Toyota may abandon family sedan

The head of the European division of Toyota Motor Johan van Zyl said that the future Avensis models are now under consideration: "We analyze the market segment in which our model is presented. We are very happy with how it behaves now, it really works, but at the same time ask the question – what should be our next step: again sedan D-class or something else ..? "

It is possible that under the "something else" top manager had in mind a new crossover, whose popularity continues to grow. Some automakers have already made a bet on the SUV in its medium- and long-term prospects. For example, Opel company will replace its new crossovers compactveni.

Photo: Toyota Avensis saloon

Recall that the rumors about the "resignation" Toyota Avensis even appeared in 2014, according to which model will cease to produce within a year or two. Disclaimer Avensisa due to low popularity and as a result, low profitability. The empty place then off the mid-size hybrid, which may well prove to be a crossover, it's place in the Toyota model range freely.

World premiere of the new generation Toyota Avensis was held under the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015. Family car represented sedan and station wagon. In Russia, the Avensis is not officially for sale.

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