ANTISINIC: Lexus LS, which breaks stereotypes in the representative class

Solid, stern, prim. From generation to generation. Such principles are supposed to follow all representative models. The new LS, now of the fifth generation, with one blow crushed all restrictions by its defiant and daring appearance … He no longer tries to imitate the “Germans” – now he is on his own.

Can you imagine an official in a black suit with a blue tie in this representative sedan, born in the bold design style of the “crumpled sheet”? With sharp breaks in the lines on the body, which resembles a four-door coupe with its silhouette and gives the car a special expression … With squinting headlights with three pairs of pupils? No impossible. Yes, and do not become an old-fashioned businessman or high-ranking civil servant in his strict attire to stretch out, as I am now, on a chic, like a beach chaise longue, an ottoman from behind.

And here is free from image boa constrictors – simply. Or a bohemian copy – some successful director or producer, earning millions in jeans and a T-shirt … To one of these Hollywood kings, whose name was urged not to be mentioned, we are going to visit. On his ranch the size of a decent city.

Near the windows flashed almost European streets of the most non-US city of the United States – San Francisco. There are not only often amazing freaks-people, but also home-upstarts. Architectural experiments for different tastes – from subtle challenges to generally accepted standards to incredible eclecticism. But now it’s not up to them – I have a session of Shiatsu acupressure. Inside the seats of the new LS there are several dozen active “points”, which creates a full feeling that not even two masseuses “work in four hands” work, but six or eight at once!

Advertising is utterly complete: the movement of the car is felt only by the pictures that flash through the windows.

In addition to electronic masseuses, this is also due to the updated adaptive suspension AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension), which constantly controls the shock absorbers, depending on the driving regimes and the quality of the pavement. The number of possible options for adjusting the rigidity has increased from nine (for the previous generation model) to 650! The result is obvious: you simply do not notice flaws on the asphalt, cracks and joints of concrete slabs.

And the noise insulation has become so exemplary that the impression will not be spoiled even by absolutely disgusting asphalt on the famous Golden Gate Bridge – I’m just lazily watching the passing spans and scarlet metal streams. It’s like I’m not going around the city, but I’m watching a movie in a comfortable chair. This retrenchment effect is provided by both the latest insulating materials and special rims with a hollow rim, which reduces resonant noise from the tires, as well as an active noise cancellation system.

A little more about comfort. In the new sedan there was a Warming Function for rear passengers. Two separate zone heaters are located in the humeral and lumbar zones. Therefore, not the entire body is warmed, but segmentally and can work independently of each other. Not an unnecessary option for countries with a cold climate.

And the body LS is now one and a half centimeter lower than the car of the previous generation. Does this mean that boarding in the cabin will be just as uncomfortable as in cars with a sporty image? At all – engineers equipped the updated air suspension with a comfortable access function. When you open the car with a smart key, the body rises a few centimeters, and this is enough to not bow to the car in Japanese …

Energetic or sedative?

After leaving the limits of San Francisco, we get to the narrow wobbly roads leading to the ranch of the movie magnate. Enough to relax on the site of a successful business owner – it’s time to drive!

The first impression on the driver’s place: what a steep projection display! Wide … From edge to edge – 60 centimeters! So far no one has any such competitor. I again have associations with the cinema, only now – with the widescreen.

The main technical intrigue of the new LS is the absolutely new six-cylinder 3.5-liter engines, which replaced the usual atmospheric V8. One – aspirated, the second – with two turbines. These engines are much more compact and lighter than the previous “eights”, and turbocharged – even more powerful.

Saddles valves on this motor are laser treated – this technology eliminates the formation of even the smallest cavities and other defects in the metal. And the efficiency of turbines was raised due to the special shape of the blades and the increase in their length …

Under the hood of my car – 421-strong turbo version with four-wheel drive. According to the passport, she dials “hundred” in 4.9 seconds – almost one and a half seconds faster than the previous model with V8. But one thing is dry numbers, quite another – subjective sensations. After all, under the hood is no longer V8 …

But the first sharp start kills all doubts about the possibilities of the new “six”. The turbo engine is not just awake and elastic, it still captivates the even moment – the maximum 600 Nm is available almost from the bottom and up to 4,800 revolutions. Acceleration is fast and at the same time smooth, almost imperceptible. And this is in a comfortable mode.

I turn to “sports” and spur my “Anti-official” a little. Through the barriers of noise insulation in the interior penetrates the rumbling roar of the motor, and the switching becomes slightly palpable. But only with the prefix “a little” – so exemplary is playing transmissions a new 10-speed automatic. Even when in automatic mode it jumps two or three gears down, it happens lightning fast and smoothly. Therefore, the need for manual mode in most situations does not arise.

Manageability is also surprising. In the bends, there is no longer any sense of witiness that was characteristic of the previous LS. The sedan is built on a completely new GA-L platform, which he shared with the LC 500 coupe. The bogie has a number of obvious advantages: the center of gravity is lower, the mass distribution between the axles is even. And the spacers in the engine compartment, rigid aluminum cups of the front and rear suspension brackets made the body and the chassis even stiffer. So, they allowed to add excitement in bends.

However, it would be naive to expect from the huge sedan of the sharpened handling of the sports car. And accuracy in steering reactions is not always enough. Even in sports mode, both the steering and the suspension are in character closer to comfortable ones. And if you go too far with speed in a sharp turn, the machine tends to go out – the mass is affecting. And you just explain to yourself: do not overdo it, be calmer.

A full dose of “soothing” you get by resetting into a 315-strong version with atmospheric V6. In comparison with turbo-modification it is perceived almost phlegmatic. However, this impression is deceptive: this “quiet” dials the first “hundred” in just six and a half seconds. And if you operate such a car in the city, with traffic jams and speed limits, then its capabilities will suffice with excess. Moreover, here the owner will probably spend more time not driving, but on a comfortable ottoman behind …

The mind or the heart? I think the buyer himself will answer the question about the principles of choosing “his” version. Although in the case of the new LS, emotions will surely triumph over cold calculations. And even personal attachments.

Although the questions remain: why the choice of modifications is not so wide? For me, the Lexus brand is inseparable from the concept of “hybrid”, but in the case of LS, this time Russia was deprived – there will not be such a version in our market. There is no demand for “green” – say marketers.

Although that film magnate, who visited us on the site, will certainly vote for the hybrid. And the new LS looked at the chic sites of its Californian state in the state very organically. This sedan is ideal for modern bohemians. Which will no longer have to choose agonizingly among the stiffly-strict representation sedans.

Dmitry Barinov, Photos of Lexus.

Lexus LS specifications



Dimensions (length / width / height), cm

523.5 / 190.0 / 145.0-147.0

Wheelbase, cm


The equipped weight, kg




V6, 3456 cm3 V6, turbo, 3444 cm3

Power, l. from. / rev / min.



Torque, Nm / rev / min.

380 / 4800-4900

600 / 1600-4800


10-t., Automatic

Drive unit

Rear Full

Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from



Maximum speed, km / h



Combined fuel consumption, l / 100 km