Supercars in detail: YOU – the dream of rapid egoist

for track-days, modern market of light sports cars every year updated with new models. We already told you about the Austrian KTM and English Ariel. The next step – another “skeleton” comes from the Albion.

2012 – BAC Mono

N efore thinking about creating your own supercar, the brothers Jan and Niall Briggs in 1997 created his own consultancy firm, which managed to develop a number of cars for the world’s largest automaker. The portfolio of the brothers – working together with such giants as Porsche, Mercedes and Ford. Having accumulated experience in the development of vehicles in these firms, the brothers are thinking about creating your own machine.

The stated goal was to create an ultralight single-seater designed to track battles, but at the same time authorized and to public roads. According to the authors, to make the best “race-civilian” car, the car had to create a single, so leave the driver alone with the car. After thinking through the concept of Yang and Niall have registered his own company Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) and began to work out the design of the machine.

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The design of the new car, get Mono name, developed in collaboration with industrial designer Guy Harvey and Murray Adams, that the design is clearly inspired in ammunition imperial stormtroopers from “Star Wars”: single Burkett with a spectacular black-and-white coloration, coupled with small headlights, bristling with exposed parading arms pendants, made a splash at the Stuttgart Motor Show 2012.

By the way, the prime minister is no accident took place in Germany. After all, in the development of the car is attended by experts and motor vehicles Institute in Stuttgart, which, incidentally, gave the brothers and their wind tunnel. In the elaboration of the aerodynamic resistance of the body it took several months of hard work, resulting in a profile of the car for maximum downforce already at 120 km / h.

Behind the driver placed the four-cylinder engine working volume of 2.3 liters, developed jointly with the minders of the legendary company Cosworth. The basis of experts took the aluminum engine block of the line Ford Duratec, for which produced a new cylinder head with increased channels and installed forged pistons and connecting rods. To protect against oil starvation due to low tide the oil lubrication system has been applied from the engine crankcase with the “dry” sump.

The oil is stored in it in a separate tank and supplied to the engine by a separate pump.

As a result, power was achieved without the use of newfangled supercharging systems of 280 liters. from. with stunning 7700 rev / min!

Paired with the engine running sequential six-speed gearbox Hewland, borrowed from the Formula 3 car, which transmits torque from the engine to the rear wheels via a limited slip cross-axle limited slip differential. As a result, acceleration from zero to “hundreds” of the English car takes just 2.8 seconds, and top speed is 274 km / h – an impressive performance for a machine with a capacity of less than 300 liters. from.! The fact that the mass of BAC Mono – only 540 kg, so that the power density corresponds superpenalty 519 liters. from. per ton.

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At the heart of the British car design is developed by brothers Briggs carbon fiber monocoque, further reinforced in the area of ​​the cockpit frame of chrome-molybdenum steel, ensuring the integrity of the body with a strong accident. By the same frame is fixed and powerful security arch that protects the rider from the coup. By monocoque fastened exterior panels of carbon fiber, as well as independent suspension front and rear wheels on the forged aluminum double wishbone axles.

To improve manageability YOU designers used the adjustable Sachs Racing dampers and a set of hard springs with adjustable anti-roll bars. Roadster is not equipped with any auxiliary electronic security systems, including ABS and stabilization of the system, and therefore stop supercar with a top speed are designed only ventilated brake disks with diameter of 332 mm at the front and rear of the AP Racing, and on request can be installed and carbon-ceramic discs are less prone overheating on the track. Especially for the car have been developed, and 17-inch alloy firm OZ Racing wheels wrapped in racing slicks Kumho.

In the cockpit trim using carbon fiber and Alcantara hydrophobic, resistant to the ingress of moisture, which, you will agree, it is very important for a vehicle not equipped with a roof. Each machine is built based on customer growth and physique: under his figure vykleivaetsya carbon cradle is equipped with four-point safety belts, and for the convenience of landing a steering wheel 290 mm in diameter, is made removable, with its central hub machined from billet aluminum, and rim covered with chamois leather. Like the racing cars on the steering wheel is a color liquid crystal display GEMS LDS4, which displays information on the speed, gear engaged and the current engine speed. Taken care of the developers and the storing of the helmet and racing gloves – for them are separate boxes on the body.

