And in a feast, and in the world: a test drive Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Long enough in Dailmler AG observed how BMW alone earned millions from the sale of coupe-crossovers. What prevented to enter the segment before, God knows – maybe the forces were thrown on the renewal of already tested models, maybe they needed platforms more modern, and maybe conservatism of top managers played a role.

As the head of the Russian representation of Mercedes-Benz Jan Madey says, “this is history now” – in general, who remembers the past, you yourself know that. Anyway, GLE Coupe in the role of competitor X6 appeared after already seven years after the debut of the first-born. GLC Coupe was faster: the main competitor X4 on sale less than two years.

With all the love for the Stuttgart brand, it is necessary to note the secondary nature of the Mercedes “cross-coupe”: the silhouette can easily be confused with BMW. But however, all modern smartphones are similar to the very first iPhone of 2007, which does not prevent Apple’s competitors from earning billions, having a lot of fans and giving their devices a completely different content from iPhones. And about the primacy of the iPhone in the field of phones with “finger control” know, as a rule, only the most devoted “witnesses of Jobs” and some inquisitive auto-journalists who are in the habit of looking for unusual analogies.

But we digress …

Exterior and interior
From 3 660 000 rubles

Let GLC and is made according to the recipe set by the Bavarian “culinary”, the stylistics of the lines is still his own: the contours are smooth, so Mercedes looks not so sporty and aggressive as the X4. Particularly successful “full face” – smart “honeycomb” falshradiatornaya lattice, a relief bumper … Even the headlights “from the C-class” are not lost on the larger “face”. Profile – perhaps, something that is most familiar to us by its predecessors, but the rear roofline makes the car more like a liftback than on a coupe. As for me, in comparison with the Bavarian X4, the Mercedes feed is perceived too “blown” and heavyweight – even though the increase of 76 mm to the stern of the “original” GLC, in theory, was supposed to make it more swift and sloping. But after all it is Mercedes – here to all there is a rational explanation. In this case – ergonomic.

The secret here is that the moderate slant of the roof and successfully “planted” the sofa allowed to organize a sufficient space above the heads of the rear passengers – the “compartment” ceiling from the inside is almost invisible. To be more precise, it is not as noticeable as in BMW. This was achieved thanks to the “understatement” of the rear row of seats, which is also different from that in the GLC stuffing – as a result, the loss of 40 millimeters of height is not so painful in the interior. Due to the same understatement, landing back did not turn into a spine test for flexibility – by the way, despite the fact that the doorway became lower, the body door panels themselves are identical to GLC without the “coupe” attachment, only the frames have changed according to the new profile.

Legs in the gallery are also quite enough (not least thanks to the recesses in the backs of the front seats), and the trunk is not much smaller than the classic “five-door” – 490 liters against 550 liters. In general, unification with the “source”, apparently, was the maximum: despite the increased overall length, the wheelbase remained unchanged, and the track – almost unchanged.

Interior design coupe was without innovation – it does not differ from GLC without the prefix “Coupe”, which, in turn, repeats the design of the interior design of the car C-class. There is still no full electronic dashboard (available for the E-class), and the central display is traditionally similar to the tablet, added to the design after the end of the designers.

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