Volkswagen has started tests "charged" Tiguan

Externally, the "charged" modification of the VW Tiguan is almost no different from the usual styling with whale R-Line, except for the registration of the exhaust system: at the Tiguan, which is "rolled" on the "Nordschleife" two dual socket.

It is expected that under the hood "charged" Tiguan will be the 300-strong turbochetvёrka from the Golf R, which is defined in a pair of seven-step preselektivnoy "robot» DSG. How long will the crossover to accelerate to the first "hundred", is difficult to say, but "hot" hatch doing this exercise for 5.5 seconds.

Videos made some confusion in the information available on the company's plans: in April 2016 the Volkswagen "denied" by "charged" Tiguan.

World premiere of the new generation VW Tiguan took place a year ago, and sales started in the spring, and this time, enough to become the best-selling crossover in Europe. The motor scale model present gasoline and diesel engines ranging from 115 to 240 hp

Earlier it was reported that the Russian new generation Tiguan will be no earlier than the first quarter of 2017. In early August, at the Kaluga plant Volkswagen began test assembly model. We also know that in our country the old and the new Tiguan will be sold in parallel.

"More is better": the first test-drive the new Volkswagen Tiguan 2016

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