Supercars in detail: Fornasari, quickly and in any direction

A little about the founder

For the founder of the brand motorsport events – not an empty phrase. In the 50-60-ies of the last century, his father, Luigi Fornasari, was a very successful racer, piloted by a Maserati and Alfa Romeo, so his son since childhood fell in love with a powerful high-speed cars.

In 1990 he founded his own business – began supplying Chevrolet Corvette from the US to Italy. Despite the risk that the "Yankees" are not in demand in the country, known for its supercars, the case went and began to gain momentum. Of course, any changes to the Corvette did not make – for example, all machines were delivered with typical red shades shtatovskih rear direction indicators.

In 1994, Giuseppe began working with the company Reeves Callaway, which was engaged in tuning Corvette and was known for racing cars based on it. Example Callaway, who created his own brand of luxury cars, Fornasari inspired to create their own supercar. It is said that Giuseppe, as once his father, he took part in the race, first piloted ring Callaway Corvette, and later became interested in rally-raids. The idea of ​​owning a car was born at the same time – to create a supercar that would simultaneously combines the features of an SUV and a sports car.

1999 – Foundation of Fornasari Cars

The task was not easy – it was necessary to create a car that would be fast and, at the same time comfortable and roomy. The new company employed a total of 9 people, and after 2 years at the Bologna Motor Show was shown the first-born of the brand.

2001 – Fornasari RR450

The novelty is, in fact, create a class sporting SUV, created a furor – for Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6 came much later. The basis of design SUV – a tubular steel frame on which external panels made of composite materials are secured. Due to the weight of 4.5-meter RR450 was only 1.5 tons.

Because, as we remember, Fornasari started his business with sales of Corvettes, it was not difficult to agree with the leadership of GM on how to fit under the hood of his SUV the V8 5.7-liter, received, in addition, the tuning kit from the Callaway, with the result that the engine began to develop 450 hp

This was achieved by installing new forged pistons and connecting rods, lightweight crankshaft and a new cylinder head with increased channel inlet and outlet. Not without a new once-through system of heat-resistant steel exhaust and the engine control unit with a more "aggressive" firmware. With the engine to "marry" a 6-step "mechanics". The AWD system distributes torque from the engine via the transfer case in the proportion of 40% front and 60% to the rear wheels. Fornasari Maximum speed – 250 km / h and acceleration from zero to "hundreds" did not exceed 7 seconds.

Of course, the car's suspension has been specially designed for such izmyvatelstva: Independent front and rear, dual forged wishbone, she has a stroke of 240 mm, which is coupled with the racing shock absorbers Ohlins with a separate tank for the oil allowed the Italian SUV to climb 50-degree climbs and race over rough terrain at speeds over 60 km / h.

The brake system with disc brakes front and rear borrowed from the Chevrolet Camaro. Salon trimmed with leather and aluminum, has been installed a powerful sound system and air conditioning. The price tag on hand-assembled car starts at around 115 000 dollars. There was also a racing version of the car, which was originally homologated only to participate in rallycross and had rear-wheel drive (on the rules of the championships, involving cars, four-wheel drive was prohibited), but in 2005 a few cars were homologated by the FIA ​​rules for participation in rally-raids, and were equipped with all-wheel drive transmission.

From civilian counterparts rally SUVs differed only Spartan interior with a strong safety cage and sports seats, as well as a racing special equipment, for example, chart instrument or an automatic fire extinguishing system. In rally-raid "Rallye des Pharaons 2005" riders on the Fornasari RR450 took 2nd place, the same result was a team on the Italian "Baja" in 2006. Behind the wheel Fornasari tried their hand these pilots how Vanina Ickx (daughter racer Jacky Ickx) and Jose Demichelis.

2006 – Fornasari RR600

Car sales were going well, but all of the customers did not grow. Many frightened look of the machine, which many journalists are artisanal, or even clumsy, but other customers did not have a 450-horsepower engine. Giuseppe answer to customer requests do not have to wait long – in 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show small firm introduces a new off-road supercar, named Fornasari RR600.


SUV evolved from the 450-th model received new body panels and a more powerful engine. To help in the creation of design trends Giuseppe invited his sister Elizabeth, by the way, which had a designer diploma. As early RR450, Fornasari RR600 has a body with two doors and is positioned as the off-road coupe.

