A little of eternity: a test drive Mercedes-Benz MK 1722

Almost any old Mercedes is self-respect. Especially such as this. The exact mileage of the car is unknown, but according to the most conservative estimates, he passed for three million kilometers. Its odometer has long stood in terror of their own figures on the scoreboard, but the truck was still running and does not even think to go to bed. When I saw him for the first time, he seemed tired fire horse. Inside the Mercedes even less attractive, and I sat behind the wheel with misgiving. And for good reason. It seems to happen in the world is not one crisis, dozens of scandals diesel or prime new E-Class, and the old "German" and will work slowly rumbles diesel, digesting our diesel and practicing bumps Russian roads.

Before "Axor" and "Actros"

Mr. Rouses cars MK and SK series replaced the NG series. Go walking on the path of evolution, not revolution: fundamental changes between series is almost there, even superficially they are very similar. Letters MK Germans designated middle class trucks (from 1 635 to 2 433), and SK – heavy (from 2524 to 3553). The figures indicate a typical classification: the first two – is the total weight, the second – power performance. Therefore, we can safely conclude that the weight of today's truck 17 tons, engine power – 220 hp. from. To be honest, there is not even from the factory 220 and 218 "horses", but the values ​​of the rounding rules has not been canceled.

A series MK / SK were about fifty-five truck modifications. They differed cabins (six models), the chassis (from 4×2 to 8×4) and powertrains.

The base engine for all vehicles was V-shaped diesel OM400 series. The main difference between the units – the number of cylinders. The most common were six- and eight-cylinder engines. After August 1991 serial motors equipped with additional retarder, consisting of the release valve, placed on the cylinder head. As an exception to the truck tractor could be seen V12 engines, but it is not our case.

The main difference between the chassis modifications consisted of stock in the rear air bellows trolley. By 2001 Series MK / SK gave way to the new rulers of trucks, particularly Axor and Actros. But the road is still possible to meet the "oldies" comes from "the nineties": the machine was reliable, unpretentious and not too expensive to maintain.

Our truck was released in 1994. Unfortunately, the "native" Motor Show "friendship fist" in the run for about two million kilometers. But the owners of "Card" shipping company, which owns Mercedes, write him did not. I managed to find a contract motor for decent money, and the car went out again for work. Let's see what good this pensioner and why it does not want to let go to bed.

"I'm a little horse …"

From NG predecessors new line can be distinguished by the characteristic details – beveled side window. Thus, not only attempted to modernize the design, but also to improve the view from the cockpit. Maybe in 1989, it looked modern and fashionable, but now it is rather an element of a retro-aesthetics. Typical for those times plastic overlay on the radiator grille, square optics, huge branded trёhluchevaya star – all this has become outdated. However, this is not the horse, so to evaluate it in the teeth.

Our car has a wheel formula 4×2. Probably, it is the most practical option for the city. Stability in a rut on the track a little worse than the 6×4, but taller and maneuverability, and better efficiency. By the way, the rear suspension we pneumatic, on four pillows. The front suspension – the most elementary, spring, with a stabilizing beam. How it works – we will evaluate during the trip, and while a little talk about the engine and transmission.

OM441, 11.3 liters, 218 hp

Our truck – one of the smallest in the lineup. And diesel "heart" of him appropriate, of 218 liters. from. with volume of 11.3 liters. Motor OM441 long-excursion – with a diameter of 130 mm cylinder piston stroke length is 142 mm. Despite his age (even, rather, because of it), this diesel is excellent digests almost any diesel fuel, relatively easy starts in cold weather and with all this is not trying to suck money out of the pocket of the owner.

At Mercedes MK / SK established five types of gear boxes, with in addition to conventional manual and "automatic", there were boxes with electronic pneumatic actuator (EPP / EPS). In this case, the rigid connection between the lever and gearshift transmission was not switching was carried out by means of electric and pneumatic devices. On our machine is more "human" box ZF16S with the usual "poker" and eight assists. Switching speed helps pneumatic clutch booster (self drive – hydraulic, twin-plate clutch).

