BMW Z5 was noticed during the snow tests in Sweden

bmw-z5-spy-photo (5)

The BMW Z5 model, dressed in massive camouflage, was noticed in Sweden, where the Germans tested their new roadster in winter conditions.

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It has classic roadster proportions. We see a long hood and a relatively short trunk with a rear spoiler. The remaining parts are difficult to disassemble, but also note the wide grille and dual exhaust system.

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Recall that the Z5 is based on a platform developed by BMW in conjunction with Toyota specialists. The Japanese will also have their own model on this architecture, but, as stated earlier, each of the cars will receive a unique exterior and interior. The Toyota model is expected to be equipped with a hybrid power system, while the “German” will receive an assortment of four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines. There are rumors about the release of version M, which will offer up to 425 horsepower.

The debut of the BMW Z5 is expected in late 2017 or early 2018.