A bug in the metropolis: a test drive Bajaj Qute in Moscow

Microcar – generally quite unusual thing, and a little funny. But one thing – ride on a closed landfill and laugh, and the other – to go on the streets of Moscow. We decided that Bajaj Qute test conducted under greenhouse conditions of factory landfill in India – not a representative test. Again took microcar to the test, but in Moscow, with the aim to pamper the baby in the cruel realities of city roads, traffic jams and potholes. No discounts. The main question: whether is able superbyudzhetnik India become a substitute car in Russia?

Well, hello, fine!

H and Parking Cutie funny wedged between the Land Cruiser and Hyundai Porter. It looks cartoonish, like a mouse between two elephants. Although the machine is already familiar, but still raises a smile. On the street roasting – before you go, I undo two fasteners “lightning” and roll up into a tube “window” made of soft plastic. Repeat the procedure on the passenger side – note, and immediately the first thing: if the question of the further window is not, then mounted the top of the driver’s window opening movie “window” blocks a review. The roof of the car, though high – head no fuss – but a doorway, plus a window frame, plus the movie … In general, it is necessary to remove it completely and put into the door niche – or to look to the left, we have to an unnatural stoop, looking for him.

In principle, to remove the “curtain” – the problem is small, but if all of a sudden it starts to rain, then quickly “close window” will not work – will have to stop. And again, it is summer and the heat, and what to do in the fall? By the way, the ride closed “windows” is also not too comfortable: to see through unclear plastic – about the same as through the murky water. In general, we hope that the promised package “for Russian roads” will include a sliding “window glass”, as UAZ Hunter.

I am looking for some motor. While the “single-barreled gun” of 220 “cubes” is warming up (which, of course, not necessarily, but before starting you need to collect my thoughts), I look in the registration documents. As traffic cops have written to the JTS? Vehicle Type – microcar and scooters. Category TC – “A”. In the column “Special Notes” among other things, stated laconic “quadricycle.” Op-la!

Wow! Not lazy, out of the car, walked around. Front license plate no. Rear hanging motorcycle sample number. Interesting thing! Nowhere is it stated that the required category of «B1» to control this miracle. Rather, it stated “On Road Traffic Safety” in the federal law. But if our SDA traffic police know as “excellent”, with the FZ-196 the situation is probably not very much.

In just a few days of the test did not look at me any “seller striped sticks.” To them I was just as empty space, Moskvich like 2141 or Renault Logan.

But my colleagues from St. Petersburg was less fortunate: the children “adopted” traffic cop and insisted that it is necessary with the rights of the category “A” to control the vehicle category “A”, of which there were no journalists.

The situation was resolved only “call a friend” to the vendor, where the boys learned a long time, paragraph 7 of Article 24 of the law thereof. Obviously, Cutie drivers will find a lot of interesting and exciting meetings with the traffic police – and with all the chances of getting a penalty for the management of a category “A” and categories “.” Oh, those quadricycles and quads!

Federal Law “On road safety» №196-FZ (Art. 25 para. 7)

The Russian national driver’s license confirming the right to drive vehicles of category “A”, confirm the right to drive vehicles of subcategory “A1” and the subcategory “B1” with motorcycle landing or handlebars, category “B” – sub-category “B1” ( except for vehicles with a motorcycle landing or handlebars) …

King of the road

Painted swim … I mean I leave I Cutie in a big way. And then become a highlight of the streets of Moscow. Do you know what the driver sees Qute in the rearview mirror?

Do not guess. Mobile phone he sees. Because each driver each riding behind the car you definitely relieves phone. Each! Drivers passing the vehicle is also not averse to taking a picture, but over time just show thumb. If the display in response to “the goat” – come to an indescribable joy and happy as children. Zoo, honestly. Is that all the surrounding people think that an exhibit – it’s you, and you look at all these gesticulating and jumping in their seats with excitement dunce, as monkeys. In short, all extremely fun, everyone is happy.

For this reason, there are no problems with movement and in the stream. It is necessary to include turn signal as you immediately give way. Readily passed and when overtaking. The reason is not in exacerbating courtesy of our drivers – all just curious to find out what the unknown little animals rides, and view it from all sides. Obviously, this effect will end exactly when Cutie will receive more or less widespread. At the same time, you can wait and end confusion with GAI officers.

