB connector and the AUX mind. Or frankly cheap “silver” inserts on the steering wheel spokes.

And by the way – it’s convenient for the rocker switch under the left thumb? Adjusting the volume? Certainly not – the control panel on-board computer. Where’s the volume? Here they are – the subtle touch buttons for which it will have to develop flexibility in the fingers.

In all logical Vitara – buttons on the steering wheel can be distinguished by touch. But the right needle, like Kashkai fully occupied cruise control that citizens need a little less than ever. Seats at “Suzu” tighter, sportier, and perforated leather framed gearshift paddles complete the image of the “bully-crossover”.

And all would be nothing if not for the quality of materials. They Suzuki frankly unimportant, and scattered through the cabin red elements only enhance the sense of imitation. Even a reasonable menu of multimedia “combine” with a large touch-screen is suspect. However, in vain. Claims to the “Multimedia” only two: touch the “slider” volume and quality of the picture from the rear view camera – it clearly from the last century.

This is especially noticeable on the background of “nissanovskoy” circular scan system. Yes, this is not a “full-Eich-di”, but you can see every roll in the “kill zone,” a piece of paper.

In short, even with a certain absurdity to the secondary controls, the overall “feel things” in the Qashqai stronger. The first round – for Nissan, with a small margin.

Nissan Qashqai – 4.5 points
Suzuki Vitara S – 4 points


Second row

To sit down in the Qashqai is convenient, but over the head of a minimum of space. But do not reach the knees of the front seat back and the soles of the feet are not cramped. Pillows flat, which in theory allows you to sit comfortably with a relative way, but together it is better – not too tight in the shoulders and the middle segment is better to take an armrest with cupholders. The ducts and have at the bottom (where the feet), and a central tunnel. However, this list of facilities and exhausted.

Photo: rear seat Nissan Qashqai

In view of Qashqai longer, in addition, almost all the advantage in length (which is 202 millimeters, by the way) are in the wheelbase – it is more by 146 mm. But when armed with a laser measuring instrument, and it turned out that the passenger compartment is spacious in Suzuki. To sit down in the Vitara as convenient, and to travel the five of us, it is more appropriate – a “Suzu” significantly below the central tunnel, and also roomy at shoulder level. And the armrest still not – regret is about. Newbie played back a point.

Comfort of passengers in the back row:
Nissan Qashqai – 4 points
Suzuki Vitara S – 4.5 points


In the photo: the rear seats Suzuki Vitara S

Ammunition loads

Roof at Nissan’s more – 430 liters compared to 375. But at Vitara lower loading height – by as much as 56 millimeters. Qashqai is not giving up – tall people operate on baggage will be more convenient it is to Nissan – under the open back door here almost two meters in the air.

With the transformation of the problem in both crossovers. Fold the rear backrest is not easy, special handles on the luggage compartment walls, with which flaunts, for example, Mazda CX-5, is not in any of our duelists. When you try to win the convenience of a washing machine loaded risking more than its application – dirty on the bumper simple. But the floor in both cases, an almost smooth.

With hooks for bags, everything is also almost the same. Equally it does not matter – they are, but the practical benefit from them whatsoever. The advantages Vitara include the provision of a 12-volt outlet and convenience closing – fingers, unlike Kashkai immediately find the internal handle and do not slide out of its application. Qashqai responsible presence of a full-fledged “spare wheel” – so that, by choosing the car for long journeys, it is better to prefer the Nissan.

Nissan Qashqai – 4 points
Suzuki Vitara S – 3.5 points


Diet and oxygen cocktail

It’s time to remember that in our test involved top version Vitara and Kashkai – and not only on the level, but also in terms of installed power. On paper, the figures are not impressive – the two-liter “nissanovskiy” motor produces 144 forces against the 140 that Suzuki engineers were able to “squeeze out” of the 1.4 turbo. Some lack of power is compensated torque – maximum 220 Nm is already formed at 1 500 rev / min. Motor Kashkai for this will have to turn up to 4400 rpm, but the driver, and then to the hotel will be a total of 200 Nm.

Photo: engine compartment Nissan Qashqai

However, the outcome of this round is determined not only and not so much the motors as curb weight and the type of transmission. The two “extra” hundredweight and lazy variator obessmyslivaet efforts motor “nissanovskogo”. Vitara S, on the contrary – only now beginning to justify the presence of its name ligament-speed cornering: and accelerates and brakes are much more likely competitor. After Nissan brake “Suzu” may seem a little too sensitive – to understand that this is not a “bug” and “feature”, it takes some time.

Nissan Qashqai – 3 points
Suzuki Vitara S – 4 points


Photo: engine compartment Suzuki Vitara S


Guess in which of our duelists have setup the power steering? No, not at Vitara. However, no matter how customizable “nissanovskiy” wheel, the information on it will no longer be. The call in the turns, of course, not to the touch, but does not leave a feeling of confusion. It would not be so sad if it were not “transparent” steering Vitara. Have you ever ride on the new SX4? So – Vitara S it is quite different: in turns zanyrivaet readily supports accurate feedback, and exceeding the limits “of grip” light meets the demolition of the front axle. In short, unlike Kashkai on Vitara pulls up to mischief, and even a little annoyed that the wheels are not groomed snow and heated asphalt. “Sprinkle” that I call …

Nissan Qashqai – 4 points
Suzuki Vitara S – 4.5 points


Act contrary

The first impression of Kashkai: this car is made specifically as a comfortable means of transportation. But, obviously, “nissanovtsy” overlooked factor called Pirelli Scorpion Verde dimension 225 / 45R19. A large bore diameter and low profile categorically refuse to take at least part of the work to neutralize the traffic troubles, in addition, these tires are very pushy at the hearing.

