American softcore: Experience 1971 Dodge Charger possession

Chardzher in the seventies – a true “patsanomobil”. As now Lada Priora, adjusted to the continent and era. Returning from Vietnam was a young provincial guys need something heavy duty and thus cheap to throw out the adrenaline racing and drive, and Dodge perfectly responded to the mood of the public. Star of the NASCAR machine, suitable for drag racing without any tuning, auto Dominic Toretto in “Fast & Furious”, the car of Bo Duke “Hazzardskih idiots” – all this is the same old cult Chardzher!


The owner Vadim Zhdanov, a Muscovite, 36 years old, an expert on motors “Radio Maximum”, TV presenter and showman.

Car – Dodge Charger 1971 modification of the SE, a body hardtop coupé without B-pillars, the engine 383 V8 – 6,3 liters, 325 liters. s., rear-wheel drive, spring rear suspension, automatic three-stage gearbox, raznoshirokaya tires on the axles.



Against the background of modern malomerki due rudders which drivers turn inside the neck to the standing at the curb Chardzher old American unrealistically huge and brutal, natural aircraft carrier! If wet Chardzhera whisk a little water, add to a drop of mineral water from the mighty the V8, a drop of octane US “regulars” with a high content of harmful lead, pshiknut of the pin wheel breath of air from the side motorveya and shake it all by tightening the plug, the resulting perfume composition can be It is called the “spirit of freedom” and sell for big money in jars.

Should this monster on runoff 15-inch disks of original design, which is used on the front axle tire dimension 215/70, while at the rear, leading, leaf-spring suspension – 275/60.

Doors – frameless, with manual windows. This tiny triangles rear side windows may also lowered by rotating handles passenger rear couch.

A characteristic feature of many of the “muscle cars” of those years – only the external rear-view mirror on the driver’s door. “Well, who will overtake Chardzher right?” – Says the designers are not particularly bothered use symmetric mirrors parking … Again, the savings for the buyer unencumbered extra money – “ten” bucks “-That is not extra!” (C)

The light head lamps glowing rings are visible – “Angel Eyes.” And do not rush to swear: it’s not the lights from BMW, but it is an American tuning accessory specifically for Chardzhera. Stock the lights were in poor condition, plus a very bad light, even serviceable – because of the primitive design of the reflector, the weak light from the ancient cap and failure to identify the current more powerful bulbs. By the way, the main beam is switched on his left foot – it is set on the floor and a powerful tasty clicking a button.

Interior and exterior of the car seat has a decorative metal finish – something where chromium (as moldings windows or doors), in some places bare aluminum (as in the rapids or the edges of the wheel arches). Complete “armor” of our hero still gaping holes small – not all managed to collect …

Between the tail lights hidden under a tin tube gas tank hatches:

Articles / Movies
Twilight Dodge Charger from the movie “Blade”

Or take the car. Current – all on electronics, licked and decent, but you will look more closely – solid unremarkable consumer goods. But strong “trough” 70-80, even on the go, even if …


Sadly, the interior lost irretrievably spirit of the age, “oglamurivshis” procedure in the process of restoration. Like already mentioned, to the Premium Charger in the 70s had nothing, so finishing materials were all cheap and insulation practically absent.

On the floor lay tonyusenkoy cheap “Carpet”, a roof rack and inside sported bare metal. Plastic panels torpedo had the texture “under the tree” and were accordingly painted, and the top was covered with vinyl. No “buckets” was not there – a rather amorphous solid sofa.

Naturally, all this for more than 40 years is not that lost its presentation, but simply decayed, cracked and collapsed. Invest in an authentic (well, almost) exterior, the interior is still the owner decided to adapt to everyday driving.

Instead of vinyl and bare metal – leatherette and Alcantara instead of the sofa – separate seats with electrically adjustable and armrests, a new sound system, re-painted plastic parts, and of course, a decent coat “Shumkov”. In general, this is not the American hardcore – rather, American softcore.

By the way, there is also some comfort options that Chardzher had from birth – power steering and air conditioning. Last operated by a small bracket located below the instrument panel under the left hand of the driver, and includes a fan knob salon with three-position speed, air temperature knob “warm-cold” and a pen mode – “maximum cooling”, “cooling”, “air blocked “,” warm “and” defrost “(defrost, in other words, the maximum heat).

Parking brake – pedal: brake, pushing pedal’ku ratchet and a handle on it – remove the brake.