2012 BAC Mono

Maximum speed km / hAcceleration 0-100 withWeight274 2.8 540

The creators of Mono is positioned as “a formula” car for public roads, available to any interested person, willing to pay for a supercar 77,000 euros. Initially, the company planned to produce annually no more than 50 BAC Mono and sell their vehicles solely in the UK, but after the car show in the famous TV show Top Gear have appeared a lot of customers from Europe, Middle East and the US, so the brothers Briggs had to hastily build momentum Mono production. Already by 2014, the year was going to more than 100 machines.

2015 – BAC Mono Marine Edition

But even the great cars sometimes have to upgrade. From the customers began to receive frequent complaints about the lack of capacity of machines, and to improve the characteristics of the Mono, the brothers appealed to the English company Mountune, specializing in fine-tuning the engines Ford.

“Four” took place from Cosworth new, all-aluminum “quartet” working volume of 2.5 liters. As with the previous engine, the motor from Mountune not equipped with turbocharging systems and is equipped with a lubrication system with a “dry” sump. A supercar with 310 hp engine was presented at the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood and has become the fastest road car in the famous climbing the local hills.

Vehicle weight was 580 kg track of 47.9 seconds, which was a few seconds faster than the previous record holder – Noble M600. With the new engine improved and dynamic Mono figures – from zero to “hundreds” of British accelerates already 2.7 seconds and top speed is fixed at around 280 km / h.

However, a minor update Mono was only the beginning. In Monaco Yachts Show exhibition company announced a limited batch of Mono Marine Edition. The supercar is designed for transport aboard luxury yachts and was originally created at the request of one of the regular customers of the brand. Now, moored in the port, the owner of Marine Edition can go on board for the next track racing at its Mono. In the words of Ian Briggs, he always wanted to combine his love for the marine and automotive design, and the project has become a unique experience for the designers.

The initiative has been developed in association with Camper & Nicholsons, specialists in building luxury yachts. Externally, the car is not very different from their terrestrial counterparts. The main difference – and removable attachment point arrow of carbon fiber supercar for loading crane aboard the yacht. Of course, the outer elements of the body and suspension arms are made of materials that are resistant to sea water and corrosion. The customer can order a special color and its Mono in the color of their yachts or on his own sketch. To place the vehicle on board system invented Environmental Control Container, which maintains the necessary humidity and temperature for storing the machine in a special compartment.

2012 BAC Mono Marine Edition

Maximum speed km / hAcceleration 0-100 withWeight280 2.7 580

Cost BAC Mono Marine Edition is fixed at around 500 000 pounds – is seven times the price of the underlying roadster, as the creators say that in the presence of orders ready to release a few more Mono «sea».


The company’s headquarters and a small factory for production supercars are located in the suburbs of Liverpool, UK. On the production employs 60 people, whose efforts produced 30 cars per year. Own aggregates firm does, so it delivers the Cosworth engines, transmissions – Hewland, and brake systems – AP Racing. Most of the components is brought by companies from the UK.

Interesting Facts:

  • In the summer of 2013 BAC Mono got to test the famous TV show Top Gear. Conduct tests Jeremy Clarkson found himself impressed by the dynamic performance and handling model. On the race track the transfer car under control “manual racer Top Gear» Stig showed the second time the result is not only ahead of Pagani Huayra.
  • BAC Mono officially licensed racing game Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted (2012), Project CARS and Driveclub.
  • In addition, the car is officially unveiled in a racing simulator company Codemasters has GRiD 2, which is at the premiere decided on an unprecedented action by announcing a special edition of the game … 187 000 dollars! GRiD 2: Mono Edition released in a single copy, and a bonus for the game was the BAC Mono. In addition to the machine, the edition included a day at BAC factory tours, the console PlayStation 3 c copy of the game for her, as well as the racing suit, helmet, boots and gloves with logos BAC Mono and GRiD 2.

What’s the trick BAC car?

  1. On account of Mono – many records tracks of the world, while the car is officially certified for public roads.
  2. Creating machines that are suitable for transportation on board ocean-going yachts.

Comparative characteristics of the car BAC Mono and nearby classmates

Make / Model 2012 BAC Mono 2013 Caterham Seven 620R 2004 Ariel Atom V8 Engine Series 4 Series 4-turbo V8 Availability – + – Displacement, see? 2300 1999 2400 Maximum power
l. from. / rpm 280 at 7,700,311 at 7,700,500 at 10 500 Torque
Nm / rpm 280 at 6,000,297 at 7,350,380 at the 7500 maximum speed
km / h 274 242 275 Acceleration 0-100 2.8 2.8 2.7 Curb weight, kg 540 545 550

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