The Suzuki is much quieter, though the compliment at least partially is addressed tires Conti Premium Contact the dimension 215 / 55R17. Of course, a relatively high profile, and lower unsprung masses improve the overall level of comfort, but without it is felt that the suspension Vitara more collected: it a little more repeats profile of the road, but it does not allow build-up and the general laxity – in short, everything that so upsetting Nissan driver.

Of course, to change the popular 19-inch “rollers” were not on that, so we can only guess as to Qashqai went on the more modest wheels. Well, the state that is the “teddy”, which pleased the Qashqai in static melt synchronously with the movement of the speedometer. The unexpected victory Suzuki.

Driving comfort:
Nissan Qashqai – 3.5 points
Suzuki Vitara S – 4 points


Off-road rebuke

It is clear that compact crossovers are building not for heavy off-road. But certainly as soon have at our disposal all-wheel drive version, and we commend the contenders for the role of the main (if not only) of transport in the family …

Let’s start with geometry. STATEMENT clearance of 200 mm Nissan does not meet – at the lowest point of the bottom revealed a total of 192 mm of air. But the creators of the word Vitara hold – all 185 mm in stock. Suzuki have shorter overhangs, but have greater gaps under the Nissan bumpers – can be safely parked. Both cars – wheel drive with a multi-plate clutch that transmits torque to the rear axle.

Of course, even a prolonged intensive driving on muddy dirt or snow can result in a minimum of overheating, and the diagonal display should be avoided. However, Vitara quite successfully mimics the transverse differential lock, but abuse it is still not worth it.

So, if you have to regularly move down from asphalt, and the “normal” SUV does not fit into your life, it is better to choose Bitmap.

Nissan Qashqai – 3.5 points
Suzuki Vitara S – 3 points


What if?..

EuroNCAP experts evaluated our duelists very high – both cars received a well-deserved five stars. Expert estimates slightly better at Suzuki (difference in percentage or two of weather, in general, does not), and the Qashqai is better equipped with active safety systems – here you and control the lane, and monitoring of blind spots … But these things are not one of the most essential . The basic set of the means of salvation in the presence of both: ISOFIX, ABS, stability control … except that Vitara one pillow more – is “eyrbeg” for the driver’s knees.

Nissan Qashqai – 5 points
Suzuki Vitara S – 5 points


Budget? Off-budget!

None of the “our” crossovers can not buy cheaper million, without taking into account discounts and other special offers. Vitara S generally costs a minimum of 1.489 million rubles, and for the four-wheel drive will have to pay a hundred thousand. However, even “ordinary» Vitara with engine 1.6 will cost at least 1 069 000. A lot.

However, Qashqai, and not cheap. Version 1.2 with the motor, the “mechanics” and front-wheel drive is 1.099 million for the two-liter crossover will have to pay 1.219 million already, surcharge for variator – 60 000, and four-wheel drive to bring the price of one and a half million. Such Qshqai, as our pictures – in a complete set LE Sport with big wheels, glass roof and white skin – worth 1,699,000 rubles.

Yes, it is more expensive than the Vitara S. Are electric seat stand, the second zone climate control, a circular chamber and “besprobochny” navigator additional 110 thousand rubles? You decide and we’ll just mention a large consumer freedom offered by Nissan. Yes, the top-end version costs more, but from large wheels and a few extra things you can (and probably should) be abandoned.

Nissan Qashqai – 4 points
Suzuki Vitara S – 3.5 points


Nissan Qashqai 2,0 4WD and Suzuki Vitara S 4WD
Brief specifications
Dimensions (L W H?):
4377? 1837? 1595/4175? 1775? 1610
2.0 l / 1.4 l
144 hp / 140 hp
Acceleration to 100 km / h, with:
10.5 / 10.2
Maximum speed km / h:

What is the result?

The result is, I confess, somewhat puzzling. Average for the first nine nominations albeit slightly, to above have Vitara S – 4,0 v. 3.8. Slight advantage achieved by superiority in the “driving” disciplines. However, if not superfluous “wheel” inches, the Qashqai would not yield a minimum of comfort. So the results of our test – it is not so much a recommendation in that whatever was to run to the Suzuki showroom, how much appeal more attentive to the choice of equipment.

You will enjoy a Nissan Qashqai, if:

  • You no longer stand in traffic jams than driving;
  • Ready to regularly spend money on interior light cleaning;
  • “Parking” is not good enough in the discipline.

You will enjoy a Suzuki Vitara S, if:

  • You are not too interested in the car liquidity in the secondary market;
  • The quality of materials is not for you to play a decisive significance;
  • You want to be “like everyone else.”

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