As a squirrel in the “Koleos”. The first acquaintance with the new Renault Koleos

The main crossover Renault in the new generation will reach Russia in the summer. In the meantime, I had an hour to get to know Koleos. And here are the first conclusions.

What can theoretically be done in an hour, I did. He planted the crossover in the snowdrift, tortured the variator, “hung” the screen of the multimedia system, pricked up all the senses so as not to miss a single sound from the “bowels” and not only. In general, twisted like a squirrel in a wheel. More precisely, in “Koleos”. And I even managed to put my thoughts in order.

So, well, this is X-Trail?

In many ways – yes. The French crossover is not simply built on a single modular platform of Nissan, but is also generally unified with its “brother” in the alliance. By analyzing the technical specifications, you will almost never see the difference. Engines – common use under the roof of one large company. There are two petrol engines – a two-liter engine with 144 hp. And 2.5 liters with 171 hp. And the same amount of diesel – two-liter with 175 hp. And 1.6 liters with 130 hp. As the transmission works the familiar variator X-Tronic. And the all-wheel drive system is identical – All Mode 4×4-i with the possibility of forced locking of the clutch and uniform distribution of the torque between the axles.

Fortunately, the change of logo was not done. And the reasons for stopping the choice on the “Koleos” is more than the reputation of the nameplate. But first of all, naturally, the question of taste arises. Perhaps conservatives and supporters of a more “quiet” design will not agree with me, but all Renault of the latest generation, from Espace and Talisman to Koleos, are drawn classically. Especially original and at the same time stylishly looks like optics. And, let’s be frank, if you did not find out about the relationship of the Frenchman with X-Trail, you would not have guessed from the outward appearance.

Inside Renault is also different. There are scattered “references” to the “Nissan” in the salon and even to the “Daster” here and there, but this does not catch sight. Cheap buttons seem to have been specially hidden. A striking huge vertical touch screen is almost nine inches. Just like in Volvo! Flip screens, scale the three-dimensional map “in a smart phone.” In the menu there is everything, although some functions like returning to the home page, traffic assistants and partially adjusting the climate are still controlled by the keys. Half – for some reason sensory. Still, the renowned tablet on the center console is not as good as the Volvovsky. Does not hold out for image quality and coverage. It is necessary to protect the display, otherwise it gets stuck with fingers in a few minutes and very much flashes, although in Karelia, where I got acquainted with the machine, there was not even a sun. Important, in my opinion, the moment, because these 8.7 inches are concentrated almost all the driver’s life.

In any case, it is convenient to manage a multimedia system using such a screen. But the difference between Koleos and X-Trail is not always a plus. “I want Nisanovskie armchairs” – this idea comes to mind when you are arranged that behind the wheel, that in the role of a passenger. Well, they did not cut in South Korea, where they assemble a car, part of a pillow for their Korean anthropometric data! And as if they sawed. In the rest to convenience in interior I did not have questions.


Than good?

It’s clear, for an hour of the test you will not understand completely in the driving habits of the car. But if I were asked to name the three main qualities of “Koleos” in motion, then I would answer this: quiet, smooth, hardy.

In the cabin, acoustic comfort is almost premium. Only barely noticeable howls of the wind are heard from the mirrors at the speeds allowed on the track.

About the running gear, too, I can only say kind words. Koleos goes on uneven roads smoothly, sedately. He is leaning, of course – where without it. Energy intensity of the suspension is good for Russia – my colleague and I have only broken through. Considering that almost all the time the kuroleseli in the forests and fields, an excellent indicator.

And the development of the snowy virgin soil ended successfully. With a blocked inter-axle clutch rowing as they could, although they planted a couple of times in very deep drifts. The muff, however, was not “fried”, but it was possible to overheat the variator to an incomparable odor. Not surprising! Just based on the design of the transmission this can and should have been expected. Crossover does not like skidding. In general, Koleos for normal off-road is good, but it’s not an SUV. From the geometric point of view – especially. On the one hand, the “adult” 21-centimeter ground clearance, on the other – a small angle of entry at 19 degrees.

What I did not like was the steering. In my opinion, little informative. Going into the turns, you do not really feel the position of the wheels.

No wonder they bring it?

Banal, boring, but, it is worth acknowledging, the closest to the truth answer – depends on the price, which will be announced closer to the start of sales. If only not particularly pulled away from the X-Trail, otherwise for the design and equipment will not overpay. But in any case it’s good that Koleos will again appear in our country. And then in Russia it is already probably forgotten that Renault is not only simple budget cars.