Supercars in Detail: Local Motors – the world for the design of car

The company Local Motors believe that modern automakers do not listen to customers’ opinions and let the machine imposed on marketers. An alternative way – creating cars in the Open Source, on which went to the American company Local Motors. Any motorist can help the project team to select and shape the concept and appearance of future cars. In the company’s year involved more than 5 000 people: from professional designers and engineers and high-quality finishing with ordinary motorists, voting for inclusion in the design of the machine any ideas.

2010 – Local Motors Rally Fighter

That’s what got the first company car – SUV Rally Fighter. For the creation of a new car design took a lot of enthusiasts from all over the world. All of them are united to make a dream car, not limited to the conventions of typical mass-market cars, and at the same time meets all modern requirements for certification and security.

First place in the competition for the best design of the new car took Sango designer Kim, a Korean American origin, who drew the concept of the future Rally Fighter is still a student at Art Centre College, located in Pasadena, California. At that time nobody knew how to look like a new car, even its creators. They were selected from people who responded offered options, and pictures of Kim literally captivated everyone with his unusual and impressive. According to the author, the main sources of inspiration for the creation of the machine began to race cars class buggy and American fighter of the Second World P-51 Mustang. Although initially the prize fund of the competition was not to win, Kim received 10 000 dollars – so impressed the American design firm management.


After determining the design of the machine, volunteers began to offer their vision of the exterior elements – for example, the shape of the side air intakes and the protection of the front headlights. A jury including company executives, along with other enthusiasts, chose the best of the options proposed and submitted to the design of the car.

Sending designers to float freely in the Local Motors can concentrate on the elaboration of the technical component of the project. The basis of the design of the new SUV fell space frame made of chrome-molybdenum steel, on which hung the external body panels made of composite materials. And naked body panels are not painted – so it turns out cheaper and more environmentally friendly. All panels are factory tightened vinyl film, a color and pattern depend on the imagination of the customer.

For frame mounted levers independent front suspension, designed specifically for this project, and the continuous rear axle borrowed from the pick-up Ford F-150, is suspended from a twisted twin cylindrical springs. From Ford pickup truck and took a number of other elements – such as the steering rack.

Glass for the project supplied by the General Motors, the rear lights borrowed from the Honda Civic SI Coupe, and door handles – at the roadster Mazda MX-5 Miata. From the customer’s choice depends on the height of the SUV: initially in the car put the 17-inch off-road tires BF Goodrich R17 and dual shock absorbers, and for a fee you can set and 20-inch tires with even more advanced tread and shock absorbers Fox renowned company with remote oil reservoir. They suspension travel of American coupe-SUV is an impressive 46 cm in front and 51 mm at the rear, the clearance can be adjusted.

Under the hood is located turbodiesel BMW, who shared with the coupe-thirds of the series. The three-liter inline “six” with factory index M57D30TU2 develops 265 liters. from. and 575 Nm of torque. Paired with the engine running a six-speed automatic transmission from ZF 6HP same BMW, with which the torque from the engine is transmitted to the rear axle, and it allows you to realize self-locking limited slip differential. However, by order of the customer may refuse a diesel engine and “automatic” and install the 430-strong classical nizhnevalnuyu “eight” from the LS3 “Corvette”, a couple of which will operate the mechanical six-speed gearbox. With him Rally Fighter accelerates from zero to “hundreds” of five seconds and a top speed limited to tires and 200 km / h.

The chassis tuning and fine-tuning of the power unit of the first prototypes help engineers Penske Automotive Group. Threaded layout was presented to the public without the cabin on the American show SEMA. Creators of Local Motors began a competition to create the interior of the machine directly during the show, and after consideration of all applications the choice fell on a design by Mihai Panaytesku, a graduate of Istituto Europeo di Design IED in Turin. He said he originally came up with the interiors of cars based on the MiG fighter cabins and introduced a slightly modified variants of the concept of the same P-51 to the judgment of the jury and the result turned out to be the winner!

