And to boot camper: test drive Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ with trailer

Tell me, what joy hamburger without makeweight french fries, cola and apple share? Or the huge SUV Chevrolet Tahoe without a trailer with a boat at the stern …

In such reasoning marketers who know a lot about sophisticated pleasures, there is truth. Of course, we stomachs coast today for towing heavy boats and campers need a category “E” of rights, but a ride on Russian roads “quadric” or a dozen surfboards, why not try? In addition, the water in the lake is warmer Plescheevo milk and forest glades full of raspberries strawberries yes …

The sacred becomes clear

On the latest generation of the family Tahoe K2 autoND already told. But even violent journalistic imagination could not imagine that the sacred meaning of existence odnoplatformennika Suburban and Cadillac Escalade lies in using it as a locomotive.

Key trailer symbol at the end of “poker” -selector six-speed automatic transmission has been familiar for the past generation car. Only now look at her, except sideways, did not work: you never know what will come up with these strange Americans, who do not bother to even in the XXI century to replace a bunch of buttons, poke around the cabin on a single control display with the joystick or touch the touchscreen.

Approximately with such thoughts and mood of the driver pearl white “Sapsan”, degraded in shunting CHME3, I begin to take back, bringing the ball head hitch at Tahoe mate in the trailer. It turned out that the presence of a rear-view camera is no easy procedure! Sighting – almost to the centimeter, just do not forget about jewelry work and driving gas.

Thanks to the entire frame structure Coupling devices on this Chevrolet is reduced to three parts. Profile of square section with welded tongue and a pair of holes, that is inserted in the response frame slot semikontaktnomu, waterproof connector adapter for control lighting, and, in fact, a steel ball head. For larger trailers can be delivered and the brake system control unit, if any. It fits all the equipment for a couple of minutes, and comparing it with the towbar, bolted to the monocoque passenger cars, can not do without Meaningful “Well, that’s another matter.”

Even some, more … simple device allows you to pull a trailer weighing up to 3900 kg! However, for this, in addition to the said tow buttons, stretched mode automatic transmission, at Tahoe, there is also an additional cooling radiator gearbox. But all that we now do not need. Behind the heavy is not a luxury camper for two furnished rooms with WC, shower, refrigerator and kitchenette, and a simple and legenky domestic trailer, even without brake.

Follow the rules

The total construction length of ten meters seem monstrous, but only scary at first – especially if you have to take back. To trailer went right, you need to twist the steering wheel to the left and vice versa. But if you turn on the right “trailer” in his own head, which, in fact, much more important than what is in the Tahoe, CA, tyagomotina turns into quite a nice Experience.

Its four components: do not drive, do not brake abruptly, not play “checkers” on the road and go into the turn with a stock – binding. There is another, important, five: check securing of cargo every 50 kilometers.

US-Belarusian Tahoe (it is carried out near Minsk Industrial assembly) with the additions of the sample in 2016 as a system of retention of the active traffic lane, projection display and other details, with its comfort and features a 6.2-liter, 420-horsepower the V8, certainly relaxes . Some 300-400 kg of cargo seem to him just dust from the side, but this is an illusion, which a little later.

On the dashboard and then flashes V4 inscription indicating that the motor electronics translates to “half-hearted” scheme of work by cutting off part of the cylinder. However, less than 16 liters of 92 th in the “hundred” it still does not consume – that trailer that without it, and even on the road. But “Auto” in which electronics can connect a full drive, on the tiny selector lever mode I immediately turned off, leaving only under load the rear axle … However, a full-fledged owner of the American SUV will take these drops, towing a camper, boat or ATV? Overnight stay for the whole family in a hotel or rent a trailer will cost disproportionately more expensive.

Chevrolet Tahoe
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l18.3 10.6 13.4

Features of the national caravanning

But we have to put it mildly, is different. The owner of Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ in equipment for 4.185 million rubles – of course, Major, and some trailers can we talk? And in such a car must be long-legged girls, but not lengthy articles.

Check again and make sure that the wrong postulate. Inside, they get along well and the girl, and paddles for kayaks and equipment for “quadrics”. Pressing electric keys, and here 1461 liter boot volume when folded third row of seats and 2682 liters when folded flush with the floor the second – where more ?!

Yes, and should not be considered a luxury Tahoe. The most common car without any frills: spacious, comfortable and powerful.

Ask why so expensive? So he at home in the US, worth 47 000 dollars. But it does not prevent to use it not as a fetish, as well as the versatile family car. Virtually all cases of life – a decent course. In particular – to move “with a tail.” Of course, someone’s opinion, this occupation is not less specific than catching Pokemon, but … On the one hand, it disciplines the driver, on the other hand, it imposes far greater responsibility, and requirements for the level of driving.

Tahoe with its minimum for large off-road ground clearance of 200 mm and a low center of gravity is perfectly suited for the role of the tractor. As was the iron, without additives, and so fuck it. On a flat track, I do not feel an increase in weight and dimensions, but the smallest comb, and here lightweight “tail” starts to shake and shake from side to side. Americans such never seen, probably, and we, with restrictions on the maximum towable weight is now labor to bring forth … But all fixable. Just in this situation makes no reduction in speed, and easy and smooth prishporivanie accelerator. Trailer immediately leveled and does not cause trouble.

In turns, especially prolonged, too, their own characteristics. A little too far with the speed – the appendage starts to slide out of the arc. Very ottormazhivatsya – tries to run inside and slam the board at the stern.

Yes, Tahoe in top versions installed electronic Trailer Stability Assist system supplied with the vehicle electronically controlled dampers to alter its density fluid with magnetic properties, but in reality, it all works very conditional, or, quite simply, does not add much comfort ..

Chevrolet Tahoe
Brief specifications
6.2 l
406 hp
Maximum speed:
180 km / h (electronically limited)
Acceleration to 100 km / h:
6.8 s
Dimensions (LxWxH):

For example, broken gravel and dirt road our hobbled prinaytovanny belts “quadrics” did everything to yourself to get out of “stall”, and no electronics can not establish the status quo between the leader and the follower. Stress at the most accurate taxiing and flat gas. So, I firmly believe that to pay for this kind of delights, if you are the owner of the trailer without the bloat and often leave the track, there is no point. By the way, why the Chevrolet did not think of the optional camera, with which it would be possible to control the load in the trailer – is unclear. This contraption would have been extremely useful and relevant. In the meantime, I vote for more affordable complete set LT value of 3.865 million rubles., Which is almost worse than if a top.

Perhaps approaching the hour, the hour of caravanning, when Russia will become fashionable and affordable travel with trailing campers, and for the transport of “quadrics” and other sports equipment will be modern and high quality trailers. It is a pity, if by the time the Chevrolet Tahoe will sink into oblivion in the form in which it exists today.

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