BMW Z5 photographed from a close distance


The new BMW Z5 was caught during the winter tests. On the car there is a camouflage, thus the basic features of a body are already clear.

bmw-z5-spy-photo (1)

The BMW Z5 should replace the Z4 model. The engine options are not yet known, but the use of a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 190, 245 or 270 hp is not ruled out. Experts suggest that the Bavarian novelty can become a hybrid, plus the high-speed version of the Z5 M is expected to come out. Its heart should be with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine that produces about 425 horsepower.

bmw-z5-spy-photo (2)

Unfortunately, there is no more information about this car. We are waiting for his announcement at one of the major automobile exhibitions in the foreseeable future.

bmw-z5-spy-photo (3)

bmw-z5-spy-photo (4)