Supercars in detail: "Skeleton" brand Ariel

From the graduation project to a production car

In 1996, a student Polytechnic University Coventry University Nick Smart (Nick Smart) successfully defended his thesis project, which is an ultra-light car called LSC (Light Sports Car – lightweight sports car). Simon Saunders (Simon Saunders), who lectured at the university, he saw a student project, was struck by his perfection. According to him, it was "the best car that he had seen in his life." Sanders offers the student to produce a car of his own small company Solocrest Ltd. Smart, of course, agrees.

Lapping project to mass production was carried out in cooperation with several well-known British firms, among which were the concern British Steel, Lotus and Tom Walkinshaw Racing. Already in October 1996 the first prototype was shown at a motor show in Birmingham. In 1998, Sanders buys the rights to the name of last known British brand – producer Ariel motorcycles and renames the company Solocrest in Ariel Motors Ltd. It is believed that the name was Ariel podsmotreno Shakespeare – in the play "The Tempest" so called air spirit.

Lineup Ariel

year 2000. The first production model Ariel Atom

The car is virtually no body, only the exoskeleton. It is a three-dimensional steel frame with attached thereto suspension double wishbone suspension, steering and located above the rear axle power unit.

On the frame is also mounted exterior panels made of fiberglass, painted in a contrasting color to the frame. Inside, under the protection of pipes exoskeleton body are two racing seats with five-point safety belts. With this design, the car was very light (only 750 kg). Since 2000, the car is constantly being improved, but the construction and design remain virtually unchanged.

The first Ariel Atom, presented in 2000, had the engine Rover K-series volume of 1.8 liters and develops power from 120 to 190 forces, depending on the desires of the client. With him sagregatirovana 5-speed manual of the same brand.

2003. Ariel Atom 2

This year, the supplier of engines for the first Atom, as you know, was not – Rover has sunk into oblivion. The second generation receives a 2-liter engine of the Honda range and 6-speed manual transmission, the car taken from Civic Type-R (engine code K20A), which, depending on the customer develops power from 160 to 300 forces.

This power is achieved by a compressor, and acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h in a 300-strong Atom takes less than 3 seconds and a maximum speed not exceeding 225 km / h. Atom 2 took part in the popular British car show Top Gear, after which the car has become known throughout the world.

2006. Ariel Atom 2 USA

Model made specifically for the US market in partnership with Brammo. Instead of the original Honda engine installed engine Chevrolet Ecotec 2.0 300 hp Also based on the Atom experienced electric Wrightspeed X1 was built with three-phase asynchronous electric motor and lithium-ion batteries. Experienced elektrorodster overclocked to "hundreds" of 3 seconds and a top speed of 160 km / h.

2007. Ariel Atom 3

The third-generation supercharged engine Honda, which develops depending on the settings of the power from 240 to 300 forces, and 6-speed transmission remain the same, but the car gets a new suspension with adjustable shock absorbers and racing brakes enlarged diameter.

2010. Ariel Atom V8 Roadster 500

The car has turned even Ariel uncompromising standards. Honda Motor place here it took created specifically for this project unique 3-liter V8 engine, built of two motorcycle engines Suzuki. The engine has an output of 500 hp and weighs only 90 kg.

With him in a pair of runs sequential gearbox Sadev. Due to the wide use of composite materials in the design of the car's weight does not exceed 550 kg. As a result, all the tricks the car began to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in a phenomenal 2.4 seconds (faster than Bugatti Veyron!), And the maximum speed reaches 275 km / h. There were collected 25 of these cars, each priced at more than 100 000 euros. The car has official permission for use on public roads.

year 2012. Ariel Atom 3.5

It – a product of the 2007 model year modernization. Uprated to 320 hp engine from Honda, the modified 6-speed manual and lightweight body design made it possible to disperse the car to 100 km / h in 2.6 seconds and a top speed reached 250 km / h. For the car asking 50,000 euros.

year 2014. Motorcycle Ariel Ace

The debut of the first motorcycle company went on Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood. Its V-shaped 4-cylinder Honda Unicam engine displacement of 1.3 liters develops power of 173 hp and 123 Nm of torque. With him sagregatirovana 6-speed sequential gearbox. With this set of motorcycle accelerates to "hundreds" of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 265 km / h.

Motorcycle design is unusual and created with an eye to the atom: when you look at once struck by the bright Dedicated aluminum tubular frame, which is attached to the outer panels of composite materials. Elements of the chassis from Mota also own: shock absorbers and brakes for Ace shared a well-known firm Showa. Each year the company plans to produce 100-150 such motorcycles.

February 2015. SUV Ariel Nomad

At the time of publication is the latest development of Ariel. 2.4 liter 235-hp engine Honda K24 mounted above the rear axle, with him sagregatirovana 6-speed manual. Like the atom, the Nomad has an external tubular frame and suspension double wishbone. SUV weighing 670 kg accelerates to "hundreds" of 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 200 km / h.

Brand car production Ariel

The company is based in Crewkerne, Somerset, United Kingdom. The company's staff of 7 people, and each car is hand-assembled. The company mainly engaged in the design and assembly of machines and most parts ordered on the side. Among the company's suppliers have Ariel Honda (engines and transmissions), Sadev (gearboxes, differentials), the Bilstein and Ohlins (suspension components), AP Racing and Ferodo (brake system).

What is the "trick» Ariel?

1. The world's first production car, not having a body. There is only a massive tubular frame, plays the role of the exoskeleton, which fixed a few body parts that help to improve the car's aerodynamic performance.

2. Incredible acceleration performance on a par with the world's fastest supercars (some models have acceleration figures like Bugatti Veyron, content supercharged 4-cylinder 2-liter engine).

3. Motors Honda, modified specifically for Ariel; for some models – the use of unique engines such as the V8, constructed of two motorcycle engines.

4. One of the fastest cars in the world, has long held the lap record at several well-known tracks (eg Speedway Top Gear TV show).

5. Each vehicle of this brand has passed the certification tests and has an official tolerance for movement on public roads.

Comparative characteristics of the car Ariel Atom and the surrounding classmates

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