Toyota registered the name Supra in Europe

As it became known, on June 3, the Japanese company registered the trademark Supra in the European Union’s intellectual property office.

This event occurred two years after a similar action in the United States. Apparently, the legendary name will soon return together with the new car that Toyota is developing in conjunction with BMW. Two automakers joined forces in 2013.

The Bavarian version, most likely, will receive the name Z5, while it is not difficult to guess, the novelty will be a replacement for the Z4. But Toyota, probably, will revive the name Supra. If this turns out to be true, then it will be the fifth generation of the car. As for the appearance, it will be executed with a look at the rather stunning concept FT-1 (pictured above), presented in 2014 at the Auto Show in Detroit.

Both new items are expected in 2018.