A parallel world. How to feel like another person in Isuzu D-Max

The truck manufacturer can not suddenly get a comfortable car. Pick-up D-Max and does not hide its origin

The truck manufacturer can not suddenly get a comfortable car. A pickup D-Max and does not hide its origin.

Literally from the first moments of ignition of fuel in the combustion chamber, I understand that I got into the truck. The body, the pedals and the lever of the mechanical gearbox seem to cause me to notice in the spiritual seance with noticeable vibrations. Someone from the other world wants to get in touch? No, just hard work of a 2.5-liter diesel engine starts to feel not only with your ears, but with your whole body. Which, by the way, is placed in a flat seat and without normal lateral support in a military way straight. Adjust the steering wheel for the flight can not, although in the highest configuration, there are electrical settings of the chair. I got settled – and all right. I have not gone anywhere yet, but I want to check the route sheet and specify the delivery address of the goods … A new life begins with D-Max.

Retro Test

The persistent feeling of the truck is only reinforced by all the unjustifiably great. To what I touch, gymnastics is everywhere necessary. Long and, let’s say, a peculiar clutch pedal stroke (see video) shakes legs, and the same endless way of the manual gear lever from transmission to transmission is hands.

It’s okay – it’s a habit. In pickup trucks in general, in terms of amenities, one often has to make compromises. But it’s hard to put up with Isuzu. Looking at a monochrome device of low quality and exactly the same multimedia unit from the last century, I want to open the brochure again and recheck the equipment. Just in case. It’s like I’m doing a survey of SUVs of 20 years of age, and not test drive a new car in the top version for 2 million or more.

But in the D-Max you will not die of thirst and will definitely place in the cabin everything that you want to take on the road. Champion of the number of cup holders and storage compartments. True, this is also collected with freight color. Try, for example, to open the box in the middle of the panel. Until you get the hang of the power of pressing the button, nothing will come out.

In the forest looks

On the move, I continue to get used to being the driver of a truck. Whether I want it or not. Without alternative diesel does not presume, unfortunately, the installation of an additional heater, so the salon is heated for a long time. Unacceptably long. My test was still on cold days, so in the cold under 20 degrees the D-Max warmed up on traffic jams to a comfortable temperature in 34 minutes.

About the carbide construction you remember with a bad word still because of noise insulation. And the wind and the rumble of tires in the cabin is audible perfectly. But best of all – the treading of the engine. The higher the speed, the more difficult it is to live with it. For a hundred it is better not to get out.

Stop! More I will not slander the power unit. In the rest all is healthy and even very much. The 163-hp diesel pulls all its 400 Nm from the bottom, almost from idling. And about the sweeping shifts on the six-speed mechanics you forget – the gear ratios would be hard to pick up better. That in the urban stream, that on the road the balance of the power unit does not cause questions. Expenditure is so pleased. Staying in traffic jams of 10 liters on a two-ton pickup costs a lot.

On off-road motor thrust is especially pleasing. Actually, in normal mode, the D-Max is rear-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive operates on the “part-time” system, that is, before it is connected manually.

How many pickups do not carry on the asphalt, he looks at the forest. I connect the lowering row and, relying on off-road indicators, storming the snow virgin soil. The ground clearance is crazy 23.5 cm, and the suspension trails here are such that even a fallen tree in the middle of the forest did not become an obstacle for me. In part, this geometric perfection of the D-Max compensates for the absence of a rear lock. The pickup did not stop even when the footstep disappeared under the snowdrift.

If that, the wood fell on this truck is not a problem. But in the center of Moscow he will be happy. The carrying capacity of 975 kg allows you to call in the limits of the TTK, as we wrote in the test L200. And whether it is necessary? ..

You know, the language does not turn to call a pickup truck from Isuzu an excellent alternative to the same Mitsubishi L200 or Toyota Hilux. Japanese “colleagues” in recent generations are noticeably more comfortable and more pleasant for the driver. Not to mention the Volkswagen Amarok, which in the control can be confused with the crossover. And the prices are of the same level. D-Max in comparison with classmates – as an alien from the parallel world of trucks.

Perhaps, I can find only one reason for buying an Isuzu pickup truck. You already have commercial equipment from the Japanese, you are accustomed to servicing it, all familiar and native. But here is looking for an easy version of the truck. So here it is! In any wilderness it will creep in and out there. Automobiles Isuzu have proved very reliable. Knowingly in the company for D-Max offered a guarantee of 120 thousand miles or five years. And, maybe, someone will find it attractive vintage …