Toyota confirmed the concept of the successor Supra


The Japanese company again reminded about the expected successor of the sports coupe Toyota Supra, which has been talked about for a long time. Toyota confirmed that the conceptual version of the model will be shown in 2016.

This information was told by Tetsuya Tada, the head of the sports car division. The first look at the car, which will be shown to us last year’s FT-1 concept. It should be noted that the future concept, which we will see in 2016, will be close to the serial version. According to rumors, it will be released in 2017.

Tada promised that we will see new technologies and hinted that the engine will not try to win in the “war horsepower”, it focuses on the pleasure of driving. Also, a representative of the Japanese company promised that the power unit will be more effective than many German competitors, including the Porsche 911. However, it should be recalled that the successor of Supra is being developed jointly with BMW, which will also release its version of this car.