The rear axle of the truck such as "banjo", the two forged pipes. differential lock by means of a pneumatic cylinder in the crankcase, but it does not have all the trucks, for some models, it was an option.

I think this can be tedious to complete the technical part and go directly to the drive. But first, a look at the interior of a cabin. People with weak nerves and craving for beauty advice to skip a few paragraphs.

And yet he goes!

It always gets a little uncomfortable when you have to take pictures of the interior of the working machine, and even with such a huge city. It's not something that nothing beautiful can not be found, so even a hint at least some aesthetic not. I will assume that 22 years ago, just after his "birth", the Mercedes could not boast of a decent interior.

Dull plastic, least of all, dullness, darkness and despair. The Germans have always been able to do something too utilitarian, and that's our truck was unable to avoid the fate of being drawn into the gloomy traditions of the German genius of the late 'eighties. " Mercedes is harsh, brutal and merciless. With age, he has got merry nashlёpkami tape, but nicer this does not become. However, judge for yourself. In defense of the old man would say that all that is in the cabin, it is still working properly. Even the fact that the tape strapped.

Of course, the instrument panel in various versions were slightly different. Let's see what there is here with us.

And there is not so much: speedometer, tachometer, and one combined unit, which combines pressure gauges in the brake system (separately for each brake circuit), coolant temperature, oil pressure gauge and fuel gauge. Tachograph we, of course, does not work, well, okay.

On the top edge of the instrument panel indicator lights are located. Here no manual can not do – their 21 piece, with piktorammy some of them completely incomprehensible (for example, the cab lock lights, speed limits and the engine speed or the anti-lock system connecting cable). Again, not all lamps are connected, it all depends on the modification of the truck.

In place of the glove compartment to the passenger compartment is a huge fuse. In general, it is convenient, and the passenger suffers not in the "passenger car" is sitting.

If we are sitting in the cockpit of "top-end" configuration, the time for a visit would take much longer. But we are not so lucky, looking at nothing more, so happy in his chair back and start the engine.

Not so easy to sit comfortably. I, unfortunately, did not work: short seat cushion, its tilt angle is not adjustable, and the whole first sit humanly failed. Satisfied, as it turns out, and start the engine.

Remember, in one song had the words "diesel swears vtihomolochku"? Here he does not swear, there he conceals mat.

Vibration terrible, and a general feeling of some kind of tractor. Depress the clutch, just we press on the gas pedal, turn right second gear (though it is possible, and the third – the car we empty) and touches.

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And you know, Mercedes comes to life! Very good dynamics, vibration at speeds almost no sharpness shift beyond praise. Transfer, by the way, can also be switched through one, the second, for example, directly on the fourth. The truck accelerates briskly, as if he lived there twenty-two years behind. He goes very easily, and that is especially happy – he is very responsive to any manipulation of the controls. You can turn on any "patch" (within reason, of course), the more that the view from the cockpit just beautiful, and the dimensions of the machine can be felt almost skin – they are perfectly readable in any direction.

In the instruction manual of the car every two or three dozen of pages found direct or indirect warning Bad exceeded the engine speed and timely upshifts. Yes, there are diesel diesel: the optimal mode of operation – from 1 100 to 1 600 rpm. Fly for speed borders easily, but keep an eye on the tachometer needle is not necessary, the machine will still tells time.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to slow down, and I suddenly remember that I was at the wheel of the truck. Empty, it is too late and sharply responds to pressing the pedal, but not its fault in this – so slow down almost all decent trucks with an empty body. Just an old Mercedes I relaxed a little more than necessary. But after a couple of braking manages to find a common language with this pedal. The only thing a little bit more annoying, it is the height of the brake pedal on the floor and it inconvenient location. But you can get used to this.

Trip meanwhile nearing completion. It is too small to fully assess the long-lived-truck, but the time on empty "pokatushki" not too much – we must work truck.

Although, not whether it is the best estimate of the car-laborer? If he is still in service, then, I suppose, not that he is bad as it looks. Rides, carries, ship … What more?

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