Why hijackers burned Ferrari for $ 2 million

Two criminals, who were under the influence of drugs, burned a $ 2 million supercar belonging to a friend of Princess Diana Dodi Al Fayed.

The incident, considered in the court of the Australian city of Melbourne, occurred in November 2015. Thirty-one-year-old Matthew Ludwig and twenty-nine-year-old Bradley Abel were abducted from a private Ferrari Daytona workshop in 1972, which was owned by the late Egyptian producer, as well as Ferrari 328 of 1986. At the time of the crime, both hijackers were exposed to methamphetamines. Not knowing what to do with supercars, the cost of one of which was about $ 2 million, they did not think of anything better than how to burn them, reports The Brisbane Times .

As it was found out to the investigation, this was not the only crime committed by the hijackers. Before that, they were also involved in the kidnapping of car numbers, Toyota and Kia cars, and the robbery of two Subway restaurants.

As a result, the court found M. Ludwig guilty of eight episodes of theft, four episodes of robbery, and two attempts to commit a crime. B. Abela was found guilty of five thefts, possession of drugs, as well as forgery of documents. For formal reasons, it was not possible to prove the men’s guilt to destroy the unique Ferrari. The verdict to the Australians will be announced next week. What kind of punishment threatens the hijackers is not reported.

Ferrari 365 GTB / 4, better known under the unofficial name Daytona – supercar, issued from 1968 to 1973. The car was equipped with a 4.4-liter V12 engine with a power of 357 hp, and was able to accelerate from a place to 100 km / h in about 5.4 seconds. One of these cars owned by Dodi Al Fayed – the producer, the son of the Egyptian billionaire Mohammed Al Fayed. Dodi Al Fayed was a close friend of Princess Diana, and according to unofficial data they had a love affair. In 1997, Al Fayed and Lady Di died in a catastrophe in Paris, while in a car.