After the kick. Looking for the meaning of the reboot Ford Kuga

Once Ford Kuga surprised the opportunity to open the trunk kick under the door. Has the crossover stopped in intellectual development?

“Critical updates are ready for installation and you need to reboot the system.” Surely you often see similar inscriptions on the computer screen, phone and other gadgets. And the hand, you know, stretches to the icon is not very confident. How many times has it happened that the operating system updates either spoil everything, or are simply useless. With the restyling of the car manufacturer also runs the risk of miss. Or get to the point.

Useful and not very useful

Almost every month, something new appears on the digital market. Especially successful gadgets and systems go to the masses. And now you are already buying a fashionable device, even if it is not particularly needed. Otherwise, you will become a retrograde and an old stump, which is time to retire. So there is no way out. Cars, too, with some phenomenal speed continue to be filled with systems that yesterday seemed revolutionary. Ford Kuga, three years ago, struck with the boot lid opening system under the door, now he got the rest – he got helpers with whom many have long been driving.

When I see a car where all the electronic assistants work perfectly and unmistakably, I’ll go to the traffic police and give them the right. It’s clear that in the updated “Kuge” some systems are useless. But they should be. Marketing requirements of the time! Take Ford’s automatic parking lot. Yes, he can, maybe, and now even perpendicularly. But, frankly, to me before this “in parallel”. In those free pockets, where an inexperienced driver can have real difficulties, will not stand up and Ford.


Hold in the band is something average in terms of real good. The system works when the wheel is already practically crossing the line. If for a long time to release the steering wheel, the car will start to “wind” on the strip. And after 120 km / h the “eyes” of the helper are practically powerless – checked on the autobahns of Europe with chic layout. In general, the assistant is set up to prevent the scattered driver from “stuck” in someone.

For the same purpose Fordovtsy modernized Active City Stop. Now Kuga brakes before the obstacle is not with 30, but with 50 km / h. The machine, however, even with the most “confident” settings of the system begins to warn early enough about the risk of a collision. But it’s better, than late, so in the offset.

Of the technological innovations, you can not fail to note SYNC 3 with an eight-inch screen instead of five. This point in restyling gives an unambiguous answer to the question about intellectual development, set at the beginning. Who dealt with the previous generation of the multimedia system, the new will be considered a benchmark of quality and performance. Integration with CarPlay and Android Auto, voice commands and “smartphone” touch screen control are signs of a modern entertainment system in the car. Although the menu would not prevent more logic. In the same navigation, sometimes you have to do too much manipulation.

With the new multimedia, the entire console became prettier. I remember criticizing the pre-style “Kugu” for the irrational use of space. Now the number of buttons is diminished, and the climate control unit has become more compact and logical. It’s quite another matter!

From one and a half and more

The car is great, but we will not have it. It seems that I have too often started to say this on tests. Can you guess which version I’m driving? That’s right – the diesel Kuga on the “handle”. In Russia, the manual transmission for the crossover is no longer present as a class. So at least for the Europeans I will rejoice.

The one-and-a-half-liter 120-hp solar crossover pulls very confidently from below. Serious for a small motor 270 Nm of torque are reached early. And although they quickly evaporate, even with such an engine you can drive briskly at city speeds. The main thing is not to be lazy to wield a “stick”. Unpleasantly surprised by the expense. To the difference between reality and the declared characteristics, everyone, of course, has long been accustomed to. But not to a twofold! And 8 liters in a mixed mode for one and a half liters of diesel is, to put it mildly, a bit too much.

In Russia, along with a proven 2.5-liter atmospheric, will be sold “Kugi” with a 1.5-liter EcoBoost with two degrees of forcing – 150 and 182 hp. I appreciated only the last option. And I’m not sure that it makes sense. The torque is the same, the difference in the dynamic characteristics is almost not noticeable – so whether it is necessary to overpay for 32 “horses”? It’s worth thinking about the golden 150-strong middle.

The combination of “eco-bus” with a six-speed automatic can surprise with a sound. The engine growls almost louder than the diesel engine. The machine will be pleased with the smooth switching, though not always fast and adequate pressing the pedal. Fortunately, there are podolevye petals that remove this issue.

Unfortunately, I got both cars in the ST-Line version. Over its suspension, the engineers worked by adding shock absorbers to the stiffness and shortening the springs. In addition, 19-inch wheels help to read, it seems, all microparticles, even even asphalt. In bends it is managed really excellent, but in Russia such rigidity does not need anything. However, we will not have ST-Line. Cars with the standard suspension, as the Fordovites promise, are adapted to our tough reality. The first updated “Kugi” has already started to be assembled at the plant in Yelabuga. Dealers will have cars in December – at this time we will know the prices.