A test drive KIA Sportage 2,0 AT AWD off-road

Since the start of Russian sales of KIA Sportage fourth generation took a long time, but in urban areas it is still exotic, but outside them – in general wonder. The desire to accelerate the crossover stories of life, an example of the Porsche half mask, apparently provoked one of the August rains, flooded Moscow and the region.

W hen you have all-wheel drive car, almost SUV, even without razdatki and ponizhaykoy, thinking about all kinds of activity occurs by itself. Outside the window, a wall of water, cascades of lightning, and you have already prepared a picture morning forays ashore forest lake … Without a dynamic rope, without hi-jacks, with only one dokatka in the trunk.

How much is freedom

Joke, to pay for the car 1714900 rubles – so much today is our Sportage in picking Prestige – and thus depend on the testimony of weather stickers, the number of puddles on the dirt road, and the extent of its raskvashennosti? I note that it is still on the road, not hectares of arable land.


Our first test KIA Sportage, traveled to Catalonia roads, reflected most of what there is in this car: from design to technology that has not changed in the fourth generation. But in Spain, their circumstances and priorities. Four-wheel drive it is hardly necessary, as well as equipment the Classic “Warm option”, which in Russian is available for monoprivodnom version with the “mechanics” of 1,304,900 rubles, with automatic transmission and front-wheel drive -. For 1,364,900 rubles, and c 4WD and the ITUC for 1,384,900 rubles. We are all different, and with SUV monoprivodom often considered purely feminine fun … However, rather rashly, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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Of course, the Catalan roads in the vicinity of Barcelona’s little resemblance to Russian, and all the cars on the test were exclusively in European trim (in Russia they will be a little different). Besides, in …

Just finished the storm means that on a wet track, I’ll go without fanaticism, without even bringing an analog speedometer allowed to 110 km / h. Indeed, in this mode KIA Sportage confidently holds the road, is not prone to hydroplaning, swimming, quiet, saves fuel and does not bother the frequent calls to a six-speed automatic transmission. Its 2.0-liter, 150-horsepower engine NU series, familiar to many models of the Korean concern, it seems to me almost the perfect rhythm for the country. Do you want to – he maintain speed, you want – give it at the mercy of the cruise control.

The complete Prestige no recognition systems, road signs, lane retention and monitoring blind spots. Yes, still no electric driver and passenger seats, bad humours your profile and combined, tissue-leather upholstery. But there are push-button engine starting, xenon headlamps, LED daytime running lights, fog, rain and light sensors, parking sensors and a rearview camera with markings, a seven-inch screen multimedia system with navigation, Wi-Fi-receiver and a set of useful and beautiful detail. Interestingly, the Wi-Fi connected only to the access point, which is formed by your smartphone. Trying zakonnektitsya with fixed, by the router, which is in the house, was not successful. The only purpose of wireless internet – to obtain information about traffic jams for the built-in navigation system. Not enough, of course, but thanks for that.

For we have already thought

So, with an armed electronics everything is fine, only the first overtaking speaks in me the willies. The good half of its travel, sprung up steps, the accelerator considerably damped. Though stamping his on it, even though clapping for him – little help. And just as the bursting of the membrane is truly mine, electronics understands that it is time to add to the motor fuel the explosive portion of the air or move to a lower gear. However, fuel consumption with this algorithm and did not think to handle for the “top ten” in the “hundreds.”

KIA Sportage 2,0 AT AWD
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l11.2 6.7 8.3

This feature has been in the past generation of KIA Sportage, but who would have thought that she had someone like that it will leave in the current. It is clear that in this way the designers soon realized the “encroachments mode”, protecting the driver from excess speed, but why not activate it by pressing with some understandable to all symbol? But some key selector AKP just includes “sport” setting the electronic control unit, in which the accelerator with the “automatic” and do not think “rebate.”

Two years ago, at about this same time, I went on a restyled, all-wheel drive of the third-generation Sportage from Karelia in the Arctic. Without his refusal of any northern pleasures, be it under the Kondopoga mushrooms or berries around Medvezhegorsk. I veered off the road, drove into the woods and – stuffed bags. Yes, the car was turbodiesel (like, 2.0-liter, 185-hp version of 1,834,900 rubles. Proposed now) and, again, all-wheel drive. But today, the engine type is not so important.

The detour bans

To get to the beautiful places has become increasingly difficult. For what primer is not tkni – everywhere thrown in the way of concrete blocks. On the passenger car obedesh not, but you can try with a crossover. STATEMENT 182 mm ground clearance, of course a little bit, but with the old 170 mm, an additional ten – completely unnecessary.