Under the hood, placed the new 6-liter V8 from the Corvette index LS2. The power of the engine, depending on the selected set of improvements, up to 500, 610 or 700 hp, the most powerful version can accelerate from zero to a hundred in less than 4 seconds, while top speed is limited to a ceiling of 280 km / Ch Car design has also undergone changes – new tubular frame made of chrome-molybdenum steel with attached thereto aluminum independent suspension all wheels and exterior body panels made of carbon steel.

The client can choose a 6-step "mechanics" or archaic but tough 4-step "automatic". Wire – all-wheel drive and torque distribution can be varied by the choice of the owner of either 100 percent lead traction rear axle, either by viscous coupling is distributed in the ratio of 38/62% at the front and rear axles respectively. Additionally, the proposed mechanical locking cross-axle rear differential.

As is the case with its predecessor, on request the car can be rear-wheel and all. The choice of the customer can order and wheels: their dimension varies from 18 to 23 inches, and the car's complement 20-inch wheels. Saloon car decorated expensive leather and polished aluminum, and basic equipment includes high-class audio system, navigation system with built-in monitor, power windows and power seats. All the details of the interior created manually, for example, each piece milled aluminum and grind one master.

We should also mention the model Fornasari RR600 Tender, designed for the most demanding customers of the brand. According to the creators, this machine is – an attempt to combine supercar power and speed with great charm and refinement of an expensive yacht. The luggage compartment of the car with a body pickup decorated with teak wood, which is used in the finishing of the deck of this boat, but she rear end design similar to the stern of the ship. Elements of external furnish of a body and a number of interior parts, previously aluminum, are also made of teak.

The price tag on the Fornasari RR600 starts with a mark of EUR 150 000 annually produces up to 20 of these cars, and in addition to the civilian version of the company offer and a sport version, intended to participate in the rally-raids. Unlike the civilian version, racing RR600 has an advanced safety cage, the system EPO machine (extra weight off) and automatic fire.

2009 – Fornasari RR99

The main competitors for their machines, presented in March 2009 in Geneva, called Giuseppe Porsche Cayenne Turbo and BMW X6 M. The design was created again forces the firm Fornasari, and if you want to find a man in the street may be elements borrowed from the Aston Martin or Ferrari. Four-door Jeep for more than five meters in length has become the largest in the company's lineup.

Chassis almost unchanged borrowed from the RR600, the novelty is constructed on a tubular frame made of chrome-molybdenum steel, and the outer body panels are made from carbon fiber. With its considerable size SUV weighs 1850 kg, and even weight distribution over the axles, together with independent suspension front and rear wheels contribute to good governance.

Under the hood – the traditional brand Fornasari powerful V8 engine from the Chevrolet Corvette volume of 6.2 liters. Vzbodrenny components from the Callaway, depending on the settings, it can reach 500 or 610 hp Teamed with him as a 6-step "mechanics", and 5-step "automatic". With the most powerful engine RR99 can accelerate to "hundreds" of less than 4 seconds and a maximum speed exceeds 290 km / h. As with previous models, the AWD system distributes torque at a ratio of 40/60% in favor of the rear axle and cross-axle differentials can be pre-locked.

Optionally the customer can easily personalize the car: a choice of several types of wheels with diameters from 18 to 23 inches, trim precious woods, polished aluminum, titanium or, again, the carbon fiber. Default interior trimmed in leather hand-made, and equipment includes power seats, power windows and door mirrors, multi-zone air conditioning with individual adjustment for each passenger car, stereo system and Hi-Fi with 18 speakers and a built-in navigation system with touch screen.

The starting price for the SUV – 180 000 euros, and the machine is positioned by Giuseppe Fornasari the more unique in comparison with the more affordable RR600 – a year in principle collect no more than five copies of RR99.

2013 – Fornasari Racing Buggy

To use RR99 racing applications, without even going out of the question, so Giuseppe thought about creating a separate utility vehicle, which would be positioned as a sporty, but it could also have a road version. And in 2013, this machine has been shown, according to the tradition, at the Geneva Motor Show.

