Alltrack is not a Variant. Is it worth paying for an off-road Volkswagen Passat?

If you need a Volkswagen Passat, there are two options – a normal Variant and an off-road Alltrack. For the second, of course, you need to pay extra.

If you need a Volkswagen Passat, there are two options – a normal Variant and an off-road Alltrack. For the second, of course, you need to pay extra. Or is it better not to?

So, 1 759 000 rubles against 2 359 000 rubles. Standard Passat Variant versus Alltrack cross-country version. You do not need to get a calculator to count – the difference is exactly 600 thousand. In “Volkswagen”, apparently, decided to facilitate the calculations of buyers. It remains only to understand what is the point of paying a round sum. Or is it not? ..

Early Victory

The name Alltrack obliges first thing to pay attention to the off-road ability of the car. But this point of comparison of two universals, which should be the most important and detailed, can in principle be limited to one phrase: what’s the use of talking about Alltrack, if the Variant has only a front-wheel drive.

Everyone, have run up? For some, the arguments on this really will end. But let’s dig still deeper. The lack of all-wheel drive version of the “Variant” Volkswagen simply defined the boundaries more clearly. And the difference, of course, is more significant. Take the clearance – 16 vs. 17.4 cm. Although hand on heart – there is not even an increased clearance. Remember, for example, the Volvo V60 CC and its impressive 20-odd centimeter. I get up in a shallow, seemingly “dacha” snow track, but every now and then I strike with protection. By the way, plastic. But, I must admit, on the ordinary universal, I would not even stick there.

And as a whole off-road preparation at Alltrack is more serious, than banal increase in a road gleam. In the list of modes of motion is “off-road.” In it, the wagon gives with a toot, and the stabilization system “falls asleep.” This means that unpleasant surprises with a lack of traction in the most innocuous places will be avoided. And, of course, the “Variant” does not have a formidable plastic kit.

Nevertheless, I would not consider Alltrack as a full-fledged replacement for the cross-country off-road due to a small ground clearance. In fact, it’s not so insulting when you go on the asphalt …

Gambling moments

The off-road Passat does not lose to the “Option” at all. Alltrack is not so high above the ground that there are crossover habits in bends. Therefore, in management, it is more interesting, exciting and, of course, more stable. Direct keeps excellent and, unlike “Variant”, can be as smooth on a broken road, and hard at gambling moments. The matter is in adaptive shock absorbers, which really noticeably change the perception of driving. But the standard wagon is always soft due to the Russian modernization of the suspension for bad roads.

On power units, too, raznoboy. The “Variant” has three: a two-liter diesel and a 1.4-liter petrol for 150 forces and a 1.8-liter petrol for 180 forces. In turn, Alltrack here and in all senses is not “Option” – only a non-alternative 220-strong 2.0 TSI. The lack of a motor on the “diesel” is not very disappointing – 350 Nm traction of a powerful unit is enough for the eyes. Including on the light off-road, where Alltrack will periodically fall.

I would not be disappointed that the front-drive “Passat” does not have a 220-horsepower engine. To him, frankly, it would be higher than the roof. You just will not feel this power. For Alltrack same – just right. With a well-tuned all-wheel drive 4Motion off-road station wagon is not just fast, but also stable. But on the parity boxes – on both universals there is the same seven-speed DSG with two clutches. For all other parameters, the difference can also not be sought.

And in general from the side it seems that both cars are very close. In fact, they are quite different ideologically. In many respects due to the fact that Volkswagen in Russia competently developed versions of station wagons in different angles. Who is sufficiently soft, roomy, just comfortable “car” – that’s the Variant. Alltrack is faster, more interesting, more diverse and allows a little more off-road. So think, are you ready to pay for it 600 thousand from above.