Arts possible: experience of owning a Volkswagen Scirocco II

Strong Mediterranean Sirocco wind, accompanied by dryness and heat, so harmful to human, which could bring it to the madness. According to legend, in ancient times human exposure at the Sirocco in some countries served as a mitigating circumstance in the case of commission of a crime. Can drive a Volkswagen Scirocco second generation of the mind?


H e had in 1974 come the first Scirocco, and two years later the Germans had already started work on a successor. In the contest for the creation of a second generation exterior fought Giugiaro, Karmann and a private Volkswagen design team. Won last. The basic idea was to increase the passenger compartment and the boot is not at the expense of dynamic looks and sporting habits. Herbert Schäfer and the company exceeded the plan.

To increase in length and width, the Scirocco slightly crouched, which, coupled with the more inclined the front desk gave the win in aerodynamics. Compared to its predecessor, the drag coefficient down to 0.38 against 0.42 in the first generation of the hatchback.

Masterfully reworked artistic heritage Giugiaro, draw first the Scirocco, the designers have given the car, looking over the outside design than its predecessor. Even in the simplest configuration GT gray hatchback looks blood brother masterpieces such as the Lancia Beta Montecarlo, DeLorean DMC-12 or Audi Asso di Picche. But there were also more “hot” options, such as the GTX 16V or GTS-Sprint with aerodynamic BBS …


Immediately you will not say that its dynamic lines conceal a “vsefolksvagenovskuyu” A1 platform comes from the early 1970s, in which first the Golf and Jetta skromnyaga built.

Scirocco – a vivid example of how the “art of the possible” in the production of fashion cars.


Long door handle, reminiscent native VAZ “eight», Golf or first-generation Porsche 924, leads to the world of the Volkswagen 1980. Surprisingly, the interior Scirocco has little in common with the first generation of golf related. Moreover, even the second “sock” no match for him.

“Kvadratish, praktish, gut” is still here, but having lost the bulky box that combines the instrument panel with other controls, the Scirocco has acquired unusual for relatives (and quite staked) Lightness of Being. Tilted toward the windshield right side of the front panel enhances the feeling, simultaneously increasing storage space, which is in abundance whether you’re on any row of seats.

Centre collected for centuries. Hard to look at, but the soft-touch plastic – almost my age, and the two of us when he looks fifteen years younger.

The lack of variety of huge buttons, makes the second suspect Golf indulging retirement age customers, adds points to the image model of youth. Thin companywide wheel hub proudly carries the name of the model – a good tradition, free of lost nowadays. It just asks stylish golf ball as the knob PPC, but, alas, have to settle for a banal “pear”.

The total amount of investments:
more than 500 000

This interior pride – “tidy» DigiFIZ (digitales Fahrerinformationszentrum), supplied by VDO. Many fans of the classic “Folksov” consider it particularly valuable trophy, laying out for the product of ancient digital serious money. Dotted different-sized display screen is ready to pour out on the driver’s diversity of information from the digital speedometer display to service and coolant level.

Especially entertaining odometer. His testimony terminated at 299 999 km (according to other sources – 300 000 miles), followed by six dashes – officially on this unit life ends. The left-hander from different countries, of course, found a way to intensive care patient.

In general, the equipment – not a strong point of a particular instance. But the second Scirocco was still a dandy! Air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, leather interior – classmates envious glances at a wealthy burgher.

In move

Regular THAT the replacement of oil and filters:
3000 rubles

Carburettor “Quartet» 1.6 EW in our gray hatchback does not have to sport nothing but a modest herd of 75 liters. from. not too tense, carrying 855 kg curb weight. Specific Scirocco capacity in this configuration is comparable to the basic version of the S-class contemporaries. For example, the reference grandchildren Scirocco – seventh Golf 1.6 – shows 10.8 kg / l. s., and 11.4 kg / l. from. 30-year-old hatchback.

Not surprisingly, not weighed down by any pounds of useless frills Scirocco easily budge. Stretched transmission venerable four-boxes are convenient in the city, and the short lever moves cause to regret that it is necessary to treat so rare. Admission to the traffic light racing veteran, with its almost 12-second acceleration to “hundreds”, ordered, but entertain the driver’s pride he is able to not worse than other young animals.

