UAZ “Patriot” has got a budget version

The domestic SUV has received a new initial version of “Classic”, the prices for which start from 749 000 rubles. Previously, the most affordable “Patriot” cost 817 000 rubles.

Life forced. Unusual metamorphoses of “UAZ Patriot”


Assembly of new items will begin in the summer – the company noted that the “classic” “Patriots” will be released in a limited edition. The SUV will receive door handles and mirror housings made of unpainted plastic, 16-inch wheels, one airbag, LED navigation lights, electric and heated mirrors, and audio preparation.

Recall, “Patriot” is available with a 135-horsepower gasoline engine capacity of 2.7 liters and a five-speed “mechanics”. As reported by “Avtomambler”, representatives of UAZ previously confirmed that the model will receive a diesel modification. Heavy fuel engines will also be offered for UAZ Pickup and Cargo. However, it was, first of all, the issue of export cars destined for Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.