80 hours behind the wheel of a Ford Mondeo. Everything you need to know about him

Some for a month and a half have time to get married and divorce. Was our alliance with Ford Mondeo strong or were we bored with each other?

What is 80 hours? Exactly two working weeks. So much “clean” time for a month and a half I and my colleagues spent at the wheel (and not only) Ford Mondeo. Oh, I’ve seen a lot of sedan for 3,500 kilometers: I was sitting in a snowdrift, I was “pouring” along the highway for a long time, I drove large companies to active leisure and, of course, was idle in traffic jams.

You know, such a long test can end in two ways. Sometimes a car becomes “its”, you calmly accept its shortcomings and you are surprised that it should be given. Or the second option – those same shortcomings are so hampered by life that you simply get tired of the car and want to quickly leave. Forever. Now you understand what ended the deal with “Mondeo”.

Organizational matters

In a good car, you feel at home in time. In Mondeo, I did, but with reservations and compromises. A cozy house can become one-night in the grandmother’s style “cheerful 80’s”, and expensive apartments with luxurious finishes. At all I do not want to say anything bad about “repair” in the “Ford” salon, but cheap, of course, plastic gives. And not only him. Take, for example, a seat. It seems to be a bunch of electrical adjustments – only the backrest is adjusted on three levels. Pillows tightly envelop the body. In addition, massage and ventilation. In words – well, just a representative class. At least no one in the segment of such a functional does not offer in principle. But the materials themselves are tough, and long trips behind the wheel will not pass unnoticed. Utopajushche soft sensations in an armchair you do not receive. In addition, a 182-centimeter colleague, the length of the pillow already seemed small, although my 176 centimeters, for example, was enough.

For finishing – okay. It is important that nothing creaks, does not crack. And for these difficult for “Mondeo” and a half months of crickets in the cabin did not manifest. And the placement of both things and people has never led to anyone’s outrage. Under the hanging central console – almost a pit for the phone or even gadgets larger.

Passengers of the rear sofa, including long-legged girls, did not complain during the march-shots. Yes, the air here is less than the leaders of the segment, but just as much as necessary for a convenient trip. From the edge of the pillow to a special recess for the feet in the back of the front seats about 25 cm. Enough! In height, despite the falling roof, there is also a stock. And in this issue all editors are already unanimous. The victim of beautiful forms did not feel comfortable landing. In particular, according to the angle of the back of the sofa. Of course, there is a heating and – I do not know who will need it in Russia – even a socket for an American plug.

Questions are caused by the organization of space, namely the governing bodies. The central console did not become for me native. Under the large 8-inch screen there seems to be a lot of free space, but the buttons are small and not all are logically located. And on the handle as much as 22 (!) Keys, with most of them – in the lower, uncomfortable zone. Including the most popular, like controlling the volume. Interestingly, with such a button-switching manifold, some functions can only be turned on using the touch screen. For example, heating the steering wheel. Although in fact it is even a plus – the necessary icon is carefully displayed on the main screen. One movement – and it’s ready.

So I went to the main difference between the Mondeo 2017 model year. Now in the sedan is installed a new generation of multimedia system – SYNC 3. In detail I talked about it in our global comparative video test. In short – the quality is higher than the previous one, the interface is pleasant, and the response is finally not annoying by slowness, unlike SYNC 2. Up to the best samples, the Ford system still does not reach what the test showed. But for the mass segment, this is really a high level. Looking ahead, I will say that even some premium multimedia are inferior to SYNC 3 in the convenience of work.

A long time to understand the operation of the information system will not have to. But, unfortunately, the combination of instruments – from the category “you have to get used to.” Ford’s specific layout with a heap of small symbols of the onboard computer in the left part and emptiness on the right is illogical. Nothing critical, enduring – will fall in love.