With the collapse of the walls of the moat, the depth of thirty centimeters and one meter wide, the Sportage overcomes the “head” is only slightly striking a “skirt” of the bumper primer. The task is, quite frankly, simple, but with some loads on the body. Crickets in the cabin? Hmm, like no.

Here you have the power of high-strength steel frame … When grown by 20 mm front overhang, exit and entry angles for everyday obstacles SUV is still missing, and a moment later, we find ourselves on the muddy clay, at the edge of a hefty puddles.

KIA Sportage 2,0 AT AWD
1,714,900 rubles

Force lock electrohydraulic clutch of Magna’s while I’m in no hurry. Automation itself must connect the rear axle when wheel slip on the front. Well, slowly touched. The machine is slowly but surely moving forward – it looks like the bottom of a puddle solid, but as soon as the drive wheels out of the water, KIA, shod in the most ordinary road tires 225/60 R 17, began podryskivat on the site in search of the point of engagement. Subjectively, electronics braked in the second-half, but the rear axle properly connected, pushing the car to the exit. A generation ago, it was about the same, and the fundamental differences in the speed clutch I could not find it.

On the roads – by hand!

I push down on the gas and immediately regretted it. The car wobbled even on a flat, almost beskoleynom site clay porridge. All experiments will be enough, “blocks” manually button. In fact, at this time the maximum electric delivers fluid pressure to a package of friction plates, providing 50% of the torque at the rear axle.

It is quite another matter! After all-wheel drive automatic Dynamax AWD constantly works in the pulse mode, and redistributing the time is not in the course of the play, as it were prejudging possible events preloaded. Simply put, the minimum traction on the rear axle is always there. But I need the maximum possible, and at once.

The fixed fully-alignment on the roads much better. About any “like on rails” out of the question, but … There is no need constantly to taxi, adjusting the direction of movement, and we went much faster without any fear. Stop, and here I am, it seems, once again rushed.

The brakes of the Sportage to be extremely tenacious, however, given the fact that the road tires on clay in the blink of an eye turns into a full-fledged four-skiing, stops polutoratonny crossover is not always a given point. But this is the problem is not the car.

KIA Sportage 2,0 AT AWD
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H)
150 hp
Maximum speed:
180 km / h
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h
11,6 s
six-speed, automatic
Drive unit:
Overall, AWD

Doubts – light!

Adjust to the slippery ground and all-wheel drive is not so difficult. In addition to travel with zeal tank then no one and did not have time, and, therefore, where to plant the Sportage, the first time and did not find, and this problem does not. Of course, the check-in a deep rut at the dam would be extremely ill-advised, but roll down the hill on the coastal edge of the shaky, almost in the mud, you can take the risk. When the assistant descent vehicle smoothly without skidding, sliding down to the shore. Do not touch this time to the accelerator – one of the conditions for success. Couple movements driving, turn, profit! Back up the hill, we go out in a conventional four-wheel drive mode, and again successfully.

Almost an hour of intensive kneading clay ignites curiosity: what do we have at the bottom? First of all, to feel the clutch. It is warm, but no hint of overheating. The whole trick in the rejection of electromagnetic design and transition, in the last generation Sportage, already mentioned in the electrohydraulic circuit. A cursory examination of the back of a powerful mnogoryichazhka also not serious. Alas, at this end of joy. Located almost in the longitudinal axis of the vehicle exhaust pipe with a resonator – a categorical judgment. Bathing in deep snow or mud baths foot-Korean SUV contraindicated even with all perfection AWD.

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“How can I help you”? The driver stopped a couple of meters Hyundai ix35 – odnoplatformennika last generation Sportage, curiously examining my bizarre car. Sharing experiences and concerns, and in response to hear what, in general, neither manufacturers nor journalists usually do not say …

“I do not need this all-wheel drive crossover. In such rural peresechenke so sure. Without it, much less of a problem. A cross-here it is, for all occasions, and cheaper “- a man carelessly slammed his foot on the toothy, mud tires of his ix, looked at me indulgently and drove off across the field away, both on good asphalt …

Everything has its purpose

Perhaps at this point it would be necessary to put an end, but not so simple. The paradox, of which not everyone knows is that the AWD Sportage design, and most crossovers, sharpened by road operating conditions. Went through the gas in turn, flew on a slippery part of the track – then electro-mechanical all-wheel drive systems are spreading their gorgeous peacock’s tail in front of the driver. And no matter how hard the automakers declare versatility so popular today, “parquet” segment, its off-road ability, it is just possible that, no matter how hurt, are not fundamental.

Because dirt in the form of lumps washed Sportage I like a lot more, and fit a full-size cabin in the unfolded bike Stels looks there where more appropriate than waders and shovel. They are very different cars.

