Supercars in detail: Tauro – wild Spanish bull

The automotive industry in Spain is famous for its catchy and bright machine. Earlier we told you about the GTA and Tramontana supercar, built by the Spanish enthusiasts for exotic lovers, and will continue this interesting compilation.

2012 – Tauro V8 Spider

About creating your own car Spanish businessman Pedro Santos started to dream back in 2010. According to the authors, a big fan of American supercars, its creation was to continue the glorious tradition of roadster AC Cobra, which in 1964, the legendary Carroll Shelby added forces, replacing inline 100-strong “six” on the powerful V8 in volume of 7 liters. Around the same path and I went to Santos.

After two years at the Madrid Motor Show was presented to the Roadster, named Tauro V8 Spider. An experienced motorist saw the new car in the photos immediately notice that a different external appearance hides an American roadster Pontiac Solstice, taken out of production in 2009, after the close of the Pontiac brand.

Solstice was introduced at the Detroit Motor Show 2006 and had a couple of twins in the GM concern: on the different markets offered as cars Saturn Sky, Opel GT and even Daewoo G2X! Daewoo G2X has become, by the way, the first and the latest sports car brand, enjoyed success in Asian markets. Initially marketers planned to release by 7000 Solstice in the year, but due to strong demand, this figure had increased to 10 000 units.

In the photo: Tauro V8 Spider

Easy walking roadster, built on the basis of the spatial frame of steel hydroformed tubes, on which are mounted panels of steel and aluminum alloys, was introduced as a competitor to the Japanese small gigs, such as the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Roadster manned by independent double wishbones front and rear to improve handling. Under the hood of Solstice is located 179-hp GM Ecotec engine displacement of 2.4 liters, which is paired with a five-step “mechanics” allows you to accelerate to a speed of 198 km / h, and to disperse hundreds took the car 7.2 seconds. But the Spaniards of the motor seemed a little – under the hood located Tauro GM LS3 engine, borrowed from the Corvette.

Fully aluminum nizhnevalnaya “eight” (alluding to the engine type and vehicle name) in the basic version develops 440 liters. s., and for those who are “herd” was too small to offer to install a mechanical supercharger and intercooler Eaton. In this case, engine power will jump to 530 liters. from. and as much as 663 Nm of torque. Paired with a six-speed motors running “mechanics» Tremec, by which time the engine is transmitted to the rear axle by means of a blocking cross-axle differenitsiala.

Tauro V8 Spider
Brief specifications
The maximum power, n. from. / rpm
530 at 6300
Torque Nm / rpm
663 during 4500
Maximum speed km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h,
Curb weight, kg

Tauro better handling contribute adjustable dampers and new tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport, in which different-sized shod wheels (19-inch front and rear all 20), and are designed to stop the machine ventilated disc Brembo brakes more than 350 mm diameter front and rear. The most powerful version of the roadster accelerates to the rating “hundreds” in just 4 seconds and a top speed of almost reaches up to 300 km / h.

From its American relative Spaniard different and externally. Headlights Solstice “was replaced by optics tuned Nissan 350Z, xenon which took place in the more advanced LED and rear lights round – of its own design, based on the roadster Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. It differs from the “donor” and the salon. If the inexpensive American youth roadster he usually had only a cloth and sported aluminum finish in Spain they have altered it in expensive skin and paneled in varnished carbon fiber. The standard equipment includes electric and a soft cloth roof and windows, as well as advanced audio system with eight speakers. For tuning Solstice Spaniards asked for EUR 100 000, and all were released only 30 of these supercars.

2013 – Tauro V8 Coupe

After the release of the party roadsters from customers, the company received several proposals for a sports version Tauro closed body. The novelty was not long to wait – coupe presented at the Madrid Motor Show home a year after the premiere of the Roadster.

The creators associate it with the American “oil-penalties”, and rightly so, for Tauro is equipped with all the same V8 GM LS3 of the Corvette, which is the most “hardcore” version of the compressor gives to the surface already 540 liters. from. Together with them can act as a “shestistupka» Tremec, and six-step “automatic» GM, which allows to shift gears manually. With more elaborate aerodynamics and licked the back of the body improved dynamic performance coupe that has allowed to increase the maximum speed of the Spanish supercar to 310 km / h.

In the photo: Tauro V8 Coupe Concept

Gone electric roof, saving almost 80 kg of weight of the car, which affected the acceleration: from zero to “hundreds”, it increased by one-hundredth of a second. Like the Roadster, Coupe interior is richly decorated with leather, aluminum and carbon fiber, and equipment includes dual-zone climate control and multimedia system with built-in radio and navigation. For the coupe released in 30 copies, the Spaniards demanded 110,000 euros.

2014 – Tauro V8 Saeta / Super Saeta

After another year, Santos thought to increase the sales of their own cars through the creation of unique limited edition. The exhibition Top Marquis in Monaco premiere coupe Tauro V8 in special versions that have received names of Saeta and Super Saeta.

They are known to fans of aviation, because it is the aircraft HA-200-A Saeta (in Spanish – “Arrow”) was developed by aircraft manufacturer Aviaciun Hispano SA in 1955 and became the first Spanish aircraft with turbojet engine. Subsequently, on the basis of training aircraft AT-200 military fighter HA-220 Super Saeta was built, the first flight took place in 1970. AT-220 was on a Spanish Air Force until 1980, and had more powerful engines, bulletproof cockpit canopy and armored fuselage. A great example to follow – decided in Tauro.