The absence of steering experienced driver only on the hand. Short base, low center of gravity, the weight of the toy – why unnecessary middlemen in this set of virtues? The answer is clear in the first bunch of turns, which is becoming an easy prey for the Scirocco.

Excellent handling complemented laudable exchange rate stability, which have little impact pit road and other vermin. Driving suspensions – is still widespread classic combination of the front MacPherson struts and rear torsion beam. Progress in the Scirocco, in comparison with other relatives on the A1 platform, some harsh. Made it more in favor sportkarovskomu image. He was the first to the Golf, showing great loyalty to traffic confusion, no one would think to accuse the lack of drive.

If you find fault, we can complain too noisy engine and no ABS. The first problem is easily solved – just turn up the volume cassette Beta. Since the second will have to be reconciled. In the end, may be old people their weaknesses? In addition, the absence of fear electronics – an additional guarantee that the car will be used very carefully. Great-grandfather of modern Hatch, proudly referred to as the coupe, deserve to be treated with due respect.

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purchase history

Volkswagen and Audi – favorite brand for many years Oleg. It is not surprising that when in early 2012, there was a question about buying a new car, his choice fell on the Passat B3. In search of a suitable option Oleg came across an advertisement for the sale of the second Scirocco. Immediately reminded of youth and daring trip to the first-generation hatchback. The idea of ​​”give’ll come see” turned that Oleg has made a deposit for the car. Car 1986 issue with the engine 1.6 (75 hp.). Cost of 130 000 rubles. Mileage fairly unknown until now, he feels Oleg no less than 200 000-250 000 km.


Spontaneous purchase turned protracted, prolonged and a half years. Previous owners actively exploited hatchback winter and apparently “killed” in the update anticorrosive, which could not but affect the state of the body. The cost of body work, initially estimated at 80,000 rubles, quickly grew almost twice. There was a painting made full with replacement of the wings and bonnet, refurbished items thresholds and arch rear wings, plus made anti-corrosion treatment.

RON 95

Iced interior was not subject to restoration. Oleg was able to order for $ 125 beushnyiy option from the Ebay US, but he is versed in the intricacies of the purchase and delivery details have disappeared from the market. It was necessary to give the Scirocco in the studio, where the interior dragged leather combined with Alcantara.

On hatchback completely moved the suspension, the brakes are new, fuel tank, fuel pump and exhaust system. Twice, due to poor performance, I was a starter. Global manipulation of the engine and gearbox, Oleg has not yet spent. To date, the total investment in the Scirocco exceeded 500,000 rubles.


Oleg has been a professional driver, so his life vehicles missing, and many of them it belongs almost exclusively. But with the advent Scirocco everything changed. Oleg became interested in the restoration and the desire to bring his toy for the soul in perfect condition. Difficulties arise only with the parts in the order of body parts, the rest interchangeably with the Golf.

Scirocco is operated only in the summer. Mileage was 10 000 km in the last less than four years.

Volkswagen Scirocco II
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l10 June 8


In the near future Oleg planning to replace the valve cover and buy a new carpet in the salon. Thoughts on the sale of the car, which invested much effort and money, it does not have.

model history

Presentation of the second edition of Scirocco was held at the Geneva Motor Show 1981. Externally, the car is built on the first units Course, remained faithful to the concept of a dynamic three-door hatchback.

The production was deployed in Osnabrück at the Karmann company facilities, in the same place made Karmann Ghia – the father of all folksvagenovsky coupe and the first Scirocco.

Volkswagen Scirocco II
Brief specifications
Engine capacity:
1.6 l
75 l. from.
Curb weight:
855 kg
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h:
almost 12
Dimensions (L x W x H):
4210 x 1645 x 1305 mm
boot volume:
260 l

Scirocco II stayed in production for three years longer than the first-born, but beat half a million sales volume of its predecessor he was not destined. Until 1992, the assembly line produced more than 290 000 copies of the Scirocco. The last three years hatchback sold in parallel with Volkswagen Corrado, his ideological heir.

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