Unmanned Citroen C4 Picasso dashed 60,000 kilometers

In mid-2015 PSA Group brought to the public roads of four Citroen C4 Picasso from autonomous piloting systems on board. During this time, cars have passed without the driver's hands on the steering wheel 60 000 kilometers. Priority areas of testing – fine tune the main system and assessment of all potential hazards that may occur on the road. These, as they say in the company, helped to significantly improve the behavior of the "drones" and their reliability and security become even higher.

Currently, a total of ten prototypes PSA Group tested and finalized by specialists. Application has been made for permission to increase the number of "UAVs", are allowed to travel on public roads. This is necessary to reduce the time for the modernization of advanced systems.

It should be noted that the testing of vehicles with PSA Group autonomous control systems, there are several stages: 1 – the driver controls the steering alone, the car just moves at a speed depending on the flow; 2 – performs maneuvers the car without the driver, who only observes the situation; 3 – "off" view; 4 – the driver is not only looking at the road, but also trying not to think about the movement; 5 – completely unmanned vehicle. Within a few weeks PSA Group will move to the third level.

Since 2018 the company promises to offer a model with the function of autonomous driving in which the driver still has to bdit the situation, but to the 2020th in the market will be "UAVs» Peugeot and Citroen in the full sense of the word.

Recall all the major automakers, including Russian, are developing avtopilotirovaniya systems. Deadline for most companies – 2020.

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