Bugatti Chiron plans to break the world speed record


The new supercar company Bugatti will compete for a world speed record, which is not surprising, given the history of the company.

In July 2010, former F1 pilot Pierre-Henri Rafanel set a new world record for Guinness at the highest maximum speed among road cars. At the Veyron Super Sport, he developed 431 km per hour. Not surprisingly, this record decided to kill the heir to the supercar.

The publication Autocar, referring to the representative of Bugatti, said that Chiron as a result of computer simulation was faster than Veyron Super Sport. The standard model, which goes on sale, will be able to develop up to 420 km / h, further not allow the electronic speed limiter to accelerate. Without it, the novelty is supposed to be able to show the result at 463 km per hour, but so far Bugatti has not officially confirmed this information.