Freebie, sir!

Another interesting nuance associated with “borderline” situation Bajaj Qute between cars and motorcycles. In Moscow, as many know, in many places, parking – paid pleasure. But not for motorcycles: Motik can park as before – for free. And if Bajaj registered as a vehicle “A” and has a bike room – park it in the center of the capital can also be free! Automatic locking system violations TSODD parking is not able to recognize the motorcycle plates – this time.

Two – even if the machine “catch” foot inspector, the traffic police on the basis of Qute is also listed as a motorcycle. Legislative framework for the rules of parking the vehicle types such yet. And there is – and the court no. Park the Qute free!


So what is it – to drive on such a “snuffbox” in big, fast and unkind Moscow? In the stream began to emerge nuances, which do not even think thought at the test site.

Firstly, it is not even micro it nanolitrazhny engine. In principle, its power and torque is enough to more or less to feel confident in the stream. Two Rules: Do not get into the left lane highways and not spare the gas pedal. A second clear – to move vigorously, the gas has to work in the “on-off” mode, any intermediate versions are not needed. Even taking this into account, the left lane still occupy not: speed limiter prevents Qute accelerate faster 70-72 km / h. However, for a ride that’s enough for Moscow, and at the same time there is a nice bonus: even if you go “all the money” under the sign “20” is still on the divestment does not reach! Just like in that old joke, when the road was a speed limit sign with a note for one particular brand of “wet that there are forces” – in the sense that it is still up to the upper threshold limit can not reach!

But the “sport” sequential gearbox, which I have already mentioned in the first article of Qute, was not so funny in real urban traffic. Microscopic motor and large gear ratio of the main pair transmission make ultra. Motor gets out immediately before the cut-off in any gear except the highest – the fifth. Wield a lever to constantly very accurately and aggressively. The key word – constantly. Not for a second did not you let go of the lever arm. And only in those infrequent moments when the flow becomes laminar, or constant speed and direction (in Moscow is extremely rare), you can relax. In general, it is a problem – or rather, a feature – inherent in any and all vehicles with a small cubic capacity and a manual transmission. We’ll have to accept it.

Bajaj Qute
Brief specifications
TC Category:
0.2 l
19.5 liters. from. at 5500 rev / min
Supply system:
monoinjection Bosch
Fuel tank capacity:
8 l

But fuel consumption consistently pleased: the feeling that you go on a moped. Knurled for more than five liters per “hundred” at me and it did not work. And what about the phrase “I am up to the full”, while you put a plate on the box office three hundred rubles! People around the giggles – and let, but these “three bottles of beer,” you can ride for almost a week!

“Lújar vilage”

And it in the cabin? We remember that we have a window open. Ventilation – excellent. Good thing fries on the street! Here are just barely ended shower makes life not so rosy. Firstly, from the wheels of neighboring cars are flying in the face of the spray. All would be nothing if it would be possible to stop and close the windows – but they immediately zapoteyut, wet after all! The windshield also is sweating, but in the basic version have a head-blowing, which even features electrically – blowing warm air, so that the blind will not have to go. But scatty fan, of course, is hardly enough to blow “lobovuhu” – the side windows are frosted.

So, in a any way – wet pug-dog and open to all the winds!

In the trunk on speed bumps something heartbreaking rumbles. It seems to be there, and the trunk is not present! A rumbling is – and this, it seems, the motor fell to the asphalt. A detailed study showed that the trunk is. To get into it, you need to fold the backrest of the passenger seat row, which are locked to “latches”. The frail zakutochke behind backs directly on an iron floor is not fixed travel set – jack, wheel wrench and some minimal tools. That they and rumble on each mound. In an amicable way, we ought to figure out how to fix them – otherwise all ears will ring, and leatherette cover tools very quickly will become worthless. The plant is no bracket is not provided.

Acoustic comfort, of course, also leaves much to be desired. Open the window and the engine, furiously working almost at the limit of speed directly under the floor and separated from the cabin only a thin sheet of steel, making the journey a memorable one!