Also in the left corner of the dashboard, in the area of ​​the left air vent cabin ventilation, sticking a tiny pin with plastic head – a handmade mechanical lighting corrector, connected via a rocking lever and cables with headlamps.


Under a huge machine kapotische pleasant look to any mechanic – despite the size of the mighty engine, free space – the mass of all the units are easily accessible for mounting / dismounting. If you need to remove any node, then, as a rule, it immediately and take off, and not to kill time, “paving the way” by unscrewing a few passing completely unnecessary in the framework of the current work units!

Powers “eight” famous brand carburetor Carter Carburetter, for which size and can not be said that he stands on mnogolitrovom monstrous engine. The throttle carburetor is set in motion a system of rigid rods, and the air filter is located in a classic disc-shaped pan.

The steering mechanism with the hydraulic booster – archaic worm type, with resultant backlash of its design, feel and in the parking lot, and in motion. Located close to the steering gearbox red-hot exhaust manifold, and therefore his life, I think, not easy. However, when the V-shaped engine design other accommodation options, in fact, there is no …

The design of the brake master cylinder is very peculiar by modern standards. Familiar to many a transparent plastic tank there, and no level sensor – a tank of cast iron integral with the cylinder body and covered with a tin lid with a rubber seal, which is pressed against a strong U-shaped bracket. To watch levels “tormozuhi”, you need to open the latch tight and look into the iron trough. By the way, the liquid in automatic transmission and power steering system also has a caveat – as in many “Americans”, the amount of liquid on both units – general; oil ATF 220 is poured into the box through the tank GUR.

Air conditioning compressor – a true example of technical classicism! This is not a modern faceless barrel pump: on a huge V-obraznike Chardzhera compressor and appropriate – powerfully-iron, and also V-shaped!

purchase history

Many people may have encountered in the Hollywood movie, or in American literature, as heroes, referring to the machine, be sure to call not only a model, but also a year – “Mustang ’68”, “Fayrbёrd 70th” … This is due to the fact that in the golden age American autostructure between producers went fierce rivalry, and body design of the same model in the struggle for the buyer radically changed virtually every year – in fact, “Chardzher” 1971 and its neighboring years – three completely different looks of the machine!

Long wanted Chardzher general, and ’71 – in particular … I personally really like the look of the body 1971 in the famous “Coke bottle” style, plus the year of manufacture is quite rare in Moscow, as all fans of model body trying to take 69-70 years – the same machine, like Vin Diesel in “Fast and the Furious,” as the “General Lee” a Confederate flag on the roof of the “Hazzard” and so forth..

Test drives / Used Cars
Maud is love: tuning Dodge Charger R / T

“Probe” Igor says that as long as he remembers, had a passion for cars. More than a car, it is not interested in anything. Initially, from early childhood, he dreamed of a Dodge Ram and dreamed about it until …

11069 1 8

Car hero of this story spotted on an online auction, US auto sales sites, as well as with the help of friends who live in the United States. As a result, the desired model, blue color with black and blue fabric interior, was found for very reasonable money on a ranch in Texas, where it stood for many years without open air movement after the death of old age first and only owner. And Chardzher not been overwritten on the children – it had to hastily make when buying already.

The car had a very poor condition, but it was given, and inexpensive. The odometer showed nearly four thousand miles – the former owner has traveled on it, probably, the whole country, and in his time was clearly daring walker and playboy – talked about this shocking-mazhorsky sky-blue body color, huge soft blocks in the form of dice on the mirror rear view, and … package of condoms 70-year, found under the seat during the restoration of interior analysis.

Repair and service

Heir to the car got rid of it for $ 4000. As a result, the total investment in Chardzher, of which the lion’s share took a long restoration, amounted to about three million rubles …
Delivered in Russian car the first thing sent to the blast cleaning the body from rust in half with paint, as the years of standing in the open air make it a natural “Rat onions.”

After cleaning Chardzher looked like a shot from a machine gun – got out into the light mass of the holes, which had tin and patch. Remove and decided not to restore the “leather roof” (in this modification of the roof was papered with vinyl under the skin), body painted in pearl white color, cleaned and restored its interior. The works were nearly half a year, and they are still far from finished – much to finish, something even a remake, to purchase the missing items. Thus, surprisingly, the price of an aggregate body and repair of such cars – ridiculous! In the US, it is (and in general to any American retro cars) is available and continue to produce all the parts. ALL! The government there is very serious subsidizes car industry and parts plants continue to operate, even for those brands that have disappeared from the face of the earth – such as, say, the Pontiac! If some parts are not available, the owner wrote a letter to the plant, and they make any spare part and sell it at cost price! Here, for example, a huge hood Chardzher this new (!), Worth $ 200 approximately States. And, say, a box of automatic three-Moscow “otkapitalit” – about 20 thousand rubles. On budgetary foreign cars today all it costs considerably more expensive than the cult car from the ’70s!