Local Motors Rally Fighter
Brief specifications
V8, 430 liters. from.
Maximum speed km / h
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h,
Curb weight, kg

The two-door SUV is designed for comfortable movement of four adults or two adults and three children. For a new car are asked to $ 100 000, and all scheduled for release between 500 to 2 000 cars. The creators emphasize that the Rally Fighter – a niche product that fills a unique segment of off-road vehicles and will not be a competitor for the production car.

2015 – Local Motors Strati Concept

After a stunning series premiere SUV Rally Fighter case the company went to the mountain. The next idea was to create the world’s first production car, whose body was completely printed the 3D-printer. In the days of the Detroit Motor Show the company published in the online electric vehicle, named Strati, which translated from Italian means “layers.”

All parts of the body, which can be connected in a single piece, were made by a single entity and the printed layer by layer the 3D-printer from ABS plastic reinforced with carbon fibers.

From it are made monocoque, the outer and inner body panels. However, the audience showed only 3D-press carbon-fiber monocoque, while another showed a fully assembled machine nearby.

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The model consists of 212 layers, which cultivation took almost two days in an autoclave. After that, the next placed on the frame monocoque milling machine with numerical control, which gave the desired shape of the model and cut out the necessary technological openings. As a result, the body will only attach the suspension, and electric power unit which, by the way, borrowed from the electric Renault Twizy. And this is not an experiment in the company’s plans – to start a production assembly machines. As before with the Rally Fighter, was originally a competition for the design of the new car, the jury had to choose from more than two hundred sketches submitted by enthusiasts from around the world. As a result, the design was chosen by Michel Ano, which the creators of the exhibition awarded $ 10 000 for victory. The prototype had to break in the basic methods of production printed car and pre-production car presented at the SEMA show at the end of 2015.

2016 – Local Motors LM3D Swim

The new roadster, like its predecessor, was developed in broad cooperation with enthusiasts from around the world. Among the many works of the winner was Kevin Lowe American creation, the design of which was approved by the members of the jury, which, by the way, came the famous showman and collector Jay Leno.

As Strati, Swim is based on the monocoque, made of ABS plastic manufacturing chemical company, SABIC, which is reinforced with carbon fiber and manufactured by layering 3D-printing. A special feature of this design is the simplicity of the production, as well as the ease of database changes and design the external body panels sizes. Electric motors and software supply Siemens, a gearbox, plays the role of a single-stage gearbox levers nezavismoy suspension front and rear wheels as the steering system, designed from the ground up specifically for this project.

According to the developers, now 75% of the parts for the Swim is made with help of 3D-printing, and in the future designers of Local Motors intend to produce in this way up to 90 percent of its vehicles. Swim to become the prototype for a whole family of cars manufactured by 3D-printing: the modularity of the new chassis involves the creation of Local Motors electric crossovers, coupes, convertibles and other types of bodies. Currently roadster Swim passes all the road tests and homologation procedure, after which he will be admitted to the US market. Technical details of the company is not disclosed, but argue that the first cars will be delivered to customers in early 2017. To have such a machine, will have to pay 53,000 dollars.

Production of car brands

brand car production in established built specifically for the project of regional workshops that are both vehicle repair services. The first factory was opened in 2012 in Veyrheme, Massachuchets staff, and the next was the assembly shop in Phoenix, Arizona. The company plans was provided for the possibility of opening just 50 plants for the production of SUVs, but low demand for products put an end to this venture. In 2015, specifically for the production of electric two assembly shops were opened in National Harbor (Washington) and in Knoxville, Tennessee. In the latter attend National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, which the Local Motors signed a contract on cooperation in the development of 3D-printing technology.

Interesting Facts:

  • Local Motors racing team for three years successfully engaged in the American championship rally-raid on a specially equipped SUV Rally Fighter, equipped with a sprinkler system, chart equipment and reinforced safety cage.
  • Several Rally Fighter is in the garage restless Jay Leno – one of the most famous American collectors.
  • Car Rally Fighter was shot in the fourth part of the epic by Michael Bay, “Transformers: The Age of Annihilation.”

What’s the trick?

  1. The world’s first car designed and created by engineers of the company, enthusiasts and designers on a voluntary basis.
  2. Application of 3D-printing technique to create the car body.
  3. Creating a high-speed off-road vehicles, which have no analogues in the world.


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