Mosler: in the face of terrible, heavy duty inside

A little about the founder

American economist and businessman Warren Mosler was born in 1949 and from his youth dreamed of creating your own car. After graduating in 1973, University of Connecticut, it becomes a fairly well-known figure in political and financial circles in the US (in 2012 he was even running for the United States President of the Democratic Party, but loses the race) and, as a certified economist, published a number of books on economic theory . In the late '70s, he makes a fortune on the stock market in 1985, retires and decides to finally devote his life to the dream – car manufacturing.

In 1985, he creates a fund to Five Billion dollar budget, on which the company has the resources Consulier Industries was founded. In the same year the company presents its supercar Consulier GTP.

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1985. Consulier GTP

The basis of this mid-engine supercar is carbon fiber monocoque and the outer panels are made of para-aramid fibers are known in the world under the trade mark Kevlar. In fact this is one of the world's production vehicles constructed using this unique light and strong composite material.

Mid-engined coupe weighing one ton was the world's first production car, the monocoque structure where not used metals. Above the rear axle under the aerodynamically designed, but have perhaps not the most harmonious body shape is placed in-line 4-cylinder turbo engine from Chrysler line Displacement 2.2 liters capacity of 204 hp

At c 5-speed manual transmission Getrag he clocked the car to 100 km / h in 5 seconds and the maximum speed reached 220 km / h. Interesting fact: the company's owner, Warren Mosler, offered a reward of 25,000 dollars to anyone who could overtake the GTP on the racetrack, driving any other car for public roads.

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And the winner is found! Famous American Car & Driver magazine conducted comparative tests between Consulier GTP and Corvette ZR1 at Lime Rock Park race track. With its mighty V8 Corvette GTP ahead by 1.5 seconds. The journalists noted that Consulier has poor management and "anemic" brakes.

Road version of the car sold at a price in excess of $ 50 000 and have been packaged good: the car can be equipped with air conditioning, audio system Alpine, leather interior with electric seats and windows, at the choice of the hard top and roof type targa with removable central roof segment. Total of 100 cars, the price of which exceeds $ 50 000 was made from 1985 to 1990.

1993. Founding of Mosler Automotive

In 1993, the company renames Mosler Consulier Automotive in Mosler Automotive. The company continues to develop high-speed vehicles, while creating a new firm Mosler Consulier Engeneering, which develops security systems and environmentally friendly cars. With the creation of vehicles from this company, unfortunately, things did not go.

1993. M osler Intruder

In 1993, the company decides to Mosler loudly announce itself in the race and create a car based Consulier GTP race car, which was named Mosler Intruder. To participate in the race the car was substantially revised: instead of 2.2 liter engine Chrysler has been put … 300-hp V8 from the Chevrolet Corvette – the one from the winner in Car & Driver competition. With subsequent upgrades the car 3 years participated in the United States racing championships, winning prizes in competitions. Released as there were only two cars.

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1997. Mosler Raptor

In 1997, the company produces 5 copies of an improved version of Intruder called Raptor. "Predator" was boosted to 443 hp V8 from the Corvette. Together with the 5-speed manual transmission, he clocked the car to "hundreds" of 3.7 seconds. Maximum speed "Raptor" has reached 262 km / h. The car sold at the price of 157 thousand dollars.


In 1998 the company starts to develop a brand new supercar. Lapping prototypes lasted long 3 years, and in 2001 at the motor show in Chicago was shown a car that was named Mosler MT900.

And while there was the creation of a new car, Warren Mosler has started serial tune. In 1998 the company introduced the model Mosler J-10 Sport – 6-wheel SUV, assembled from two Jeep CJ with the engine and gearbox from the Chevrolet Corvette. Another unusual project from Mosler appeared in 2000. The basis of the project was taken TwinStar Cadillac Eldorado. Instead, the boot magicians from Mosler put another 300-horsepower engine NorthStar, finally received all-wheel drive twin-engine sports car with a total capacity of 600 hp!

In the photo: Mosler MT900 R

year 2001. Mosler MT900

Design MT900 helped Rhode friction, one of the fifth-generation Corvette developers. By the way, the letters in the title indicate the car creators – Mosler and Trenne, and the number 900 – the project's weight in kilograms. Unfortunately, even though the body-monocoque of carbon fiber, the new car has a weight of 1 175 kg. Curiously, on the MT900 is a 5-speed manual gearbox is the ZF, which was developed for the Porsche models zadnemotornyh, and therefore it had to be a mid-Mosler deploy. For passenger cockpit located korvettovsky V8 engine 350 hp The car accelerated up to "hundreds" of 3.7 seconds and reach 240 km / h. only one car was made.