You can, of course, play music, because there is a “Bluetooth-empetri-cd-to-yuesbi”! And, perhaps, two columns! That’s only in the algorithms of this electronic miracle can only deal with the “help room”, gathered a council of the whole garage cooperative, and “half-liter”!

Microscopic buttons on the panel are exactly the same, and in addition, even the keys to increase and decrease the volume of mixed up. Hush-right gromche- left. Just broke his brain! The sound quality is – to the best specimens of audio «Komosonik» of the stalls’ goods in the road “at the Kazan station! Of course, to understand what is being said in the broadcast, or to learn a song, you can. But it will have to stop, because otherwise the wind out of the windows and the roar of the engine merge with the radio into a single noise.

Night comes, wake Gopnik

The car, as we have said, has no door locks. Rather, any design, but are driven only from the inside (apparently, not to rogues pulled her purse on the go). But even if the locks were windows on the “lightning” do their nominal function. Actually, castles with glazed plan as a “Russian package ‘, but our car from this set was only a Russian license plate.

Leave your car in the parking lot a supermarket in broad daylight – small problem. The main thing – do not leave anything in the cabin. Even lockable glove compartments in the dashboard – a purely formal protection, they can hack your bare hands. But spending the night in the yard – it is quite another.

First, an old anecdote about his grandfather and his Zaporozhets with “do not get stolen, so shat in the cabin” is no longer just an anecdote and acquires the features of a real scenario. Secondly, Qute weighs just over half a tonne – four or five healthy men can just throw it into the body of gazelle – and remember, as he was called. But even without this hijack Qute easier than scooter-fifty dollars. Therefore, with an overnight stay in the yard, I did not risk it.

So, it is highly desirable to provide secure parking or garage in the owner’s expense.

So much for the “superbyudzhetny car” – leave the street worse than any Lexus! Anyone, even if they decide to steal, will manage only a pro. A Qute simply drove off yard Gopnik – “just go.”


It turned out cheap and easy “moped” in urban environments – is not such a brilliant prospect.

Of course, there are many advantages, and about which we have already said – cheap insurance, the very low cost of operation, simplicity of design and service … All this is really a very strong hand Qute, like transport couriers and technical services. However, as a complete replacement of the vehicle, and even more so as it is considered private transport difficult. Especially in the form in which it comes from India.

Perhaps as a “wooden leg and a parrot-matershinnika”, which is issued in a social security to needy citizens – in other words, “invalidkoy” – and he could be in demand. But with normal windows, door locks and a good stove. No need to be a genius of science fiction, to imagine what will be a trip to this technique in minus twenty Celsius.

Frostscale glass, frostbitten hands and feet, runny nose and seriously shattered psyche.

The only good news is that “adapted” version of the machine already exists – albeit in a prototype. By the fall of “Russian Package” goes to series.

Bajaj Qute
135/70 R12

But with winter tires no problem. We Indians, of course, nothing like this in the climate effect, but on Qute perfect rubber from Oka car – because the size of the standard tire is almost the same: 135/70 R12.

So, if you really want to have a cheap “wheelbarrow”, save on CTP, petrol and that is what Bajaj Qute approach – but with a very big stretch. Too uncomfortable, even too much “but” … But as a vehicle for business, retail delivery machines pizzeria and “sushechnyh” machine postmen, gasman and lifters who rarely travel outside the neighborhood, Qute fit perfectly. The cost of ownership is much lower car, the likelihood of theft – not be considered to break – it is very difficult, and fix simple.

Well, if you let your imagination run wild, then another role, which is ideal Qute – thrash-Mobile to give. Buy this, throw out the window, riveted and remove the plastic roof and perhaps the windshield, put the toothy tires on the drive axle, remove the front bumper so as not to cling to the gullies, to complete the image – paint from cans, and in the interior, “prescribe” normal tape recorder with “Gaza” … Everything! Though the river to bathe, though in a neighboring village to the disco, the girls roll! I am sure such Cutie in Russia will be very much.

But a bit later, when exhaust their “cars” will be written off from the pizzerias and sell for a pittance.

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