Toyota Highlander may stop brake

The service campaign involved about 7 100 cars Toyota Highlander, reported the press service of the manufacturer. The reason for the possible revocation served as an assembly defect: the cable connecting the brake fluid level switch was not attached. This can lead to the fact that the warning lamp on the instrument panel in the case of insufficient liquid level lights, and therefore increases the risk of an accident.

In the photo: Toyota Highlander '2016

Recall that in Russia, too, conducted a review of crossovers Toyota Highlander. In May, the owners of cars with potentially allow damaged resistor were invited to the service to correct the defect. It has been reported that damage to the resistor during operation of the machine can result in an increase of its resistance, which ultimately will lead to disabling the power steering.

Recall now Highlander model on the Russian market is not available, but an updated version of the crossover to the domestic market will reach. It is not known when, but the "comeback" model in Russia in the company's plans are.

Dealers can find free copies of the Highlander at a price of 3.159 million rubles. Recall, Toyota offered a large SUV with a 188- and 249-horsepower gasoline engine in the front-drive version and the version with all-wheel drive.

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