In the photo: Mosler MT900 R

In the same year Mosler is the racing version of the car, which received index 900R. Maximum light weight, the car has been certified by the group GT3. A total of 30 racing cars were produced, which were purchased by several racing teams. Among the achievements Mosler – participation in the 24-hour race at the famous track of Le Mans, Nürburgring and Bathurst in Australia.

2003. Mosler MT900S

After the success of the racing version, Warren Mosler is a new version of its supercar – MT900S. Capacity 5.7-liter small-block was increased to 550 hp with two superchargers company Eaton. From the base model coupe MT900S not differ too much: the same carbon-fiber monocoque body made of carbon fiber and Kevlar, independent suspension double wishbone front and rear, adjustable anti-roll bars and a six-speed "mechanics» Getrag, referred to a leading rear axle.

With a weight of 1112 kg car to accelerate to "hundreds" of 3.3 seconds and a top speed privysila 305 km / h. Despite such a low weight, the car is equipped with "American": leather interior, vyskoklassnaya audio system, electric windows, air conditioning. The cost of the car was 189 000 dollars, only 20 of these cars were produced.

In the photo: Mosler MT900 S

Based on Photon MT900S proposed package of options to create a race car. Package for which it was necessary to pay $ 50 000, included a radical simplification of vehicle weight (up to 898 kg) and 7-liter V8 from the model Corvette Z06, working together with a sequential gearbox Holnger gear. Only two of such machines in the world.

To participate in the race Asian Super GT series Thunder Asia Racing team was prepared racing prototype MT900M. The car raced in the GT300 class and different from the rest of the racing Mosler only Japanese motor Judd 3,4 V8.

In the photo: Mosler MT900 M

2010. Mosler MT900 GTR XX

In 2010, there was a modification of the MT900 GTR XX, which it became the most powerful version, equipped with a 7-liter 600-horsepower V8 from the Chevrolet Corvette. Of course, this version is faster: with almost the same weight (1 110 kg) vehicle speed is already up to 340 km / h and takes "hundreds" for 3 seconds. It was released only five such cars, and so far this latest upgrade of this supercar.

Special mention deserves the MT900 GTR XX, which was subjected to revision in the company Intense Automotive Design. Tyuningeram seemed a little factory performance of the car, and they subjected him to a total revision, received at the output of the monster called Land Shark ( «land shark").

Staff 7-liter engine have increased in volume to 8.4 liters and installed two mechanical supercharger. Also, now gasoline engine powered infernal mixture of methanol and ethanol.

MT900 GTR XX Land Shark

The result was not long in coming – the engine developed unbelievable 2500 hp (!) Even more impressive weight of the vehicle – only 691 kg! This installation-wheel drive transmission, which helps realize the power to the wheels.

This result achieved through the maximum possible use of carbon fiber and Kevlar in the design of the car, as well as titanium and composite suspension arm wheels carbon fiber and magnesium. From 0 to 100 that "Veyron slayer" accelerates in just 2.3 seconds.

The maximum speed? Tuners say that razgonali hypercar to 491 km / h, and, according to them, it is – not the limit, the claimed speeds of over 600 km / h (!). Like it or not, no one knows all the features of this outstanding vehicle are known only from the words of the developers.

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Interesting Facts

One of the owners was the Mosler MT900S George Lucas, another MT900 is in the garage of the restless American collector Jay Leno.

Most parts of the car borrowed from the concern General Motors, thanks to the owners Mosler rarely have problems with spare parts.

brand car production Mosler

Assembly plant was located in the 4500-meter industrial complex in the city of Riviera Beach, Florida. Each vehicle is hand-assembled, and the maximum number of employees in the best years reached 40 people. The company mainly engaged in the design and assembly of machines and most parts ordered on the side. Among the suppliers of the company are General Motors (engines), Eaton (compressors and motor components), Getrag (gearbox), Penske (suspension components).

In the photo: Mosler MT900 GTR

What is the "trick» Mosler?

1. The world's first production car with a monocoque, built without the use of metal.
2. The first American car with extensive use of carbon fiber and Kevlar in the body structure.
3. Known for its crazy car tuning projects.
4. The team was actively involved in racing series, including such well-known as the 24 Hours of Le Mans or the Japanese Championship Super GT.

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