Supercars Cizeta: T-dream Claudio Zampolli

In the late '80s to the highly specific automotive market supercar was an interesting situation: manufacturers, due to small-scale production, simply did not have time to provide all comers with their cutting-edge developments. For new cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini create entire line of wealthy clients who were eager to get to his collection of high-novelty.

In these circumstances, Claudio Zampolli (Claudio Zfampolli), a successful businessman and the seller Ferrari in the United States understands that you can take advantage of the situation and bring to market another supercar. His idea he shared with American composer and automobile enthusiast, Giorgio Moroder (Giorgio Moroder), which provided financial support for the project. In 1988, the supercar arena, there is a new company – Cizeta Automobili.

1988 Base Cizeta Automobili

Cizeta name comes from writing in Italian initials CZ designer Claudio Zampolli (Claudio Zampolli). But how to attract attention to the new car already spoiled moneybags? The car, according to the authors, was to translate into reality the most daring dreams of supercars men with their incredible features and endless luxury. The prototype of the new car, dubbed Cizeta V16T Moroder, was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 1988.

1988 Cizeta V16T Moroder

Before mass production of the car is adjusted for three years, and the first customers received their cars in 1991.

Car Design has developed a well-known Italian designer Marcello Gandini. This outstanding Italian designer began his career at the very Nuccio Bertone, and then left in the "free floating". In its portfolio – the creation of the design of such outstanding cars like the Lamborghini Miura, Lamborghini Countach, Lamborghini Diablo, Lancia Stratos, Alfa Romeo Montreal, Bugatti EB110. In addition to passenger cars, it has developed the design of the truck Renault Magnum. And it is – a partial list of his creations.

There is a misconception that Cizeta its design is similar to Diablo. Indeed, when comparing the two cars painted by the same master, one can not ignore the apparent similarity: shifted forward cabin, outstanding form of the rear arches and recessed side windows. But to say so fundamentally wrong. Initially Gandini designed the Cizeta V16T for Lamborghini Diablo, but the design has not been approved by the leadership of Chrysler, which at that time owned Lamborghini.

Therefore, while the top management reflects on the creation of a new the Lambo, Gandini offered his sketches on the court Zampolli Moroder and which have been approved, and the serial car was introduced shortly. So true statement – the opposite: it is similar to Diablo Chizetu that appeared earlier.

At the heart of car design – a tubular steel space frame, which hung on the exterior panels of aluminum alloys. To increase rigidity and improve the passive safety of the car only a roof and doors are made of steel.

Behind the passenger cockpit are unique engine designed specifically for this machine. Huge V-shaped 16-cylinder (!) Engine with 6 liters rightfully earned noted in the title of the car. Designed by former Lamborghini engineer Oliveira Pedrazzi powerful engine, in fact, consisted of two 3-liter the V8, taken from the Jalpa models Lamborghini, connected to each other by one common crankshaft. 64-valve Monster developed capacity of 560 hp and torque of 630 Nm exceeded. But the most striking thing is that the engine in the vehicle positioned transversely! Because of this, the width of Moroder exceed 2 meters.

This is reflected in the index of the car, where the letter T stands for Transverse – cross. Engine sagregatirovan with the ZF five-speed manual, which is installed longitudinally, with the result that the power unit itself resembles the letter T.

The maximum speed exceeds 325 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h took only 4.4 seconds. By the way, thanks to this car was in the Guinness Book as the first, which was able to overcome the barrier of 4.5 seconds in the exercise "to disperse hundreds." The equipment consisted of a car air conditioning, leather interior, power steering and power mirrors. Disc brakes on all wheels have shared in the Brembo company, and she has a braking system ABS is not even, not to mention other electronic helpers.

By the time the production Moroder lost interest in the project and left, taking all of their investments. The company started with funding problems, and in 1995 it was closed. Total from 1991 to 1995 was made 8 copies Cizeta Moroder. The car was sold at a price of 300 thousand dollars.