Saeta Coupe, built on the base V8 Coupe, has received a new GM LS7 engine capacity of 7 liters, which develops without the boost 505 liters. from. and 640 Nm of torque. It is paired with a seven-step “mechanics» Tremec or, on request, equipped with a six-speed “automatic» GM manual control mode. As a result, the Spanish “bull” accelerates to “hundreds” in just 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 330 km / h. As with earlier versions, Saeta equipped with advanced multimedia system, dual-zone climate control, electric mirrors and windows.

Supercars in detail: Cheetah – American cheetahs

1961 – Cheetah High-Speed ​​Transporter In the late 50-ies of XX century American car enthusiasts turned their attention to the race track. Most racing teams sponsored workshops for car repairs …

But what was “normal» Saeta – unlike his partner with the prefix «Super», focused on racing tracks and equipped with a compressor “eight» LS9 to 640 liters. from. and 819 Nm of torque. To improve its characteristics set lubrication dry sump system to improve engine reliability under severe conditions track. Paired with the engine running a six-speed sequential gearbox Hollinger, transmitting torque to the rear axle via a self-locking limited slip differential. They Saeta accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.0 seconds and its top speed is limited only by the transmission gear ratios and at normal settings may exceed 280 km / h. The main reason for lowering the speed in comparison with the “ordinary» Saeta – developed aerodynamic kit, which, although it improves downforce, but decreases the aerodynamic resistance of the machine. A particularly active slows the car a massive rear wing on the trunk lid.

In addition, to realize the potential of the car to help the racing slicks Michelin and brake discs of carbon-ceramic is more resistant to overheating than conventional steel. In contrast to the “civil» Saeta, a model with the prefix «Super» has developed a body kit, which includes a powerful rear wing, new rear diffuser and front splitter, as well as the advanced front and rear fenders with additional bars to cool engine compartment and brakes. Thanks to the sophisticated aerodynamics which brought in a wind tunnel General Motors, downforce increased by 30 percent.

From the interior gutted all the creature comforts such as electric windows, air conditioning and a media system, instead of setting the roll cage and the fire extinguishing system automatically. This Super Saeta has an official tolerance for public roads and equipped with the necessary light engineering and limited noise exhaust system, which also housed a pair of catalysts that the car met all the stringent environmental standards of the European Union. A total of 30 normal Saeta with a price tag of 130,000 euros has been released for each and only 15 cars with the prefix «Super», for that would have had to pay 180 000 euro.

2014 – Tauro V8 Portago

At the coupe Saeta at the exhibition Top Marquis of the same year he was presented and Roadster, named Portago. He was named in honor of Alfonso de Portago, a Spanish aristocrat and racing driver, the first Spaniard in the 1950s on the podium in Formula 1, as well as multiple medalist in bobsled world. Burkett Design refers to the classic supercars the 50s and 60s of the last century, which combines passion, and manufacturability in the metal.

Portago is certified for public roads for cars that were completed easily removable windscreen and wipers. However, when traveling by car owner has to keep an eye on the weather forecast in advance and think whether to go without glasses today, or do without it – in fact it can only be stored in the garage. The front bumper had additional fog lamps to the body caused the vinyl graphics based on the classic racing cars, and behind the driver was formed specially dedicated space for mounting a racing helmet, which requires a manufacturer to drive this car. To protect against a coup for the cockpit placed the powerful security arc. By the way, a set of racing accessories of the time, such as: Leather gloves, glasses, scarves and helmet are included in the standard equipment of the car.

The seats are leather-sheathed special dressing to fit the interior design of the 1950s, and instead of the standard steering wheel has a new, with the central part of the polished aluminum rim and mahogany. From the same material vytochili and CAT handle and trim panels of carbon fiber was replaced with aluminum. To comply with the era of the car multimedia system stripped, leaving the passengers to be content only with air conditioning and radio with a few speakers. The movement of the Spanish Burkett leads compressor “eight” the LS9, which is also found on the Super Saeta: the V8 640-horsepower, working together with a six-speed “mechanics, catapults the Roadster from zero to” hundreds “in just 3.8 seconds and a top speed limited only by the aerodynamics of the body open, and 280 km / h. There were built 15 copies of Portago, and for each of them it was necessary to put EUR 150 000.


The company’s headquarters is based in the Spanish city of Valladolid, where is also situated and the small assembly hall. During the year, a team of 25 people gathers here manually no more than 30 cars, and to get your own Tauro, will have to wait about three to four months after the pre-order in which the client negotiate the entire packaging supercar: the color of the body to the skin selection trim and necessary options.

Since the company does not manufacture its own units, a large number of units and motors purchased from other producers. Among the suppliers of the company are General Motors (engines and transmissions), Brembo (brakes) and Michelin (tires).

Interesting Facts:

  • In designing the look of machines involved automobile designer Christopher Reitz, the great-grandson of Ferdinand Porsche.
  • The main markets for the company began to Western Europe, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. However, companies are interested in expanding the market and are in talks about the official representative of the brand in China, India and even Russia.
  • The emblem was chosen black bull on a red background, which gave the name of the brand. Symbolizes the power and the onslaught of the bull – one of the symbols of Spain, the country that gave the world the bullfight.

Comparative characteristics of the car Tauro V8 Spider and the surrounding classmates

Make / Model Tauro V8 Spider 2009 Ferrari California Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet (991) Engine V8 V8 Opposite-6 Availability boost + – – Displacement, see? 6162 4297 2981 Maximum power
l. from. / rpm at 530 6,300,460 at 7,750,420 in 6500 Torque
Nm / rpm 663 at 4,500,485 at 5,000,500 at the 5000 maximum speed
km / h 295 310 303 Acceleration 0-100 with 4,0 4,2 4,4 Curb weight, kg 1310 1735 1560

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