Supercars in detail: Tramontana – back to the future

Once, in a conversation with a friend collector car enthusiast Josep Ruban came to the conclusion that the market is unique cars is now in deep crisis: because in order to build a high-speed and luxury car, you can take the serial, to modify the engine and add to the interior of the skin and wood. The idea Ruban, subsequently embodied in metal and carbon fiber, was to build a machine that would have paid tribute to the traditions of the Spanish classic luxury automobiles Pegaso and Hispano-Suiza. So firm Advanced Design (ad) was born in 2004.

2006 – ad Tramontana

The premiere of a prototype supercar new brand, named after the Spanish Tramontana cold north wind blowing down from the mountains, took place in 2006. Development of the car lasted for almost two years, since the creation of the first sketches and ending with the prototypes. The car had no bumpers, and a cigar-shaped body made ​​of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber was made ​​based on the cars "Formula 1" 60s. Suspension arms were paraded. Structurally, open the car body is a rigid aluminum monocoque, created in cooperation with the aeronautical constructors, which is rigidly mounted power unit and independent suspension front and rear wheels on the double wishbone.

After a year at the Geneva Motor Show Ruban presented already the production version of its creation. The car was modified optics, bumpers and a number of elements in the decoration of the body – for example, the side air intakes increased area and security railings that protect the driver and passenger from injuries at the coup. Body supercar but panels made of aluminum and carbon fiber, flaunts accents of polished mahogany, which comes from Japan. Even the suspension arms bundled up in a special anti-dust leather cases. Unusual and cabin layout: a tandem passenger sitting directly behind the driver, and its seat is located just above the driver for the best view.

Salon trimmed with leather handmade and polished aluminum, and commissioned by the masters of the company will install the insertion of titanium or even gold and silver and decorated salon snake skin or crocodile. Armchair pilots as on racing cars, vykleivaetsya on carbon fiber matrix, the seat initially to fit the customer's complexion.

The audience enthusiastically took the car, and the order book was assembled in just a few days. Over the back of the driver placed the 5.5-liter V12 Mercedes-Benz M285, borrowed from the Maybach 57. The engine with two turbochargers develops 500 hp, allowing the supercar to accelerate to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds, while its top speed reaches 260 km / h. finalizing the pre-order, it is noted with each client Josep Ruban, that every machine – especially individual, and the company never released two identical. The price tag for the novelty starts at 450,000 euros, and the exact number of issued car manufacturer does not advertise.

2009 – ad Tramontana R

But the 500-strong car to some customers was not enough, and three years later at the Geneva Motor Show, the premiere of a new modification of Tramontana, which won the title prefix R. 5.5-liter Mercedes engine was enhanced set of pistons, connecting rods and a new crankshaft, as well as more productive turbochargers with variable turbine geometry and intercoolers increased cooling area. As a result of all the changes the engine power immediately jumped to 220 hp The pair worked with him sequential 6-speed transmission Hewland, which transmits torque of 1100 Nm from the engine to the rear wheels through a limited slip differential.

The changes were made and the design supercar: the new carbon fiber monocoque weighing just 150 kg with programmed deformation zones of the company has been developed by experts, designed on a computer. For the sake of reducing the unsprung masses of a number of suspension components made of aluminum alloy. Stop supercar designed to brake discs from carbon-ceramic composite materials with a diameter more than 350 mm, which are less prone to warping or overheating. Optionally, a new customer can be as the Tramontana Roadster, and get a closed cab – the lantern-like aircraft, made of composite materials and durable transparent plastic, which completely folds up for easy access to the cockpit. From a place to "hundreds" of innovation accelerates in just 3.5 seconds, the value of 200 km / h on the speedometer will appear 15 seconds after launch, and the ceiling is the maximum speed is artificially limited at around 325 km / h. According to the developers, the machine is able to do even more, but an important factor for achieving high speeds aerodynamics is: open the suspension arms create turbulence at high speeds, badly affecting the coefficient of air resistance.

