Supercar Bugatti Chiron was caught during the tests

Bugatti Chiron was recently seen during the tests. It looks like the car was “dressed” in the serial version of the body this time.

It’s easy to see, then the supercar has much in common with the concept of Vision Gran Turismo, which was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Note that in the photo you will see two prototypes, which differ in taillights. It is very likely that these are preliminary versions, and in the final version, very different flashlights will be used.

From the supercar expected around 1500 horsepower. A hybrid power system with an 8.0-liter turbocharged W16 engine will be responsible for performance.

The novelty should be presented next spring at an auto show in Geneva. It is now reported that the French plan to release no more than 500 Chiron, while the price tag will be about 2.2 million dollars.