Of course, the competition from the new KIA Sportage abound. Among the key – Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, in part, Nissan X-Trail, not to mention the odnoplatformennike Hyundai Tucson and various crossovers from China. The order of prices for these cars, not counting the Chinese, is about the same from 1200 rubles and above.. Just in primary and nice equipped versions (from 1,204,900 rubles) KIA has a great advantage. The base RAV4 and the Mazda CX-5 will start at the level of 1 299 thous. Rubles and the Nissan X-Trail is not having a full arsenal, gidrotransformatornoy AKP altogether with 1409 thousand. Rubles. However, in the saturated versions KIA starts to lose its advantage, and only then come into play those very little things on the basis of which the buyer makes a decisive choice.

Kia Sportage fourth generation (QL factory index) is created by a known recipe: Look, how did Hyundai, and do the same thing, but better. “Head” Korean brand almost always produces new models first, and their technical clones under the Kia brand are published later, based on experience and without the “childhood diseases” (a vivid example – the Russian Hyundai Solaris, demanded suspension upgrades, and Kia Rio that cost without it). In this case of such conflicts can not speak, and Sportage platform is almost identical to that on which is based the current Hyundai Tucson. This is the latest version of the corporate “trolley» J4, since 2006 in various forms used for Sportage and Tucson (ix35) of previous generations as well as for passenger models (Hyundai i30 / Elantra, Kia cee’d / Cerato). Her most notable difference from the third platform Sportage (SL) – wheelbase lengthened by three centimeters with new longitudinal arm independent rear suspension (of course, a multi-link), will optimize the kinematics and increase the stroke that has played a plus for the geometric cross. Slightly increased and the track thanks to the new stretchers, and different “geometry”, coupled with a solid mass, in turn, resulted in the need to strengthen the chassis. Therefore, the new Sportage (like Tucson) their own, more stringent, bushings and stabilizer, a massive pins, steering knuckles and wheel bearings, and even the stocks front McPherson shock absorbers become thicker. Increased and the diameter of the brake discs and steering with an electric amplifier has become a little “island”.

At an impressive 39 percent increased torsional stiffness of the body, and the main credit for this belongs to the frame structure, made from an almost entirely of high strength steels, the share of which increased from 18 to 51 percent. In addition, more widely used progressive method of bonding steel parts: if the first total length of glue lines was less than 15 meters, it is now – as many as 103. The progress demonstrated the results of crash tests of the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety the IIHS: in a test simulating a vehicle rolling over, roof rack without undue strain withstood a load of 5.37 times the mass of its own crossover, while the previous generation model, this figure was 4.43. By the way, in another test, the IIHS, in the frontal impact with a small overlap that failed predecessor, the new Sportage has shown himself perfectly, for which he received the highest rating Top Safety Pick +. Not less attention than safety, the developers have given comfort Body: significantly improved noise insulation, not only the base but also the upper part of the body, and to reduce the vibration elastic upgraded power unit.

Themselves as engines and transmissions have not changed with the change of generations – in any case, in Russia’s specification. After all, we do not offer any powerful gasoline engines Theta family with whom Sportage is available to the Americans, nor the European 1.7-liter turbodiesel the U2, familiar to us on the Hyundai i40, or even 1.6-liter Gamma engine from the Rio / Solaris, acting as base for Hyundai Tucson. However, the latter is still present in the lineup in the form of 177-strong turboversii used exclusively in the top configuration GT-Line Premuim, in alliance with the seven-speed robotised gearbox and all-wheel drive transmission. We have kept in the range of two-liter turbodiesel Series R, having piezo injectors, Bosch cordless injection system and variable geometry impeller: a result of the modernization of its output increased to 184 hp. from. and 392 Nm to 185 liters. from. and 400 Nm. In the role of the base – still 150-strong petrol engine, also a two-liter, belonging to the family of Nu, debuted in 2011, the Elantra models in the 1.8-liter version. This long-stroke 16-valve aluminum “quartet” with the phase shifters in the inlet and outlet, timing chain and multipoint fuel injection and a variable intake manifold configuration. There is a version with direct injection, issuing up to 176 liters. a., but the Russian craftsmen seeking returns close by conventional chip-tuning.

The base transmission option for the two-liter petrol engine – a six-speed manual M6CF1 plus drive only the front wheels, diesel crossover is necessarily a four-wheel drive and “automatic”. Hydromechanical transmission with electronically controlled common designation A6LF Hyundai-Kia in 2009, produces its own, can not be said about the all-wheel drive system, which delivers the Austrian company Magna. The electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch Dynamax works quickly and smoothly, flexibly responding to changes in traffic conditions, and is not prone to overheating under heavy loads.

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