And in the feast, and in the world: a test drive Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Long enough to have seen Dailmler AG as BMW alone has earned millions from the sale of the coupe-crossover. Why did not enter into the segment before, God knows – maybe forces were sent to the update has already been tested models, maybe needed more modern platform, and maybe even conservative senior managers played a role. How to talk about it to the head of the Russian representative office Mercedes-Benz Yang Made, «this is history now» – in short, who remember his past, that you know that. Anyway, GLE Coupe as a competitor X6 appeared much later, seven years after the debut of the first-born. GLC Coupe was quicker: the main competitor of X4 on sale less than two years.

W ith all the love for the Stuttgart brand should be noted secondary mersedesovskih “cross-coupe”: silhouette easily be confused with BMW. And yet, all modern smartphones like the very first iPhone in 2007, that does not prevent competitors to Apple to earn billions, have a lot of fans and empower their devices quite different from “iPhones” content. And about the iPhone championship in phones with “fingertip” control know, as a rule, only the most dedicated “witnesses Jobs” and some curious autojournalists having a habit of seeking the unusual analogy.

But we digress …

Exterior and interior

Let GLC and made according to the recipe given Bavarian “cooks”, the style lines of his own anyway: smooth lines, so Mercedes does not look sporty and aggressive as X4. Especially failed “full-face” – elegant “honeycomb” false radiator grille, bumper relief … Even the headlights “of the C-Class” is not lost on the larger “face.” Profile – perhaps what has most familiar to us predecessors, but the rear roofline makes the car look more like a liftbek than on the coupe. As for me, compared to Bavarian food X4 Mercedes perceived too “phony” and heavy – despite the fact that the increase in the 76 mm to stern “original” the GLC, in theory, was supposed to make it more rapid and sloping. But this Mercedes – here everything has a rational explanation. In this case – ergonomic.

The secret here is that a moderate slant of the roof, and successfully “planted” sofa allowed to organize enough space above the heads of the rear passengers – the “compartment” inside the ceiling is almost imperceptible. To be more precise – not very noticeable, as in the BMW. To achieve this has been due to the “underestimation” back row seat, which is also different from that in GLC packing – a result of the loss of height of 40 millimeters is not as painful impact on the interior space. This is not an underestimation of landing back into a test spine flexibility – by the way, despite the fact that the doorway was the lower body panels themselves are identical doors GLC without the “coupe”, but changed the scope according to a new profile.

Legroom in the gallery is also enough (not least thanks to the recesses on backside of the front seats), and the trunk slightly smaller than that of the classic “pyatidverki” – 490 liters vs. 550 liters. Generally unification with the “source code”, apparently, was the highest: in spite of the increased overall length, the wheelbase remains unchanged, and the track – almost unchanged.

Coupe Interior design without its innovations – it is no different from the GLC without the prefix «Coupe», which, in turn, repeats of interior design C-Class cars. There is still no fully electronic instrument panel (available for the E-Class), and the center display is similar to the traditional plate, added to the design after the end of the work of designers.

However, analog panel with a color screen in the middle does not look outdated, but the picture quality on the touchscreen does not cause cataracts – is, of course, does not justify the design features, but takes them into the background. In addition, the display has to a lot of work – the key here at least, almost all the functions displayed on the screen multimedia system, so will soon cease to perceive it as a separate element.

Calming wide front seats are good – they are suitable for planting and are elegant in appearance, especially in the top configuration with Designo interior.

interior decoration interspersed with wood, carbon, aluminum and leather completes the positive picture of perception: those who buy Mercedes is not the first time, be assured – everything here is “in the best traditions of the brand.”

In move

The prefix “the Coupe” in the title clearly alludes not only to a squat and sleek body, but also to an increased concentration of “sportiness” in behavior. And she is really there: in the basic version, GLC Coupe is equipped with a sports suspension, for which his “normal” colleague will have to pay. Moreover, there are two sport suspensions – Dynamic Body Control and Air Body Control.

The first sounds more exotic than it looks – a spring suspension, but not quite normal, and with the active shock absorbers. Second, as you might guess from the title, it has to its credit bellows – which means that the default should be softer and more comfortable. In practice, everything goes well, but adjusted to 50% – and not because the multi-chamber “pneumatics” so strikingly stands out from the spring “base”, but just because of the balanced operation of the latter.

Air Body Control in this case looks great “recipe for big wheels” – someone who buys a fashion cross-coupe to cancel look unlikely to choose the 16-inch wheels for the sake of comfort and with confidence fork out on large wheels and air suspension which smooths “the lack of tires.” Those who are going to not only look good, but also to travel a lot, it will be able to “do without air”, without losing consciousness and intervertebral discs.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 250 4MATIC
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l8,5-8,1 6,3-5,6 7,1-6,5

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe
Brief specifications
Dimensions (L x W):
4656? 2096 mm
Acceleration to 100 km / h:
from 5.9 to 8.3 with
Maximum speed:
210 – 235 km / h
9G-Tronic / 7G-Tronic
Toxicity class:
Euro 6
Test drives / New cars
Shotgun: test drive Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 400 4MATIC

From the office staff a Bavarian company for a long time hear the restrained laughter. What about the “new” “somewhere we’ve already seen a” design of the climate control unit, then about the incredible lightning appearance …

The first technologies tested me GLC Coupe was a row of diesel “quartet” – by the way, it just has to be a “primary” motor. The combination of high-torque and “smooth” engine with a modern nine-“automatic» 9G-Tronic in motion gives the impression of a very benign – diesel is quiet (in part because it does not need to “twist”), responsive and makes his partner once again demonstrating its entire arsenal gears. If you remember the “commute” from the previous paragraph, they are likely to choose this option as the only true – especially in view of his aristocratic moderation of appetite.

GLC transplanted into 300 four-cylinder, but to burn gasoline to produce 245 hp. from. RV – and suddenly remember that Coupe in comparison with the “source code” there is also a shortened steering rack! The ratio of 15.1: 1 instead of 16.1: 1 is not the drama promises to manage, but their weight is – but feel this weight only when there was a chance to go a little more fun. However, the fun here – to the detriment of peace: the petrol engine is not so flexible, and allows for more acceleration, it requires hard work and increased from the checkpoint. Pushing on the gas pedal, too, is with the mind – sometimes a response to your request may be too rapid.

And last, but, as is usually added, not least, was the GLC 350 d. At first glance, what’s interesting – it is only 12 liters. from. greater than that of GLC 300. But he who looks at the horse power, not taking into account the torque makes the colossal mistake …

The diesel V6 that fellow gives 620 Nm of torque!

Even with a mass of less than two tons of it it looks like an attempt to pull her daughter cranky baby tooth by tying it to the vault door US Federal Reserve Bank – will draw accurately.

Prior to “hundreds” with this unit can be dispersed for 6,2 seconds, and it is moderate in the consumption of vegetarian diet: during a one-day trip to the GLC 350d 4Matic Coupe average consumption was 7.3 liters. This is another outrageous liter more than the declared rate!

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 250d 4MATIC
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l6,3-5,5 5,5-5,0 5.1-4.7


Those who go to the salon for the Mercedes-Benz GLC, it is better to lay the additional 10-12% of the budget in case the “heart of orders»: about so much more expensive is the “compartment” version of the traditional GLC. I do not know whether it is worth reminding here that cross-coupe would compete with our Porsche Macan, Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar F-Pace – here the choice is usually done once in a lifetime. And because there is no official price list update that GLC Coupe will certainly not cheaper than the others, here and at all out of place.

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