All hands on deck: a review of the world's largest dump truck BELAZ-75710

I often have to take pictures of the machine from below: the chassis, transmission components and other things that are invisible from above. Typically, this is necessary to use the lift, otherwise do not get under the car. But just to go under the car and to click the shutter, I had the first time. As, however, and climb the stairs to the second floor level to get into the truck cab. Yes, impressive dimensions and design – even more: it was too much BELAZ different from everything else that can travel along the ground. I propose to consider it in detail from the bottom up, and to assess the extent of this car.

Need – do it!

W ith a BelAZ-75710 immediately raises the question: why? Why do we need such a huge truck, which, it seems, and a football field for the reversal is not enough? Maybe it is easier to carry the load on the two smaller trucks (eg, BelAZ-7530 with lifting capacity of 200-220 tons) instead of one monster, capable to take away 450 tons at a time? No, just because a truck could not appear, its creators do not get sick gigantomania and want to satisfy customer needs. And if one of the holding customers want to get yourself in the pit in the Kemerovo region such a machine, then you need to build it. In 2013 he was born the first BelAZ-75710. To learn how to make such BelAZ, we'll show later, this process is almost as interesting as the finished product. In the meantime, you little shocking figures. So, turn on your imagination.

The height of BelAZ-75710 is 8.17 meters (this is more than the height of the second floor of a typical building), width – 9.75 meters ( "bus-rover" LIAZ-677 is longer by only 78 centimeters), length – 20.6 m (almost two 677-x). Capacity, as I said, is 450 tonnes, but in 2014, during the test, this dump perevёz little more than five hundred tons of cargo. Curb weight of the car is also impressive – 360 tons, respectively, the total mass can reach 810 tons.

Maximum speed:
64 km / h

Despite its huge size, do not dare call this edifice clumsy: turning radius of only 45 meters. Maximum torque – 9313 Nm. But diesels MTU then no need to turn the shaft of the gearbox, and for power generation – CPR at BELAZ is not in sight, and driven by truck traction motors. So the big truck in the world – a hybrid. Quietly go under the car and see how it works.

Until then reached progress!

Frankly speaking, be under BelAZ not too comfortable, you feel like Gulliver in the country of giants. Man, not even a little, it seems fragile and somehow very much unreliable in comparison with the giant career. But shyness – aside and consider the car from below.

Let's face it:

The struggle for millimeters of space in the engine compartment are no conducted. Two huge diesel engine MTU Detroit Diesel 16V4000 arranged transversely. The capacity of each – 1715 kW, which is almost 2332 liters. from. (Or 4664 in total). It would seem – Kata and grief do not know, but no, this is not enough. These two engines working volume of 65 liters each are needed for the operation of generators, producing current for traction motors. In addition to generators, diesel engines also provide a work of hydraulic systems.

Turning radius:
45 m

Every diesel engine is paired with his generator, and all the systems that run the engines, each independent unit. Sometimes you can hear that, say, the no-load BELAZ rides only on one engine to save fuel, and the second diesel comes into operation only when necessary. This is not true. Theoretically, such a scheme is possible, but the plant is not yet implemented. I say "yet" because the plans she is still there.

The generators produce alternating current for the four electric motors mounted within the hubs of wheels. Bunch of two generators and the four engines is called traction unit, but its manufacturer did not BELAZ and Siemens company (mark it appropriate – Siemens MMT500). Each of the electric motor has a power of 1200 kW (1630 hp..), So the total power at the wheels is 6 520 liters. from. It was good that I did not have to pay tax for a car with this engine!

59 / 80R63 Bridgestone

This mission is called electromechanical. In addition to all the above it includes a power control box (which we will see more on the deck) and brake system UVTR. By the way, the brakes deserve a few isolated words.

Brake mechanisms of all wheels – double and have a hydraulic drive. But laden car weighing more than eight tons of one such brakes can not be kept, so there is another BELAZ brake – electrodynamic. Here, the actuator is the same motor wheel. When using this brake system releases massive amounts of heat, which must somehow divert, so design provides forced air cooling of brake resistors.

Of course, there are the parking brake. It is usually a disk.

As I mentioned, an electromechanical transmission for BelAZ-75710 does Siemens. But now there are negotiations with the Russian company "Power Machines", so it is likely that in the future mission will come from St. Petersburg, as the machines lifting capacity 90-220 tons. But back to the inspection.

BELAZ nominally equipped with chocks, which are attached to the front wheels.

In the base there and preheater, which is also the two – the number of diesels.

Bottom visible and part of the fire protection.

It primarily responds to the increase in temperature in the engine compartment, but there are also sensors inside the wheel, next to the traction motors.

For BelAZ vehicles fitted two fuel tanks to 2 500 liters each. Specific fuel consumption – 198 g / kWh.

To service the fuel system there is even a separate staircase leading to the tanks – it can be seen from the side. Whatever may have been a fantastic car this truck, and change the filters and refill it periodically is necessary, and no stairs is nothing to do here.

One of the most interesting mechanism – this is probably the truck chassis. Strictly speaking, it is dependent immediately said fluid with integrated hydraulic shock absorber.

Thanks antiroll dump almost rolls under load, while maintaining a high smoothness. Inside the giant shock-absorbers, which can be seen in the photographs, nitrogen and oil.

And one more feature to notice only the most attentive front and rear axles are absolutely the same. The question arises: how does this machine turns? There is no pins, no ball bearings … Yes, because both bridges on BelAZ-75710 driven. Two cylinders here plays the role of steering rods (is exaggerated, of course, but understandable), but otherwise the steering is almost traditional, gidroobёmnoe with conventional steering column in the cockpit. By the way, it provides for a hydropneumatic design – these are the security requirements.