Compared with the "regular" Tramontanoy, R supplied with air conditioning with individual valves for each crew member, instead of the liquid crystal display devices and audio. As before, the customer can choose the interior design elements to your liking: from the type and color of the skin, aluminum trim and finishing with a crocodile skin and gold. The cost of new items was EUR 610 000, and, despite the cost, the flow of customers has not dried up.

2015 – ad Tramontana S

Two years after the premiere of his model, the company ad is a new modification of their offspring, this just got the prefix S. As before, the supercar has a carbon-fiber monocoque, which carries the outer panel of the same carbon fiber and aluminum, and the engine and gearbox are rigidly fixed it immediately behind the passenger. Unlike the hardcore version of R, focused on the track, S is distinguished by softer suspension settings to move on public roads and derated to 580 hp turbo Mercedes. To make life easier for customers of the company specialists have replaced race "sekventalku" on the manual six-speed gearbox, and on request of the client can be installed and robotic box with two clutches.

The client may have traditionally been selected as an open and a closed version of the super car with a folding top cover and the order finish interior precious metals and hand-made leather. The maximum speed of a novelty reaches 299 km / h and acceleration from zero to "hundreds" took in "eski" only 3.9 seconds. The price tag on the Tramontana S is 450 000 euros, making it the most affordable car in the company's lineup.

2015 – ad Tramontana XTR

At the premiere of the series Tramontana S team Rubaie announced the creation of even more insane version of its supercar. The first sketches of the new machine, which received in the original classification of the index of the XTR, appeared in 2013, and have been recently disclosed details about the technical component of the future of supercar. New Tramontana got more aggressive design of body panels, but the machine concept has not changed: the tandem arrangement of the passenger and pilot seats one after another paraded suspension arms and a hinged cap – all of these proprietary design features supercar Josep Rubai remained in their places and gives the car easily recognizable and memorable appearance.

The basis of design XTR – new monocoque vykleenny of carbon fiber and Kevlar, and, thanks to the revised structure, the weight was reduced to 120 kg. Exterior body panels are also made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and to rigidly attached to the monocoque modified Mercedes-Benz engine. All the same 5.5-liter all-aluminum engine with an index of M285 have provided two new low inertia turbocharger and intercooler, as well as lubrication dry sump to improve reliability. As a result, all the tricks of the engine power is stopped at the beautiful figure of 888 hp and torque of the monstrous engine reaches 980 Nm! The pair worked with him robotic 7-speed dual clutch transmission which the driver can select the gearshift paddles. Of course, to convert the torque through the gearbox to the rear axle helps self-locking limited slip differential. The manufacturer claims a maximum speed – 350 km / h and acceleration time from zero to "hundreds" should not exceed 3.2 seconds.

Interesting Facts

  • According to Josep Ruban, Tramontana cars are built with the most modern technology with an eye on design and creation of luxury cars 30-ies of the last century.
  • Number 8 in the logo mark symbolizes infinity and closed systems.
  • The company signed agreements with distributors in several European countries, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Germany, as well as the Middle East and the United States.


The company ad is based not far from the Costa Brava in Spain. On the production employs 150 people, many of the car designers have experience in designing racing cars. Annually, the company produces up to 11 cars, but accurate data on the total number of machines is not advertised. the customer can wait their Tramontana almost a year ordered the car and discuss packaging,.

What's the Tramontana car feature?

  1. The combination of modern high-tech with the last technology.
  2. 1": carbon fiber monocoque and the suspension arms open.
  3. The use in the decoration of the body of precious wood, and in interior decoration – gold, silver and snake skin or crocodile.

Comparative characteristics of the car and the surrounding classmates

Make / Model 2009 ad Tramontana R 2007 Caparo T1 2011 BAC Mono engine, the presence of turbo V12 + V8 – Series 4 Displacement, cu. see 5513 3500 2300 Maximum power hp / rpm 720 at 5250 575 280 at 10500 at 7700 Torque Nm / rpm 1100 at 4000 at 9000 420 280 during 6000 Maximum speed km / h 325 329 275 Acceleration 0-100 3.5 2 5 Curb weight 2.8 kg 1 268 672 540

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