Supercars in detail: GTA learning to drive

2005 – Foundation of GTA Motors

Domingo Ochoa in 1994 created a racing team GTA Motors Competision which appeared in the Spanish formulaic series. Cars team succeeds, but Domingo wanted something more. Seeing one of the offspring of the Swedish auto baronet Christian von Koenigsegg, glorified his native country the creation of the first of its kind supercar, Ochoa decided to go down the same path and to release the first Spanish supercar. To this end, in 2005 he founded the firm GTA Motors, which proceeds to translate his dreams. By the way, the abbreviation «GTA» though similar to that in the name of the well-known series of computer games, but stands otherwise: «Gran Turismo Automobile». According to the author, the supercar was to have a mid-body composition and type monocoque. The first prototype, assembled a group of engineers led by GTA itself Ochoa went for tests on racing Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia.

2009 – GTA Concept

Officially unnamed prototype was presented at the exhibition of supercars «Top Marques» in Monaco, where he immediately received many rave reviews from both journalists and from professional riders. Bizarre Creations GTA design with a panoramic glass roof, combined with the windscreen and the oval side profile, with inscribed in it doors and air intakes to cool the radiator and brakes has been created in conjunction with the College of the Arts in Valencia. Like many unusual sports cars, the doors have not door handles. To get inside, you need to click on the logo «GTA» door.

The basis of design "Spaniard" – carbon-fiber monocoque, some elements of which are made of Kevlar and titanium, carbon fiber is made and exterior body panels. To him attach aluminum double wishbone independent suspension front and rear wheels with hydraulic elastic elements that allow the machine to adjust the clearance (controlled by a joystick on the front of the console).

Behind the cockpit is located a giant V10 engine capacity of 8.3 liters, which is borrowed from the American Dodge Viper. Equipped with drive supercharger Eaton, this powerful engine develops 780 hp and as much as 920 Nm of torque. The pair worked with him a 6-step "mechanics", which transmits torque to the rear wheels via a limited slip differential increased friction. In tests the prototype reached a top speed of 340 km / h and 0-100 km / h took him only three seconds.

2013 – GTA Spano

However, actually built a prototype of handicraft was very damp, and the company began to bring his child and prepare him to small-scale production. Nearly five years after the presentation of the prototype Domingo Ochoa brought to the Geneva Motor Show a pre-production version of its supercar, get your own name Spano.

The modified engine from the Viper Spanish minders "dispersed" to 820 hp and 960 Nm, the torque of the motor giant is artificially limited to him could operate the seven-speed sequential gearbox CIMA Italian company management gearshift paddles, which transmits all the traction to the rear wheels via a limited slip differential. By the way, if desired, the driver can choose between two modes of engine power: for the bustle of the city would be enough restriction to 450 hp, while in Race mode, the will can be released, and all the "herd." As an option offered the opportunity to transfer to the bioethanol E85 engine, which is already the engine develops 920 hp

Supercar design compared to the prototype is almost has not changed: the same carbon fiber monocoque and exterior panels, their use of found and aluminum alloys, titanium and Kevlar. Double wishbone independent suspension front and rear wheels got other settings, and with the help of hydraulics GTA Spano clearance can be increased by up to 80 mm. Electronics and helps to regulate the angle of the rear wing attacks depending on the speed and slow the car are designed ceramic brake discs AP Racing diameter of 380 mm, the brake system is not equipped with ABS even the simplest, not to mention some electronic stabilization systems!

As a prototype, pre-production supercar added a panoramic windscreen, to flow smoothly into the glass roof. To shop in the sun is not turned into a steam room, Spano equipped with a patented system of electrochromic glass, which can change its transparency at the driver's request. In the basic equipment includes supercar trim suede and leather handmade, titanium or carbon fiber, electric seats, windows and mirrors, a navigation system with touch-screen TV, air conditioning and audio system and Hi-Fi with 8 speakers. Front panel with LCD display has an oval shape that echoes the profile of supercar. The car's weight could hold at 1 350 kg, which allowed the GTA Spano reach a top speed of 350 km / h while the acceleration from zero to "hundreds" took only 2.9 seconds.

The company planned to release 99 supercar Spano and costs 720,000 euros apiece, but mass production has not yet reached the case.

