Toyota told about the real costs of the new Prius Prime

Compared with its predecessor, the new Toyota Prius Prime was on 26% more efficient. The claimed average fuel consumption and energy (by EPA system) is 1.8 liters per hundred kilometers. The company said that this is the best result among similar vehicles are produced in the moment. That is why the VW XL1 at a rate of one liter in calculation does not undertake. But it really is a record figure since the BMW i3 requires about two liters, Chevrolet Volt – all 2.2 liters.

Also, Toyota Prius Prime beat all rivals on the results flow directly into gasoline mode urban cycle – 4.3 liters country – 4.4 liters, as well as in the combined cycle – 4.35 liters.

Photo: engine compartment Toyota Prius Prime

The maximum distance that the car can pass, is 1030 kilometers. On electric Prius Prime stretch over 40 kilometers at a speed of 135 km / h. Thus, Toyota eliminated one of the main reasons unpopular Prius model in the US – a small reserve of EV-mode in which a normal version without Prime, was only some 18 km.

Recall, Toyota Prius Prime is equipped with a 97-horsepower engine volume of 1.8 liters, an electromechanical variator, a set of lithium-ion batteries 8.8 kWh. Rechargeable conventional power occurs within 5.5 hours from the 240 volt source – about two hours.

World premiere of Toyota Prius Prime took place in March 2016. Car sales in the US will begin in late 2016. Price is not yet known.

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