The photographs SUV does not seem so great, especially in comparison with other models of the brand. But do not believe your eyes – this car is huge and has more than 5 meters in length and more than 2 in width. The power unit, all-wheel drive and tubular frame is entirely borrowed from related RR99. In contrast, the car became easier to just 300 kg. This was achieved through the use of completely new body panels from carbon fiber and greatly facilitated the cabin with minimal decoration.

According to the creators, the mastermind faceted design of this SUV has become a catchy plane F-117 Stealth. On request available version of the car with rear wheel drive. 610-hp engine from the Corvette (again it!) Allows you to overclock the SUV to 250 km / h, with acceleration from zero to "hundreds" takes 3.5 seconds. Prior to small-scale production car is not reached, and the estimated price – about 110 000 euros.

2013 – Fornasari Gruppo B

Together with the buggy at the Geneva Motor show another prototype of the new supercar brand. Fornasari appears in the unusual role. The technology, which received the name of Gruppo B, is a four-wheel drive hatchback, pays tribute to the legendary rally missile group in the 80-ies of the last century: Audi Sport Quattro, Peugeot 205 T16, Lancia Delta S4, Ford RS 200 … the list goes on and on.

As Group B cars, new Fornasari has developed an aerodynamic body kit and a huge wing on the trunk lid. The coupe with the landing formula 2 + 2 is built on a shortened tubular frame of the RR600, and outer body panels of the brand traditionally made of composite materials. Under the hood hiding a powerful 7-liter V8 engine borrowed from the Corvette Z06. C components from the Callaway, including new pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft, intake and exhaust system, and a new engine control unit, the engine, officially called the Small Block (when the seven-liter, hehe), develops 700 hp .

And as the car length of 4.5 meters weighs about 1.5 tons, its dynamic performance just scare the layman. Joke, acceleration to 100 km / h in Gruppo In takes only 3 seconds and a top speed exceeding 300 km / h. The estimated price of the prototype – about 90 000 euros, so that the car should be the budget in line Fornasari.


Giuseppe Fornasari plans for the near future – the expansion of the production and making available to the small-scale release of Gruppo Racing Buggy and B. While not everything goes smoothly, affect crisis and financial difficulties, but the company is optimistic. In addition, he announced the creation of the first Giuseppe for his brand cars rear-wheel drive supercar with a design, which is a reference to the European sports car 50-60-ies of the last century, which was named GiGi 311GT. Computer renderings news appeared on the official website of the company. Tentatively, the car will be built on a tubular aluminum frame and have a mass of about a ton. Engine – certainly korvettovsky developers claim a top speed of over 330 km / h and acceleration from zero to "hundreds" in just 3.5 seconds.

Interesting Facts:

  • The company take into account any wishes of the buyer: it can even choose the most exotic body color, roof sheathing, and two kinds of vinyl headlights to choose from. Interior of the car by hand decorated leather, aluminum, steel and natural wood, wool, or other material. For example, it is possible to make the lever gearbox from the bone of a prehistoric elephant or mammoth.
  • The emblem of the brand Fornasari is a stylized image of Rose of the World wind. It symbolizes the fact that Fornasari owner can choose any direction and hit the road in his car.
  • Most car brands out in the collection, the main markets for the company considers itself to Western Europe, and, of course, rich Middle East countries. The nearest official dealership company Fornasari for us is located in Ukraine. During the year, the official dealer of the company "Maximus Auto" sells 5 supercars Fornasari.

Production of car brands

The company is based in Vicenza in Italy. The staff includes 25 people of the company. Each vehicle is hand-assembled to order only, the waiting period is up to four months. In just one year, depending on the number of orders to build 25 cars Fornasari.

The company does not manufacture its own units, a large number of components and assemblies are purchased from other producers. Among the suppliers of the company has a Chevrolet (engines and transmissions), Ohlins (suspension components) and Brembo (brakes).

What's the trick Fornasari car?

  1. The world's first representative of a class of cars that combine comfort and patency of the SUV with the dynamic performance supercar.
  2. Close ties with General Motors and unification of basic units with mass models
  3. Unlimited possibilities of individualization brand vehicles at the request of clients
  4. The company actively participates in their prepared off-road racing applications. Fornasari cars participated in the rally-raid "Paris-Dakar" and "Pharaohs Rally", as well as a variety of "Bach" competition around the world.

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