Volkswagen Golf will donate a new order crossovers

According to Autocar, with reference to the head of the brand Herbert Diess. The head of Volkswagen said that the company's operating profit in the first half of 2016 decreased by almost 2%, so it is necessary to reduce production costs. In addition to the reduction of personnel and the search for more profitable suppliers in the Volkswagen intend to reduce the number of versions of the new Golf. Diss stressed that the company should turn its attention to crossovers and SUVs, because they are in high demand in Asia and North America.

Note that the model is now available in several body styles: hatchback (three- and five-door version). wagon (including "off-road" version Alltrack), kompaktven Sportsvan. In the UK also, until recently, the sixth-generation Golf sold in the back of a convertible. What kind of modifications will lose the new Golf, it is still unknown.

Premiere of new items planned for November this year. The Germans did not report which updates will receive the eighth generation. It is expected that the model will receive even more "acute" LED head optics, new bumpers and taillights. According to unofficial data, the cabin will set a new multimedia system with a large touch screen with gesture control, an option will be available fully digital instrument panel, like the Passat.

By the way, it became known today, how much money will have to pay the Volkswagen Group because of "dizelgeyta". US federal court finally approved the amount of the fine: slightly more than 10 billion dollars will go to the purchase of vehicles sold and the compensation to the owners (from 5 100 to 10 000 dollars), and another 4.7 billion concern will invest in a variety of environmental projects. The first payments will begin in mid-November.

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