2003 Cizeta Fenice TTJ Spyder

But this was not the end. In 1999 Cizeta Automobili relocated to the United States, where he became a maintenance and repair of their supercars main activity of the company. In the same 1999 Zampolli find finance for the construction of another Cizeta V16T, which had not in its name Moroder family, and four years later, in 2003, was shown only a prototype convertible, called Cizeta Fenice TTJ Spyder.

Mid-engine convertible was equipped with all the same V16 and 5-speed manual stupenchtatoy, but the weight by 100 kilograms thanks to additional elements enhance rigidity. Because of this car's performance deteriorated slightly: the convertible top speed reached 315 km / h and acceleration to "hundreds" took 4.8 seconds, which is four hundredths worse compartment parameters. Attract customers and failed. First frightening price – 649 thousand dollars for a coupe and as many as 849,000 for the convertible.

In 2003, the company declared bankruptcy, now forever.


Brand logo was designed by Giorgio Moroder, it shows three wolf head profile. Designing the logo, the composer was inspired by ancient Roman history. That wolf was later called the Capitol, saved lives and nursed Romulus and Remus, the orphans, who founded Rome.

It is believed that the three profiles represent the three creators of the machine: Claudio Dzampolli, Giorgio Moroder and Marcello Gandini. The blue and yellow colors of the logo – the colors of the flag of Modena, where the company was located.

Interesting Facts:

– Total 10 Cizeta cars were produced – nine coupe and a convertible.

– Three car Cizeta V16T Moroder were bought by the Sultan of Brunei. The first serial copy in black with black leather interior was sent to the Sultan's garage in 1991. The car featured a right-hand drive. The second of three ordered by the Sultan, became the fifth production car. It is also featured right-hand drive, and a black leather interior. For some unknown reason, after some time of this machine, according to the owners, broken gearbox. Although Mr. Zampolli, founder Chizeta brands vouches that did not receive any complaints or claims to the car with the family. Besides Claudio Zampolli give a lifetime warranty on the engine and a check point (and all the mechanics) Chizety. Sultan, who collaborated at the time with studio Pininfarina, which in those years stand up several unique Ferrari, requested repair of the machine it is their art. First, the engine attempted to dock with the gearbox on the Ferrari 512M. But it was structurally impossible, so Pininfarina specialists replaced all of the original power plant was made. The compact 12-cylinder boxer engine Ferrari took up much less space in the engine compartment, which previously held a giant V16. Then came the economic crisis of 90-x, the Sultan of Brunei were financial problems. And as a result of the sale of part of the collection that was in Chizeta States, Dick Marconi Automotive Museum. The last of the three cars ordered by the Sultan of Brunei, the sixth released commercially, was in dark blue, with the right wheel, and had a blue leather interior. Due to financial problems, the owner of this car was also sold and is currently in New Zealand. In mid-2011 it was exhibited at an auction for 550 thousand dollars, but has not found a new owner.

– For violation of general customs legislation monitoring service, which is engaged in the performance of border regulations and immigration law in the United States, in 2009, he seized one of the supercars Cizeta V16. The owner of this car imported in 2001 in order to carry out repairs at the manufacturer. Officially supercar had to leave the US in 2004, but this requirement was not met, and rare car regularly participated in various exhibitions and road shows. In addition, the importation into the territory of the declared value was only 125 thousand dollars, although the real price of the car is about 600 thousand. Following the seizure of the supercar was sold at auction by the authorities.

brand car production Cizeta

The company based in Modena, Italy. We wish to have a supercar from Cizeta Automobili was necessary to pre-arrange the order. The car was built by hand, on its assembly took up to four months. In each instance Zampolli give a lifetime warranty.

What is the "trick» Cizeta?

1. The world's first production car, overcame the barrier of 4.5 seconds in accelerating from a standstill to 100 km / h.

2. Unique V16 engine, designed specifically for this car.

3. The unusual arrangement in which the engine is transversely and longitudinally transmission, resulting in a power unit has the shape of the letter T. By the way, precisely because of this arrangement, the motor car was incredibly broad.

4. The design of the car developed a big-name automobile designer Marcello Gandini.

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