Chevrolet Corvette will receive a mid-engine layout


New details begin to appear about the new generation of Chevrolet Corvette. It is reported that the car will receive a mid-engine layout.

According to Car & Driver, the model will debut in 2018 at the North American International Auto Show, while it will receive a familiar V8 engine located in the middle of the body. Its power is from 450 to 500 horsepower. The source also reports that the price of the base model will be about 80,000 dollars.

About a year later, Chevrolet will present an even more powerful Corvette with the new V8 engine, which has four cameras and 32 valves. While there is no information about the characteristics of this unit, but it is reported that the sports car will cost at least $ 100,000. By 2020, the option is being prepared with a hybrid power plant, which will offer even more power.

The current generation of Chevrolet Corvette will remain on the conveyor until the end of 2018.