Updated Mercedes-AMG GT photographed during the tests


Somewhere in the north of Sweden, auto-spies caught a camouflaged prototype of the expected Mercedes-AMG GT R sports car (the name is being specified).

mercedes-amg-gt-r-spy-photo (1)

The more evil version of the Mercedes-AMG GT was disguised, but it is expected that it will become slightly more aggressive, while improving aerodynamics. The body will receive a number of cosmetic improvements, including a large rear wing, an updated rear diffuser, headlights and lights. In the photo the novelty looks a bit wider than the usual version.

mercedes-amg-gt-r-spy-photo (2)

As for the engine, the novelty should get an upgraded 4.0-liter V8 engine with a capacity of around 550 horsepower. Thanks to the increased performance, the acceleration time to hundreds can improve somewhere up to 3.7 seconds.