Mini Test Drive

The ignition vast machine toy is inserted completely and seemingly frivolous wrench. Car starts easily enough – warm-turns avtopodsos controls, unnecessary manipulation is required. Rumbling bass even the uninitiated gives the essence of a 6.3-liter giant. Warm need a full, cold machine does not want to go and constantly strives to die, but after reaching the operating mode the engine runs stably and smoothly.

Automatic three-step manual control lever – as it should be, on the steering wheel, and the same indicator mode included. I pull the handle lightly to himself, and then down to the position «D», and hit the car shakes that can lead to a heart attack the owner of modern cars with automatic transmission. But Chardzhera it is perfectly normal – the box is very rough, “dragsterskaya” shot shows gaps in choosing gears and cardan spiders.

Before the driver – a huge, like a runway, hood, but his size quickly adaptirueshsya; stop behind the next car, observing the traditional Moscow interval “tightly” – simple. That’s just no mirrors on the right door in the city is very uncomfortable, as if one eye closed … And vnutrisalonnoe mirror is still being restored, and in principle the review through the rear window – is very conditional. For the owner it is too obvious, so in the trunk of our Chardzhera is already waiting for installing optional right mirror.

Before driving Vadim warns of the need for very delicate treatment of the accelerator pedal, but even a slight press is cranking on dry pavement old, balding wheels on the car which came from the United States, and is not replaced on fresh tires.

I try again – and again Books … until the third or fourth time I adapt himself to press on the gas, as chamomile petal, no more than a quarter of a pedal – while the car accelerates smoothly.

But any turn again causes uncontrolled release of the power on the rear axle – is not easy to cope with such a monster of habit! It is a pity, of course, that a mini test drive did not allow imbedded pedal at least half – it is in torque and a splash of beauty is riding on the “oil-square”! We also visit the city on busy streets where fast 60 kilometers per hour and accelerate failed, passed, it seemed to me, only in first gear – Switching I did not feel. That, however, is logical – on a three-stage gearbox and must be incredibly long.

The brakes (front disc and rear drum) as a whole was stopped nearly two-ton car is satisfactory, but somehow cotton. I do not think it’s an issue – rather, a feature – at that time it was considered the norm. Oh and one more sign of the times – “worm” wheel slightly lyuftyaschy and notably amplified Gur.

model history

The two-door sports coupe Dodge Charger was published in 1966. The car was equipped with a range of powerful V-obraznikov with capacity from five to seven liters capacity including more than 400 forces, targeting young and poorer customers, as well as professional athletes – no wonder Chardzhery repeatedly occupied the podium famous NASCAR races. The machine was a typical «muscle car-om,” along with major competitors such as Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.

Test drives / Single
The bad guy is trying on a tuxedo: ownership experience Dodge Charger LX

Looking from the outside I do not know who to blame for the meager selection of modern Dodge in our market, but I’m the man is ready to be subjected to the most savage medieval torture. Why, even in the best times of all mutton …

18302 0 6

Year-on-year change Chardzhery design and generation. The second generation is dated from 1968, 1971 – the third. A variety of design refinements, like hiding in the grille lights, high-efficiency motors Hemi line, Supersports version of the Charger Daytona Charger and 500 – all of this made the car a cult during his lifetime.

However, in 1975 due to the oil crisis of the model said goodbye to the traditional self concept of «muscle car» – the car lost sportiness in every sense: in the design, which refers Chardzher-1975 by the luxury-segment, and aerodynamics, it is inappropriate racing. For a time, sales were not bad, but then sour, and in 1978 sports car was still removed from the conveyor.

The resumption of production of the model took place in the period from 1983 to 1987, when Dodge Chardzher was carried out on the so-called L-Chrysler platform, which produced several large hatchback and coupe Dodge and Plymouth brands. But Chardzher from the 80s with its feeble motor and controversial design had nothing to do with “the very same Chardzherami” of the past, and many-mnogolitrovymi and enthusiasm of the buyers did not cause …

Next resurrection cult name already dated 2005 – a large sedan platform shared with the Chrysler 300 and found a completely modern look – though also far from the style of the cult 70’s dreadnoughts like version of L-platform. It is produced to this day.

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