2017 Chevrolet Bolt photographed without masking


A month before the official debut at the CES, the auto-spies were caught not by the masked 2017 Chevrolet Bolt.

2017-chevrolet-bolt-spy-photo (1)

The car was caught during a photo shoot in Palm Springs. On it there was no disguise, so that now it is possible to evaluate the design of the serial model. There is no photo of the salon, but, most likely, it will not be as futuristic as the concept, and will receive a lot of solutions from fellow Volt.

2017-chevrolet-bolt-spy-photo (2)

2017-chevrolet-bolt-spy-photo (3)

This electric city car was developed in partnership with LG. Information on technical characteristics is not much, but, as stated, the range will exceed 200 miles (321 km). Note that the rival BMW i3 is offered in the version with an additional gasoline engine that increases the range of travel on a single charge, while Chevrolet will offer Bolt exclusively as an electric car.

General Motors has already announced that the novelty will cost from 30 thousand dollars.