2015 – GTA Spania Spano

But the Spanish have left their plans to conquer the supercar market. In 2014, the company GTA Motors for several reasons related to the financing, was renamed GTA Spania, and this year presented at the Geneva motor show pre-production prototype supercar GTA Spania Spano new generation. Evolution coupe changed it so that the company calls the new car model. Among the external differences – other bumpers and headlights, large rear wing with a different profile, and four exhaust pipe in the exhaust system.

The main innovation was the monocoque, in which a number of elements made of graphene. This nanotechnology material is ultra-thin carbon crystal, reaching across tenths of a millimeter and one atom thick. Supply GTA graphene Spanish company will Graphenano, with which the firm has signed a cooperation agreement. As a result of all the new tweaks monocoque weighs only 80 kg, while the weight of the entire supercar is 1 400 kg. As before, the monocoque and external body panels contain elements made of carbon fiber and Kevlar.

Behind the driver is located more "compact" 8-liter V10 engine, developed by engineers GTA forces. The basis is familiar to us from previous models 8.3-liter engine from the Viper, which reduces the stroke of the pistons and a new crankshaft pose, simultaneously equipping the engine with two turbochargers and an intercooler. As a result, the engine has an output of 925 hp and 1220 Nm of torque, and it is against the 820 hp and 960 Nm at the previous iteration! In tandem with the new engine runs a 7-speed robotized gearbox with two clutches CIMA Italian company with the possibility of a manual gear shift gearshift paddles. By the way, this company cooperates with many manufacturers of supercars: for example, their transmission and are put on the car Koenigsegg and Gumpert. According to the manufacturer, the car accelerates from zero to rating "hundreds" of 2.8 seconds and a top speed exceeding 370 km / h. As before, the driver can choose from two options for setting the motor: for city driving with 450 hp or for the race track, where the will is available all the "herd" Spanish "stallions".

Like its predecessor, the new supercar is richly equipped: there is a fine and trim the skin and titanium, and air conditioning, and a touch-sensitive multimedia audio and Hi-Fi, and satellite navigation, as well as electric door openers and dimming electrochromic glass roof.

Suspension of the new Spanish supercar – as before, independent, on the forged aluminum double wishbone suspension with electronically controlled clearance. Instead salon mirrors mounted camera, an image which is displayed on the central display. Also the driver when making maneuvers to help the two side chambers. The price of new items is not advertise, but the car manufacturer in 2013 called the price of 700 000 euros. The new supercar is constructed using more rare and complicated for mass production of graphene, so, according to experts, the price on the model 2015 can exceed a million euros.

Domingo Ochoa all the time tried to create the perfect supercar, but it chased the problems with the financing and delivery. In the nearest plans – yet to start small-scale release of a limited 99 cars Supercars his party, and later – to develop open-source version.

Interesting Facts

The symbol of brand Wolf was elected. It is a sign of light, which has qualities such as strength of mind and courage. This beast – and even the personal character of the enterprise owner Domingo Ochoa. In the language of Aquitaine, now dead, the word «Otsoa», consonant with the name "Ochoa has", meaning "wolf". The logo also depicts a red and white checkered flag, which symbolizes more than 20 years of involvement in motorsport GTA.

GTA Spano supercar starred in the American action movie «Need For Speed», 2014. In the story, the car was destroyed in an accident during the race.

The company has signed agreements with distributors from Russia, China, UAE, USA, Germany, France, Italy, and even New Zealand.

GTA Car Manufacturing

GTA is based in Riba-Roja de Turia, a suburb of Valencia, Spain. Each car will be built by hand to order. On the production employs 50 people.

Since the company does not manufacture its own units, a large number of components and assemblies are purchased from other manufacturers – such as cylinder blocks company delivers the Chrysler, and the gear purchased from the Italian company CIMA. Braking systems with disks of carbon-ceramic materials are purchased from AP English Rasing, a specially designed tire under a project – from the Italian company Pirelli.

What's the trick GTA cars?

The first car in the world, in which the design is applied graphene.

The fastest and most powerful car built in Spain.

Glass roof with patented dimming technology.

The use of high-powered V10 engine from the Dodge Viper in the US as a power plant. The engine can run on ecological fuel, such as bioethanol.

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