Toyota and Suzuki become partners

Among Toyota's press center noted that at present it is advisable to work in partnership with industry peers as well as infrastructure development and the creation of new industry standards requires a significant investment and time. The strength of Suzuki in Toyota called competitive compact cars, but the weak – the lag in the development and introduction of advanced technologies. Accordingly, Toyota is the opposite.

In the photo: Suzuki SX4

Ways of cooperation is just beginning to be studied Suzuki and Toyota. Companies will not mind if anyone else wants to join them. Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corporation, said: "In an age when changes occur at an incredible pace, we must unite to survive in these conditions. We are always open to new opportunities that will help to develop the automotive industry and to improve the industry's products. "

In the photo: Toyota Prius Prime

Earlier «autoND» reported that Toyota and Daihatsu will produce affordable cars. In January 2017 a separate subsidiary company will be created, whose name was not disclosed.

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