Hypercar Aston Martin-Red Bull: new details


Red Bull and Aston Martin are preparing a joint project – hypercar AM-RB 001. This is the first joint project of this scale between the two companies.


In an interview with The Wall Street Journal chief technical officer Edrian Nyui project revealed some details about the new product. The most impressive is the speed. Reportedly, AM-RB 001 is able to develop space 200 miles per hour (about 320 km / h) in just 10 seconds. It became possible not only because of the power system, but also streamlined design and improved suspension.


It is planned to release only 175 copies of the AM-RB 001. 150 from the bottom will be able to travel on public roads, and 25 will be focused solely on track. The price is not yet reported, but, obviously, it will be very high.