The “hot” Ford Focus ST was seen next to the Nürburgring


An unknown prototype Ford Focus was spotted by auto-spy on the outskirts of the Nurburgring.

You can see, the model received a new aerodynamic package, which includes a front spoiler, small changes in the front bumper, red stripes and mirror caps and stylish 5-spoke wheels.






There is no information about the prototype, but the person who made these pictures assumes that we have a high-performance version of the Focus ST. Recently Ford introduced the Fiesta ST200 at the Geneva Motor Show, so it’s logical to assume that the company is preparing a modernized Focus ST. It is expected that under the hood will be upgraded 2.0-liter engine EcoBoost with four cylinders, which develops 270 or 280 horsepower. These figures are likely to be seen in the name. If so, then we have a Focus ST270 or Focus ST280.