“Zaporozhets” -supplies are sold for 220,000 rubles

Announcement of the sale of this branded “Zaporozhets” in the back of the pickup truck on the Drive2.ru site was posted by the user with the nickname Sapo968. According to him, the proposed car was released in 1994. In February 2005, the current owner purchased it from an electrical engineer. At that time, the car had a run of 17,000 km, but its condition left much to be desired: the paintwork was burnt out, and the metal in the area of ​​the front arches rotted.

In the spring of 2005, the owner began to restore the car. In particular, some parts of the exterior of the car were removed and restored, the interior of the car was completely restored, and the body of the pickup truck was painted in an original light beige color. In addition, the owner gave ZAZ-968MP its own name – “Makar Petrovich.”

It is worth noting that the ZAZ-968MP pick-up truck is a rare and original car, but it was produced at the same time absolutely officially, although it was intended for in-house needs. In total, 2500 such cars were produced. In motion, each of them leads the same power plant as the standard ZAZ-968 – 1.2-liter engine with a power of 40 hp. , Working in tandem with a 4-speed manual transmission. According to the documents of ZAZ-968MP double, and on board a small pickup truck is ready to take up to 200 kg of cargo.

Anyone can become owner of “Makar Petrovich” now. And a rare ZAZ-968MP sell at a price of 220,000 rubles, and the author claims that the car has even been issued a new type of vehicle. Given that for such money in the secondary market you can buy not so many cars with an interesting history, the proposal looks more than reasonable.