But for a short while I will return to heating. For the Russian consumer, “thermal” questions when choosing a car are almost in priority. In this regard, Mondeo proved to be on top. And in icy rain, and in severe frosts. The steering wheel is heated at an enviable speed, the interior does not lag behind, the windshield begins to thaw from the first moments. And while I’m dancing with a brush, I do not have to scrape off the ice from it. The work of the climate system seemed almost exemplary. I found myself thinking that it was almost impossible to conjure with the settings (by the way, also on the multimedia screen). Temperature did not touch at all, except that periodically interfered with the adjustment of directions.

A long test revealed a couple more notable nuances of exploitation. On the one hand, a successful aerodynamic shape does not force constantly to wipe the side mirrors and glass in the slush. On the other hand, the cleaning zone of the janitors could have been bigger. In addition, the visibility worsens – especially in bad weather – sweeping front posts.

“Drivers edity”

Road adventures on the Mondeo were not surprising in terms of driving performance. How much has been said, retold that the current Mondeo – one of the most enjoyable in the management of cars D-segment. And, what is important in our time of preoptions and overpayments, an empty “drum” version with a 2.5-liter atmosphere is just as honestly and pleasantly controlled as a top-mounted forced monster for 240 forces. At us, in my opinion, the golden mean – two-liter EcoBoost capacity of 199 “horses”.

What is the power of a Ford sedan? In a very successful tuning of the chassis. They seem to be both driver and comfortable. In bends Mondeo is not just going – it’s living! The sedan of the chains, the steering wheel is clear, ESP is not too reinsurance, the swing is minimal, the course is stable even at 140 km / h. At the same time, excessive rigidity of some elements of the chassis can betray itself only on sharp protrusions. On the small asphalt ripple Mondeo smooth and soft.

And what a “noise” here! You do not need to measure decibels to see this. The engine’s efforts will be clearly audible only in the sports mode by 5000 turns. If it were not for winter, I would not have heard the rustle of the wheels. And many, many times we are convinced of solid aerodynamics – the whistle of the wind almost does not penetrate into the cabin at cruising speeds of 110-120 km / h. And I calmly talk with the passengers.

At this time, two-liter EcoBoost pret. In general, I think this version is the most correct for “Mondeo”. Unfortunately, his considerable strength is partially concealed by the work of a fairly old six-speed automatic. With him, do not go too fast. Fast, but do not overdo it. Because to sort out the programs he gets smoothly and without failures, but one after another. When you need to reset two steps at once, and more, tedious delays begin. Sometimes it’s a bit offensive, given the potential of a capable engine and driver’s chassis. I am sure that nine out of ten owners will not “resent” like I do. Because in the city rhythm an adequate driver is unlikely to cause the machine to get lost in the programs.

That’s what everyone will notice, it’s the expense. Our average for all that crazy time of a long test was a little over ten liters. In fact, a bit too much, given the mass of time spent on the track. In the city, the consumption stably kept at the level of 12-14 liters, depending on the mood of the editor. But this is not a basic 2.5-liter engine that quietly “eats” in Russia’s 92nd gasoline. “Economists” have something to think about with a calculator.

By the way, Russian training is not limited to heating and fuel. In all versions, the ground clearance is increased. However, it is still not a record – 16.7 cm at the bottom point, under the front bumper – 20 cm. For the snowy summer track, where the wheels of crossover wheels mostly go, there is enough. And this lulled my vigilance once. And there’s nothing to turn in the roads for SUVs! Eh, we would have a full drive, as in America … It was possible to make a splash.

Although, you know, the Russian Mondeo is already making a splash with its price tag. For these 80 hours, I have never doubted that Ford has one of the best offers in this class at a price-quality. Base sedan with a 2.5-liter engine can be bought with all special offers for the trade-in and a loan for 1149000 rubles. With the automatic, climate control and heated front seats – not quite naked. With our “eco-bus” the minimum cost is 1 401 000 rubles, but this will already be a richly equipped package with cruise control, SYNC 3 and keyless access. That is, for money for which small oak crossovers are imposed, you can take a spacious and comfortable Ford Mondeo. And all the mentioned shortcomings I was not prevented from getting close to the car during the long test. Although I do not exclude that for someone they can become a serious argument against.