At any point of the known world: test drive the new 2016 Ford Edge

Most Russians learned about the Ford Edge in 2013, when it started production in Yelabuga. Although it is correct to say – we have learned and forgotten. After all, demand for Edge in Russia turned out to be negligible in comparison with the Explorer, and even more so with the Kuga. Time was not very successful, and large off-road wagons with the beginnings we have somehow not tasted: almost simultaneously with the Edge quietly left classmates market Honda Crosstour and Toyota Venza. And here – a fresh generation, which we test in Germany. Not the fact that the novelty ever appear at domestic dealers, but no less interesting as a reference changed American family car?

Outside and inside

Like all Fords recent years, The Edge has become "less American" losing chrome and lost a piece of brutality. Edge is now more like a mummy baby EcoSport, which gave a child to bodybuilding, and instead of dairy protein powders were fed porridge. Specifically, a new generation of the car was stricter, more modest and more stylistically neutral. And yet the essence remains the same – "my mother's Jeep," a big, roomy, comfortable. Peace icebreaker. Grace German premium crossovers it is not enough, but the bet is placed on the audience, which is about the grace not care much – practicality is more important for her.

A departure from the overseas box is made with an eye on the international market – The Edge tipped glory world car with the Focus and Mondeo, and the sales are planned in more than 100 countries around the world.

Surprisingly, the rival Ford Edge will, according to Ford as marketers, it is with "the Germans» – Audi Q 5, BMW X 3 and Mercedes GLC. Moreover, the starting prices on the Edge is not dumping: Trend of the initial version with a 180-horsepower diesel engine and six-speed manual transmission 2.0 in Germany asking for 42,900 euros BMW xDrive 20 d to 190 l.. from. – 100 euros cheaper, and Q 5 and offer all for 40 460 euros. Only Mercedes – Benz ignores the price war by offering a GLC for 45,279 euros.

Does it feel in the cabin Edge returns to spent thousands of euros?

To be honest, not really.

Yes, of course, the premium German now "are not the same," the abuse of cheap plastic, the Faux leather, but the feeling in the passenger compartment is formed not only on the material! You can in fact armed with low-cost tools and blind from his real beauty, as in the modern Mercedes, which sometimes look more expensive than it actually is.

Edge is not. Armchair well made, but the German does not reach the standards. There is a digital dashboard, but it will surprise anyone in our time? Everything here is the same as in the Mondeo! But Mondeo attempts to compete with the Audi A 4, BMW 3 series and Mercedes C-Class does not undertake – politely keeps a distance of 4-5 thousand euros for a similar configuration.

So for what pay? Maybe, in the back, "airfield"? On the second row, and really quite spacious, you can even throw a leg over the other, if the front seat adjusted for a 190-centimeter man. Shoulders on the claustrophobic, too do not complain, and the backrest can be tilted back to stare at the sky through the optional panoramic roof. Although, if you ask to find flaws, when I raised backside (and in fact I am the same man the growth 190) I would like to have a little more space above your head.

The true value of a new Ford opened the stern. Here, then, where did the additional length of 11 centimeters, which is different from the Edge of the German "three"! This is obviously what the buyer offered to pay donating "thingies" interior. 1100 liters of luggage – a real hold. Twice more than, say, a Volkswagen Touareg and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. About small schoolmates can not even mention – the volume of compartment comparable to those of the Chevrolet Tahoe, if the last fold the third row. In general, the concept is as follows: "a large, modest international SUV with a neutral design, nice interior and a very large trunk." Now let's see how it goes.

In move

At home in the US motor line of Ford Edge is very wide: there are two-liter "turbobenzin» Ecoboost, and two variants of the V6 – aspirated 3.5 liter and 2.7 liter dual supercharged But as the European test, the journalists have the choice was limited to the extent of forcing.. two-liter turbodiesel – either 180 or 210 horsepower, with a single or double supercharging. Weaker diesel is equipped with the "mechanics", more powerful – preselektivnoy six-step "robot» Powershift. Well, I walk so to walk – take masthead.

Launched almost two-ton "hippopotamus" with ease inherent in any Fiesta with "turbolitrom" benefit of all 450 Newton meters to our services since 2000 rpm. Hurricane, however, there is not supposed to – with powerful versions of the German crossover Edge can not compete, that of diesel, gasoline in variations. To be honest, even a top 280 US atmospheric forces "six" of 3.5 for such a colossus is not enough to play racer.

Ford Edge 2016
Brief specifications
1. The two-liter "turbobenzin» Ecoboost
2. atmospheric 3.5 liters and 2.7 liters with dual supercharged
3. The two-liter turbo diesel (180 and 210 liters. With.)
1. The manual transmission (180 hp.).
2. The automatic transmission (210 hp.).

The target audience are interested in more than consumption: in my tripcomputer flaunted figure 7.1, and in an eco-rally I did not plan to play – testing program, as always, was a fairly short time. According to his passport, though, Ford promises to five liters, but it's probably when downhill with a tail wind.

The similarity with the Mondeo in the interior of the non-random: The Edge platform is also inherited from the related business sedan, which we remember the almost perfect balance of stability in cornering and comfort on imperfect surfaces.

Talking about resistance to the pits with 20-inch wheels quite difficult even in Germany, if the move down to the peripheral road, you start to feel small bumps. But no American imposingly in the corners is not here! Yes, I roll a little more than the Mondeo, but well above the center of gravity – the physics are not fooled. In general, the wheels would be here for a couple of inches less – and you get a truly universal shuttle to move the family from the comfort of anywhere in the known world.

The known world, I said! That is, in ancient Greek, the earth, the human exploration. Just one quick look at the vehicle overhangs to forget about the off-road forever. Let the Ford Edge crossover and is called, in fact, he will occupy a niche practical family minivan with their huge trunk, which can be downloaded folded "high" or a pram. But at the same time allow a little further to drive on the dirt road, and without the fear of getting stuck in to force-on the shallow puddle on a rural road, left after a few days of rain. And more to the local market and do not have to wish for.

Will suit NEW FORD EDGE, IF:

  • You never have occurred to me to race with someone on the road;
  • Have you ever felt a lack of luggage space in the car;
  • Traveling with the family – the best partner for you.

You to anything NEW FORD EDGE, IF:

  • Ford's price BMW – sounds like an insult;
  • Crossover should inspire others trembling;
  • You hope though sometimes the mud puddle in her car.

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