Total capacity on wheels:
6520 l. from.

We can not say a few kind words about the tires of the truck. The dimension of the rubber – 59 / 80R63. Now it is a major supplier Bridgestone. For light vehicles the manufacturer the choice is not so clear, but also very limited. In fact, the Belarusian holding engineers can build and even more crazy car, everything is limited to just the same tires and … common sense, I guess. Actually, God forbid perebortirovat once again the wheels, so the developers have tried to make the traction motors in such a way that their repair and maintenance possible without removing the wheels. This is very important, especially for those who will operate the dump. Remove the wheel without crane is not possible, as each of these simple costs a lot of money.

Now we go up to the deck – so called pad on the "second floor" next to the driver's cab (the driver, by the way, here called the operator, although essentially it does not change).

Higher and higher and higher! ..

Of course, I had to climb into the cab of the truck on the stairs. But so that the two-flight and ground between them – is, of course, for the first time.

Strange, but it is here, on the steps, measures are felt the most. On the site we go along the eight-round elements who mistakenly distance can be taken for closed some plugs lights.

Actually, this air filters.

After passing along them, we go up the flight of the second and find ourselves on the deck.

Booth leave "for dessert," is a look at everything else.

Metal cabinet, oddly enough, as the cabinet is called – power control cabinet. Here is hidden the "brain" electricians, the most important part of it – electromechanical transmission.

To the left of the cabinet – the already mentioned system of forced air cooling of brake resistors.

Just behind the cabin settled part of a united hydraulic system (steering, braking system and tilting mechanism).

And almost in the middle of the deck, right from its surface, sticking another container. This – "verhushechka" expansion tank. So arranged cooling system that tank can not be lower than any of its components, so it is set so high.

On the rear wall of the cab there are radiators and fans cabin air conditioner. Rear-view mirrors, from afar seem small, they are not close to much less than what is hanging in my house in the hallway. We are talking about the left mirror, right, it is much less. After strolling along the deck, enjoy the pettiness and grandeur of the truck, open the door to the cabin.

Doors open counter-movement. This has a particular meaning: it is more convenient to sit on the driver's seat, and the passenger, too.

So, consider the panel and controls.

It seems to be pretty standard, but there is a certain dissonance: how can coexist selector "box" and the three pedals on the floor? Firstly, let us remember that there is no proper CPR at all. Boxes not, and the selector is: once to set the direction of movement is necessary. To his right – body control.

So, why a third pedal? And this is another brake pedal. In the center, as it should be, a conventional hydraulic brake pedal, and instead of the clutch lever – pedal electrodynamic brake. It would be desirable, of course, ponazhimat all this, but you can not – even with the truck category "C" without a special license operator BELAZ get behind the wheel of this truck will not allow anyone, no representatives of the plant, nor the instinct of self-preservation. So bitter sigh and look further.

The steering wheel is normal, and the shift paddles are exactly the same as thousands of other machines, even insulting. But, of course, it is convenient: the intuitive operation, the better.

Power button on the left of the steering wheel is needed to control the entire light engineering BELAZ. By the way, notice that our truck without lights? Yes, the plant does not put them all: to deliver the car to the customer, after checking all the same it is necessary to disassemble it, so there is no sense to mount optics. It is checked in the build process and immediately removed.

Use the right operator controls the transmission, diesel, heating glass and wiper. Immediately – heating and air conditioning control unit. And where is the equipment?

To begin with, that even if they wanted, falcon vision and the ability to turn his head 360 degrees, it is impossible to see the size of the truck. A drive on this monster to a different technique or obstacle oh how dangerous (in the first place – for the other vehicles and obstacles), so BELAZ-75710 nominally equipped with a signaling device approximation of a high-voltage line and the video review system. On the center screen and displays all of the information and the picture cine. That is, the conventional switch devices on BelAZ no, they do not need it just.

From the life of dinosaurs: an interview with a Russian dealer of BelAZ

Then we grow up, we learn, we leave in a great life, and our interests are excluded from the world, "the world's biggest truck", and then one day, quite by accident, we learn that BelAZ continues – the largest in the world … I do not …

8538 0 8

Generally, the cabin looks not too rich, and the material used is not fine. But why dump truck leather, wood, or even a soft plastic? He still is alien to the philistines as proletarian – a canary in a cage.

… And a few more facts

Weight distribution truck is designed so that the load on each of the eight wheels are absolutely identical. But moves suspension dump truck is very small, and if the driver in front of you will see any significant obstacle, climb on him, he will not be ahead, but will cause a bulldozer – ground quarry should be prepared to move such a vehicle.

Tipper nominally equipped with not only the automatic fire extinguishing system, and tire-pressure monitoring system, load monitoring system and automatic centralized lubrication system. The electrodynamic braking system not only allows you to save the resource blocks, but also is able to quickly react to braking: the transition to full thrust mode to braking mode takes less than a second. Well, the lack of a classical gearbox allows overclocking absolutely evenly and without interruption to shift.

Not only is the car accelerates with electromechanical transmission easier and safer, and there is almost nothing to break: no rubbing parts – no wear and breakage. Said BelAZ able to pass on a career of at least 900 thousand kilometers, and actually serve as more than a million. In fact, the share of such machines is considered to engine hours and not in kilometers, but it's nice that some things in this world can still be a real "millionaire." And finally, without which a review can not be a review of: the maximum speed of the truck is 64 km / h. Slowly but surely. Very true.

Thanks to a group "Stark" companies for help in preparing the material

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