Are there any minuses in the car for 10 million rubles

It was powerful, and became even more powerful: after restyling, the supercharged V8 engine from Porsche Cayenne Turbo added 20 liters. With., And now the power reaches 520 forces. Acceleration to the “hundred” – at the pace of the sports car Porsche 911 Carrera, ground clearance – more than the Jeep Wrangler. It seems that this car can do anything. Or not?

Restyling to the rescue

During last year’s restyling, the Cayenne Turbo model received a number of technical upgrades in addition to increasing the engine’s power. For example, the “blinds” in the grille, allowing to improve aerodynamics at high speed. A number of stylistic changes, both outside and in the cabin, are made in the mainstream of the latest design trends of Porsche. Finally, the bundle became better: a circular camera appeared, door closers, LED lights with a dynamic light pattern, ventilation of the rear seats and so on.

Easy speed

The first thing you want to do at the wheel of the Cayenne Turbo is to drown the pedal to the floor and see what will happen. But to do this, of course, you can not everywhere, and while you choose to the city to a more or less free area, does not leave the feeling of some kind of dirty trick. Because, despite convincing figures, the car does not provoke you. Absolutely.

In Comfort mode, the suspension becomes relaxed and even slightly prone to swinging, large wheels round out road defects, the music plays quietly in the lounge … And most importantly, the controls are set up so that you can go in the stream of pensioners and do not feel remorse for what Hobbled a fast horse.

The true dynamics of Cayenne Turbo is manifested when you ask about it explicitly. On the recessed gas pedal the car reacts without fussiness, as if gaining more air and exacerbating anticipation. After some time, acceleration rolls the tidal wave, and the acceleration rate becomes catastrophic, like free fall, but you feel it more by the flashing of a digital speedometer, and not by adrenaline injection. As for the sensations, the seat so tightly fixes the trunk and the back of the head, and the speed slips so much that the rate of acceleration does not seem phenomenal. Did I think about it aloud?